Later, Pineapples! Flavored Lube = Tasty Oral Sex

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Flavored Lube Oral Sex Blow Job


Rather than eating a bunch of random fruits or using sticky whipped cream to give your partner a more pleasurable oral-giving experience, consider using flavored lube to get all your favorite tastes in your favorite place! 

Flavored lubes come in a variety of flavors, from crisp and fruity to candy-sweet. This can make the oral sex giver’s experience even more enjoyable — and also encourage a more passionate blowjob. Plus, flavored lubes can be used on both penises and vaginas, so lubricate away!

What Makes Flavored Lube Better?

You may be wondering why flavored lube is even necessary or how it can possibly make oral sex better. Well, buckle up because we’re here to tell you that you just might be missing out on one mind-blowing, goosebump-inducing experience of euphoria. 

It Creates A More Intimate Sexual Experience

Try drizzling flavored lube over your partner's various erogenous zones. Then, slowly lick it off, sending chills down their body as you go. This puts your partner in a pleasurably vulnerable position, allowing every crevice of the body to be explored, enticed, and yes, even tasted. 

It Enhances And Elevates Oral Sex

Whether you’re giving a blowjob or going down to clit town, flavored lube is a tasty way to keep things wet and pleasurable. It’s also an enjoyable way to cover up the taste of latex if you’re using a condom or dental dam. This will ensure that no one’s taken out of the moment unexpectedly just as things are getting slippery, sweet and spicy.

It’s Just Really Fun 

At the end of the day, using flavored sex lube is just incredibly fun for you and your partner! It’s an awesome way to spice things up in the bedroom and to keep your sex life passionate and satisfying. And honestly, who doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat made even better by the lick of a lover? 

Which Flavor Profile Is Your Pleasure?

So, you know by now that flavored lube can upgrade oral. But which flavor is right for you? Keep in mind that the best-flavored lube is compatible with all sex toy materials, is condom-safe and can wash away with water, eliminating any residue from skin and fabric. Keep reading to explore the wide variety of options available when shopping for flavored sex lube

Pop That Top at the Soda Shop

Sex Tarts Tangy Flavored Lubricant Apple Grape



Are you a soda pop fanatic? Get that fizzy flavor you crave with soda shop-inspired flavored lube. From Sex Tarts’ ultra-lickable Grape Soda Lube to their lip-smacking Green Apple Fizz Lube, it’s just like your good old-fashioned soda shop selection…but with a touch of naughtiness bubbling below the surface. 

Let’s Get Fresh & Fruity


Watermelon Flavored Lubricant Couples Oral Sex


Fruity flavors more your taste? Boy, do we have the fruit stand selection for you! The nibble-worthy H2O Flavored Lube 1oz/30ml in Green Apple is a tasty way to infuse some extra sensation during playtime. And the GoodHead Tingle Drops combines complementary flavors to create a delectable blend that stimulates and excites. Just more proof that you don't have to eat fruit to give your partner a little squirt of fruit flavor when it's oral playtime.

I’ll Take You to the Candy Shop

Candy Flavored Lube Lubricant For Couples


If you have a sweet tooth, find a flavored lube that satisfies your sugary-sweet sexual pleasures. The sugar-free Desserts Flavored Lube In Frosted Cake brings a mouthwatering hit of juicy bubblegum without the guilt that comes with indulging. The GoodHead Oral Delight Gel 4oz/113g in Mystical Mint tastes just like the delightful spun sugar you find at fairs and amusement parks. But when you use it, your amusement PARTS will get more thrills and chills than any ride could give you!

A Sinfully Sweet Dessert

Warming Lube Apple Pie Wet Flavored


A warm, delectable dessert is the perfect way to cap off the evening — no clothes necessary. The Warming Desserts Lube In Pie A La Mode is thick and super silky, providing an intense and deliciously warm sensation to help arouse the senses and heighten excitement. And the Warming Desserts Lube In Cinnamon Roll is the perfect morning delight thanks to its luxurious and long-lasting glide for foreplay, massage and more!

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We know everybody has their own favorite treats and desserts, especially when it comes to lube. That’s why PinkCherry carries a wide selection of the highest quality flavored lube to satisfy every taste. And shipping is always free on orders over $49. Have a question or need more information about our selection of sex toys and flavored lubes? Reach out today — we’re here to help!

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