7 Fun Door Sex Swing Positions

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7 Fun Door Sex Swing Positions


Have you ever been curious about sex swings? You’re not alone there! Sex swings are intriguing, exciting, and mysterious, and frankly, they just sound fun. What else lets you combine your love of sex with your love of swings? Pretty much nothing. The problems for many sex swing curious shoppers relate to location and logistics. Between the space they take up and the holes in the ceiling that might be required to hang a sex swing in your home, it can be a daunting endeavor. Don’t worry, though. You have options! 

Whether you just don’t have the space, don’t want to drill into your ceiling, or you live in a rental where hanging a full-on swing would be a big no-no, you can still play around with the best sex swings: Door sex swings, to be exact.

Door sex swings are probably the most affordable, accessible, and simple sex swing option available. So let’s talk about what that means for you. Odds are you have some questions: What makes door swings different, how do you use them, and what fun sex positions can you pull off and adult sex toys to use while using one? These are all questions we are going to address right now. Read on for the skinny-on-door sex swings.


What is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is a tool for sexual positioning. I know, that doesn’t sound as sexy and intriguing as one would expect. Truth be told, body sex swings can be incredibly sexy, but also, they can be downright practical when it comes to trying different positions comfortably. Sex swings are typically hanging devices that feature straps and supports to hold your or their body securely in place while suspended in the air. Gravity free! This can help you and your partner enjoy positions that aren’t always logistically possible on the bed or ground. Fun, right?

There are multiple types of sex swings, including suspension swings, slings, and-- the ones we are focusing on today -- door sex swings. 


What Is A Door Sex Swing?

Door sex swings are, as you may have guessed, sex swings that you attach to a door. This type of sex swing is extremely popular because it doesn’t take any tools or special know-how to set it up, you really just need a sturdy door to attach it to. Additionally, door swings can be easily taken down and stored out of sight or packed into a suitcase for use during travel. 

Are there any downsides to door swings? Well, you need to use the right door-- some are just not strong enough-- so that can be a challenge for some folks. Additionally, they don’t have quite as much versatility as swings that hang from the ceiling. That said, you can still have a whole lot of fun with a door swing!


Other Types Of Sex Swings

In that last section, I mentioned swings that hang from the ceiling, so let’s take a minute to talk about those. Suspension sex swings like the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Fantasy Swing tend to be what a lot of us picture when we think “sex swing,” and they can be fantastic, allowing you and/or a partner to enjoy that weightless, flying sex sensation. The thing to keep in mind is that mounting this kind of swing must be done correctly to ensure safety. You can use a sex swing stand for your suspension swing, but they can be quite expensive and take up a lot of space. If you want to mount your suspension swing safely, there are multiple options for attaching it to your ceiling safely.


7 Door Jam Sex Swing Positions

Okay, back-to-door swings! I mentioned earlier that they don’t offer quite as much position versatility as suspension swings, but make no mistake, there are still a whole lot of ways you can have fun with a door jam swing. Check out these fun sexual positions and get to (door) swinging!


G- Whiz

This one requires some flexibility but has a big payoff in terms of deep penetration and G-spot stimulation!

How it works:

The receiving partner lies down on the swing on their back, placing one strap behind their mid-back and the other behind their tush. Then they place their legs atop the penetrating partner's shoulders. The penetrating partner can be either standing or kneeling, depending on what works best for your specific love swing. The penetrating partner leans forward, bringing the receiving partner’s legs toward their body and lifting their hips. This position allows for super-deep penetration. If this doesn’t feel stable enough, the receiving partner can lean into the door for support. 

Stand and Deliver

Doing it while standing is super hot. There’s an urgency to it that you just don’t get when you are comfortably reclining on a bed. That said, it can be tricky to pull off and the likelihood that one of you will fall or throw your back out is pretty high. Enter a door sex swing! 

How it works:

The receiving partner sits on the swing with their back facing the door. The penetrating partner comes to stand between their legs and penetrates them. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s waist, or you can experiment with different sex swing positions knowing the swing and the door are holding them in place. 


Ride ‘em

This variation on the typical receiving-partner-on-top position gives you some face to face sexy time with the support of your love swing.

How it works:

The penetrating partner sits back in the swing, and their partner straddles them. The receiving partner holds onto the straps, and you both focus on shifting, rocking, and grinding your way to ecstasy. The penetrating partner can experiment with leaning back vs. sitting up until they find their comfortable position. 

Swinging Doggy

Doggy style is a fun, intense position that can feel amazing on a swing!

How it works:

Have the receiving partner lay face down in the swing with one strap around their chest, the other around their belly for support, and, if the swing has stirrups, the feet placed in them. From here the penetrating partner enters from behind. Experiment with the direction you face on the swing to find the variation that you both enjoy. 

Supported Superhero

Who doesn’t want to feel like a sexual superhero? This position lets you engage in feats of sexual strength that mere mortals might struggle with. It takes a moment to get set up but once you get into it, the added support of the nearby wall/door can help to keep it going.

How it works:

The receiving partner stands with their back to the door and their lower belly on the swing’s seat. The penetrating partner comes to stand behind them, between their body and the door. With the penetrating partner supporting them, the receiving partner leans forward to rest their weight on the swing and takes hold of the hand straps. From here, the receiving partner can walk their feet up the door, coming into a horizontal sex position. The penetrating partner takes hold of their hips or thighs and starts thrusting. Once you get going, the receiving partner can bend their knees to remove their feet from the wall for a free-floating experience.

Bon Appetit

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to experience oral sex in space, this zero gravity oral position is for you! This sex swing position can work for any kind of oral sex (cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus) with a little position tweaking. 

How it works:

The receiving partner sits or lays back into the swing with their legs spread. The giving partner pulls up between their legs and gets down to the business of cunnilingus, fellatio, or analingus. This position gives the giver unfettered access to the genitals and anus (depending on how far the receiving partner leans back) allowing them to provide a thorough oral sex experience and the receiver can lean into the swing for a weightless sensation.  

Swinging 69

Sixty-nine is a beloved oral sex position, so obviously you want to try it on your sex swing! This one requires a little finesse on a door swing due to proximity to the door/wall but it can deliver a sex experience like no other.

How it works:

One partner (seriously, either one, it does not matter which) lays back in the swing with the straps positioned around their heels, the lower part of their seat, and their back. The other partner comes to straddle their head, keeping both feet firmly planted on the floor. From there, the partner on top simply bends forward, and everyone is in the right position for some sizzling, swinging 69 actions. 

These are just some of the fun sex positions you can try on your door-mounted sex swing. As you get used to using it and become more comfortable, you can explore more and more ways your swing can help you take sex to the next level. To make sure your swing is always safe, examine it carefully before each use. If you notice any tearing, fraying, or newly loose parts, it’s time for a new swing. 


So that’s the story on door-mounted body sex swings - complete with seven sexy positions! These fun and functional swings are easy to set up, fun to use, and among the most accessible sex swings available.  If you’re in the market for a door sex swing, Pink Cherry has a huge selection of door swings and accessories to choose from. 


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