Are Vibrators Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

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Are Vibrators Safe For Pregnancy By PinkCherry


One of the most common questions that an OBGYN or doctor has to answer when women find out they are pregnant is whether or not sexual intercourse is still safe. This often leads people wondering, are vibrators safe for pregnancy?”


While this is a common question, there isn’t a universal one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to this steamy topic. It's safe for most women to continue using a sex toy or vibrator and having sex during pregnancy, but there are some parameters. In short, using a clitoral vibrator is usually safe for most women, as long as you are gentle and pay attention to your body’s response to vibration. So, how can you safely enjoy some pleasurable fun with your vibrator during your pregnancy? Let’s take a look!


Are Vibrators Safe to Use in Early Pregnancy?

This is a great question that races through the mind of almost every woman when she discovers she’s got a little bun in the oven so you’re not alone! But the good news is, unless you have been specifically told not to use a vibrator or have sexual activity because of complications with your pregnancy, it should be fine for you to use a vibrator during your pregnancy. However, women who are experiencing placenta previa, where the placenta detaches from the uterus wall, should not use a vibrator at any point during their pregnancy. It isn’t the vibrator itself that may be a problem, but rather the insertion of  any device into the vagina.


We’re excited to  share that many women enjoy sexual activity right up until the birth of their babies. Sometimes, women and men won’t feel comfortable having penetrative sex at certain times for obvious reasons. And being able to incorporate a vibrator can help with pleasurable clitoral stimulation. It is also an excellent way to help a woman get aroused if she is struggling with dryness before vaginal sex, since clitoral stimulators may enhance the natural lubrication process.


As previously mentioned, it’s important to listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel quite right or is uncomfortable during your use of a vibrator, it’s important to speak to your doctor to ensure everything is ok.  Noticing any type of discharge is also a sign that you should talk to your physician before continuing any kind of pleasure play. 


Let’s be honest - pregnancy may not be the best time to experiment with extremely large or wide vibrators. It is best to leave some sexual pleasure exploration for when your body is completely healed from your pregnancy. While pregnant, it’s wise to stick with what you know works for you when you enjoy some oh-so-sensual “me time.”


Third Trimester Caution

“Women should note that orgasms experienced in their third trimester may lead to Braxton-Hicks contractions,” stated Dr. Sunny Rodgers, clinician and sexual health advisor for PinkCherry. “When an orgasm occurs, oxytocin is released, which may cause muscle contractions, while semen contains prostaglandins that may prompt uterine contractions.”


That being said, it’s best to speak to your doctor about possible outcomes and concerns when it comes to pleasure options later in your pregnancy. 


7 Safety Tips for Using Vibrators While Pregnant

Still want to enjoy your pleasurable fun and de-stress with your trusty vibrating friend? Great! 


We actually encourage vibrators to help de-stress and relax. But if you are going to use a clitoral vibrator when you are pregnant, there are a few key things to keep in mind before beginning your play date.

1. Make Sure That You Clean Your Vibrator! 

Cleaning your vibrator is extremely important for everyone, not just pregnant women. However, if you are pregnant and using a sex toy or vibrator, you need to be extra diligent with the cleaning and sanitizing process. So, make sure to clean your vibrating companion before and after every use to protect yourself and your little nugget-to-be! For more information on how to clean a vibrator, follow the link provided! 


2. Don’t Hop Around. 

While it is always a bad call at any point, try not to move from anal penetration to vaginal penetration, especially when pregnant. Introducing fecal bacteria into your vagina may cause a vaginal infection. While pregnant, simply stick to what you know and love!


3. Be Careful of The Lubes You Use. 

As a pregnant woman, you are probably careful about what you put into your body, so you may want to check out the labels on your lubes. Make sure you aren’t introducing chemicals into your body that you wouldn’t introduce in some other way. After all, your little bundle of joy is delicate and deserves the best!


4. Avoid Phthalates. 

It is important to know how to choose a vibrator if you're pregnant. Depending on the product, there can potentially be harmful chemicals in these pleasure devices. Say what? Phthalates are chemicals found in certain plastic materials, and these “not-so-natural” chemicals may mess with the hormones in your body. If you decide to buy a new toy, make sure it says "phthalate-free” and safe for your preggo-centric erotic fun!


5. Be Gentle. 

Even if you like it rough, now is not the time to push it. Be gentle with your vibrator. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it on a higher level, but be careful with the amount of force you use. Remember, you’re carrying precious cargo, so be sure to handle with care!


6. Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New. 

Pregnancy is a profound time when your body begins to grow and change. You might start to notice that your nipples are more sensitive or that you enjoy clitoral stimulation more. Don’t be afraid to use your vibrator on different parts of your body to see what works for you. For these amazing nine months, it’s all about you!


7. Include Your Partner! 

Even if you aren’t interested in having penetrative sex, you may want to include your partner when you play with your vibrator. This will be a way for the two of you to connect and share this sensual experience.


Whether having a baby on board or not, an interesting thing to note is that some studies have shown that using a vibrator can actually help couples in the bedroom. As a woman’s body changes and grows with the baby, she often has a harder time getting aroused. She also tends to be a bit moody, and masturbating or using a vibrator can help her brain to release Oxytocin, which is known as the brain’s “happiness chemical.” So, including your partner in your vibrating escapades can help the two of you get frisky together and enjoy some “sexy time” that bonds you in the days ahead.


Can I Use A Vibrator After Pregnancy?

Oh, the million-dollar question! Are vibrators safe for pregnancy and the days after? When can I hold my vibrating companion again? Well, brace yourself because most doctors will recommend waiting four to six weeks after delivery to start having sex again to allow the vagina to heal. While you may start feeling arousal before that, you should avoid using a vibrator internally until your doctor gives you the green light to head for sexual healing!


However, if the mood strikes and you just need a sweet release, you can use a vibrator on your clitoris, or another erogenous area, as soon as you feel ready to do so. If you feel any pain while using it, you should stop immediately, but you may be able to pleasure yourself just enough to feel stress-free and satisfied.


At the end of the day, when we ask, “are vibrators safe for pregnancy,” the answer is usually yes! 


Many women who are pregnant experience an uptick in arousal and will use vibrators to help relieve some of that sexual tension. And luckily, for most pregnant women, it is a safe thing to do. We’ll be honest - later on in your pregnancy, using a vibrator may be more difficult to do, but there are many different types of vibrators that will help you feel sexy, satisfied, and safe!

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