All You Need to Know About Thrusting Anal Dildos

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All You Need to Know About Thrusting Anal Dildos


These days it seems that anal sex is more popular than ever. Once taboo, it is now getting shout outs in movies and television shows while anal how-to guides have popped up in even the most mainstream of magazines. It seems that, when it comes to sexual pleasure, more and more folks are discovering the orgasmic potential of the butt!

As anal play grows in popularity, the sex toy industry is growing right along with it! While butt plugs and anal beads have been around for years and years, over the last decade, the industry has seen an explosion of features, including powerful vibration modes, rotation, pegging toys, remote controls, and high-tech rechargeable anal play gadgets!

With all that in mind, today, we’re giving some love to the thrusting anal dildo. We know that even those versed in anal play may be new to the concept of a butt toy that does that beloved thrusting movement all on its own, but they are out there and getting better and better all the time. Today’s adult toy market offers a whole range of thrusting toys in different sizes, shapes, and price points, and anal toys are no exception. So let’s talk about the best thrusting dildos and anal toys. What are they? How do they work? How do you find the best one for you? And a whole lot more!


What Is A Thrusting Anal Dildo?

A thrusting anal dildo is a toy designed for anal stimulation that features a powerful thrusting motion. In addition to shapes akin to a traditional vibrating dildo (ie. phallic shapes), you can also find butt plug-style toys that feature a thrusting mechanism or pulsating action. Toys designed specifically for anal stimulation often have a flared base or a suction-cup mount to anchor the thrusting vibrator securely outside the body during anal use.

Thrusting toys offer a up-and-down or back-and-forth movement that can be likened to that of anal sex. Plus, some thrusting anal dildos came with high-end bonus features like vibration, rotation, a range of vibration and thrusting patterns and thrusting speed, remote controls, USB rechargeability, waterproof bodies, and more! These features offer users the ability to not only use the toy conveniently (a remote control means no having to reach back and adjust settings!) but also to stack sensations for stimulation like they’ve never felt before. Seriously, anal penetration + vibration + rotation = a next-level experience!

If that all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, a big benefit of today’s thrusting anal toys is that you get to pick and choose how you use them! Don’t want all those sensations at once? No problem! Play with what works for you at your own pace.

If you’re still wondering “what is a thrusting vibrator or dildo?” and  want to learn more, read our linked blog.


How Do You Use A Thrusting Anal Dildo?

Okay, so you’re ready to try a thrusting anal dildo, but how do you do it? Good news! This is almost entirely up to you! Apart from some safety precautions which we will address here, you are the captain of your own pleasure ship! So let’s talk about how to safely, and pleasurably use a thrusting anal toy.

Make your selection with safety in mind! 

As we mentioned earlier, you want any toy you put in your butt to have a flared base or a strong suction cup mount. Why is this? In short, it is possible for toys to become lodged in the rectum, requiring medical intervention to get them out, and that’s no fun. So, remove that possibility from the equation by using a toy that is securely anchored outside the body!

Keep things slippery

We think that lubricant is awesome! It keeps things slippery and comfortable, which is great for any sex act. When it comes to butt play, however, lube is non-negotiable. While the vagina can self-lubricate, the anus cannot, so you always want to have plenty of lube at the ready when you are engaging in anal play.

Go slow

Especially if it’s your first time using a thrusting toy anally, you want to give your body plenty of time to warm up, relax, and get comfortable before you get to thrusting! Try some pre-insertion massage with lubed up fingers or a vibrating toy. As you get more comfortable, you can slowly experiment with inserting your toy and then add in vibration, rotation, or realistic thrusting action. Take your time. Your butt will thank you!


What Are The Best Thrusting Anal Dildos? 

There are a couple of things you want to think about when shopping for your perfect thrusting dildo. You want to know what material you want the thrusting dildo made of. Silicone is an ideal material for anal toys as it can be soft enough to be comfortable while still firm enough to be functional, and it’s a breeze to keep clean.

Additionally, you want to consider what your shopping budget is, and think about what features you would like your toy to have, and be aware of your preferred size and shape to ensure comfortable use. There are many toys out there, but with a bit of thought and planning, you can find the best thrusting anal toy for you!


What Are The Best Positions With A Thrusting Anal Dildo?

This is when you really get to experiment! Finding the position that works best for you with a thrusting anal dildo can might involve some fun exploration!

You might choose a toy with a suction cup base or a large body that sits on the bed or floor so you can essentially climb on board and control the depth of penetration. Maybe you’ll find bliss by sitting back on your knees with your toy inserted so you can enjoy a more intense thrusting sensation. Or maybe you would enjoy a bit of a doggy-style position where you (or your partner) can play with the exact positioning of the toy.  Additionally, AMAB (assigned male at birth) men might get some extra sexual pleasure by angling the body forward and aiming the thruster toward the prostate. You have a lot of options!

A lot of us fall into specific habits with anything we frequently do, and masturbation is no exception. If you typically stick to one position during self-play, remember that you might get more out of your thruster by mixing it up. Try using it in a couple of different positions to see what works best for you.

In addition to toys designed specifically for anal play, you can experiment with thrusters that feature a clitoral stimulator. These are typically shaped like the uber-popular thrusting rabbit vibrators, and they can be fun for anal use because the clitoral stimulation arm both makes the thrusting toy anal-safe AND can easily be positioned to stimulate the perineum (the spot located midway between the genitals and the anus, sometimes called the “taint”). Want to learn more about “how to use a rabbit vibrator?” Have a look at our linked blog.

Finally, remember that while a thrusting sex toy can be tons of fun for solo use, it can also take your partnered play to the next level. There are so many ways you can experiment. If your thrusting sex toy has a remote, you can hand it off to your partner and let them be in charge of delivering your simulation. You can also use a thrusting anal toy to experiment with things like double penetration or prostate stimulation during oral sex or intercourse. There’s a lot you and your partner can try together, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


Where Can You Get A Thrusting Anal Dildo?

Thrusting anal dildos and plugs are a fun and exciting way to incorporate some experimentation into your sexy time, and now that you know the facts, you can check out Pink Cherry’s huge selection of thrusting vibes and dildos and see what you want to try!


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