The Best Date Night Spots in the US

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The best date night spots in the US

Let's face it: planning the perfect date night can sometimes feel like trying to crack a cryptic code. We've all been there: staring blankly at your phone, desperately scrolling for fresh date night ideas that you haven’t already ticked off the list. Been to the same Italian place three times in a row? Yeah, not exactly setting the mood for romance.


There’s no need to panic, though – we’ve got your back. We’ve researched to bring you the ultimate guide to the best date night spots in the US, including ranking the best cities for the dreamiest date night and most popular restaurants to make your partner swoon.


And if you’re not sure if all this research and planning is worth it, we’ve also explained - exactly why regular date nights are important for keeping your relationship alive and thriving.


The top 10 best US cities for a date night

First up, we looked at cities around the country, ranking them based on the number of highly-rated restaurants, romantic restaurants, cinemas and couples’ activities to uncover the very best US cities for the perfect date night.


Here’s the top 10 list:

Rank City State
Number of restaurants rated 4* and above
(per 10k people)

Number of romantic restaurants
(per 10k people)

Number of cinemas
(per 10k people)

Number of activities to do as a couple
(per 10k people)

Total score
(out of 10)
1 Orlando Florida 47.71 4.44 0.28 7.15 6.65
2 St. Louis Missouri 39.68 3.59 0.44 2.86 5.28
3 Las Vegas Nevada 34.36 3.15 0.27 7.66 4.95
4 New Orleans Louisiana 26.33 3.68 0.14 7.89 3.96
5 Honolulu Hawaii 26.46 2.37 0.20 8.46 3.68
6 Miami Florida 34.87 3.31 0.20 3.73 3.53
7 San Francisco California 29.81 3.05 0.15 4.13 2.81
8 Atlanta Georgia 25.92 2.73 0.24 2.13 2.30
9 Portland Oregon 25.13 1.54 0.21 2.45 1.42
10 Tampa Florida 23.75 1.89 0.20 2.25 1.38


1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando may be known as the Theme Park Capital of the US, but did you know it’s also the date night capital?


The city is brimming with date-worthy activities – particularly for the foodie couples among us. There are more high-quality restaurants available here than any other city, with 1,548 restaurants rated four stars or above (that’s 48 per 10,000 people). And if you’re a real romantic at heart, you’re in luck, because Orlando also has the highest proportion of romantic restaurants at four per 10k people (144 overall).


Outside of restaurants, there’s also a total of 232 activities to do as a couple in Orlando (seven per 10k people). And we can’t talk about activities in Orlando without pointing out the theme parks. Whether you don your matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears to take on Walt Disney World, or indulge your adrenaline junkie sides at Universal Studios, you’re in for a good time.


With so many options to suit every couple, nowhere in the US is doing date night better than Orlando.


2. St. Louis, Missouri

Next up, we head to St. Louis in Missouri, AKA the second-best city for a date night in the US.


If you and your boo are movie lovers, St. Louis is the place to be. The city is home to a total of 12 movie theaters (that’s 0.3 per 10k people – which may not sound very impressive, but is actually the highest proportion out of all cities in the US). Blow your date’s socks off with a screening at the Omnimax Theater, featuring a mindblowing 5-story domed screen, or visit Chase Park Plaza Cinema for a quieter, more intimate experience.


St. Louis offers plenty of choice when it comes to fine dining too, with a total of 1,082 restaurants rated four stars and above, and 98 romantic eateries to enjoy.


3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Given that it’s nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that Las Vegas has more activities available than the majority of other US cities. There’s a total of 510 activities perfect for couples to take advantage of in Sin City, so you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll both enjoy.


Fancy tucking into a five-course meal with a side of glitz and glam? You’ve got 2,288 4*-or-above restaurants to choose from in Vegas (that’s 34.36 per 10k people). Or, if you’re looking for a more hands-on activity, there are plenty of those on offer too. Head to AREA15 for a huge variety of immersive entertainment options, or marvel at The Neon Museum’s cool collection of vintage signs.


Whatever your perfect date night looks like, you're sure to find it in Vegas.


The most popular date night restaurants in the US

Now that we've got the city lights picked out, let's talk dinner. We know the restaurant you pick can make or break the night (that place with the weirdly flickering lights and zero ambiance? No thanks). But with so many options, where do you even begin?


To help you pick the crème de la crème of romantic restaurants for your next date night, we’ve put together a quick tour of the most popular restaurants in the US right now. We ranked them based on the number of Instagram posts they’ve racked up, and the average number of Google searches they get every month.


Check out the top 10 trending restaurants below:

Rank Restaurant City Number of Instagram posts
Average number of Google searches
per month

Total score
(out of 10)
1 Catch LA Los Angeles 66,267 40,500 8.51
2 Le Bernardin New York 20,876 60,500 6.92
3 The French Laundry Yountville 23,194 40,500 5.59
4 Sadelles New York 2,819 33,100 3.65
5 Blue Hill at Stone Barns New York 12,290 22,200 3.49
6 Tatiana New York 129 33,100 3.47
7 Rose's Luxury Washington, D.C. 11,100 22,200 3.40
8 Uchi Austin 2,397 27,100 3.18
9 Kasama Chicago 766 22,200 2.70
10 Bavette's Chicago 607 22,200 2.69


1. Catch LA, Los Angeles

Coming in hot as the most popular restaurant in the US is Catch LA, a trendy rooftop eatery located in West Hollywood. With an impressive 66,267 Instagram posts tagged #CatchLA, as well as an average of 40,500 Google searches for the restaurant, it’s clearly a favorite spot for many – and for good reasons.


Given the restaurant’s Hollywood location, it’s probably no surprise to hear that celebrity sightings are super common. We can’t guarantee that you’ll definitely rub shoulders with the likes of Kendall Jenner and David Beckham while dining at Catch LA, but they have been spotted here before – and the mere possibility of it is sure to impress your date.


2. Le Bernardin, New York

We can probably all agree that the French know how to do both food and romance right – and this luxurious French restaurant is no exception.


Le Bernardin in New York ranks as the second most popular restaurant in the US, earning 20,876 Instagram posts to its name and an average of 60,500 searches per month. It’s also earned a rating of three Michelin stars for its mouthwatering food and top notch dining experience, so you really can’t go wrong here.


3. The French Laundry, Yountville



Just like Le Bernardin, The French Laundry has also earned itself three Michelin stars, with reviewers calling out the “impeccable service”, “exquisite flavors”, and “enchanting” atmosphere. It’s also located in an old stone farmhouse, so if your date prefers a more rustic vibe, this could be the perfect place to wine and dine them.


How date nights can benefit your relationship

Sometimes, the pressure of planning the perfect date can make it seem like quite a stressful experience. We get it – after all, it’s a lot easier to stay home and binge-watch Netflix under the covers than get all dressed up and head out for a date you aren’t even sure will be worth it.


But whether you’ve been with your partner for five months or five years, the benefits of making time for regular date nights are undeniable.


If you’re not convinced, we’ve enlisted the help of the experts at PinkCherry to explain why date nights are so important for your relationship.


1. Strengthen your bond with quality time

Remember the major heart eyes you had for your partner in the beginning? Date nights are your chance to reignite that spark.


A night free from distractions where you can just focus on each other gives you the opportunity to reconnect on a deeper level and remember why you fell for this amazing person in the first place.


2. Improve communication

Life can throw a lot at you, and sometimes communication can fall to the wayside. Regular dates give you the time and space to check in with your partner and make sure you're both still on the same page.


Did you get that raise you were hoping for? Feeling stressed about work? Date night is your chance to truly listen to each other and offer support. Remember, communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and regular time spent together helps keep those lines of communication open and honest.


3. Have fun together

Sometimes routines can get a little, well, routine. Planning an exciting date means you can ditch the grown-up stuff for a while and just have some fun together!


Go bowling, try that new escape room everyone's raving about, or explore a hidden gem in your city. Whatever it is, doing activities you both enjoy strengthens your bond and can even make you feel more attracted to each other. Plus, laughter makes for great foreplay – and who knows where a night of giggles might lead?


4. Boost intimacy and sexual satisfaction

Feeling connected, appreciated, and having fun with your partner all contribute to a more intimate atmosphere, which in turn can give your sex life a major makeover.


Don’t just take it from us – studies back this up, too. According to a survey by the National Marriage Project, over two-thirds of - couples who had regular date nights were very happy with their sexual relationship, compared to less than half of those who didn’t have regular date nights.


So, get your nicest lingerie on, head out for a night of fun together, and watch those sparks start flying again.


5. Encourage exploration

Another major advantage of spending quality time together and communicating openly? You get the opportunity to talk about your deepest, darkest desires. And with the extra intimate and exciting atmosphere, you might find you’re feeling a little more adventurous.


That might mean something simple like trying a new sex position, or getting more adventurous with sex toys like a vibrator. If you’re feeling extra bold, you could even play around with things like remote control vibrators or vibrating panties to spice up your next date night with a bit of public fun.



To find out the best US cities for a date night, we created a seedlist of major cities around the US. We then ranked cities based on the following metrics: 

We took a final score using each of these metrics and ranked the cities from best to worst.


To find out the most popular date night restaurants in the US, we ranked restaurants based on the number of Instagram posts under the hashtag ‘#[restaurant name]’, as well as the average number of Google searches per month for the restaurant name. 


All data accurate as of June 2024.

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