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Masturbation Month Self Pleasure Guide


May is upon us and that means one thing — it's time for National Masturbation Month! Each year, May is designated as "masturbation month," encouraging adults around the world to blow off some steam while learning about the benefits of this wonderful, physically stimulating activity. We at PinkCherry are avid supporters of Masturbation May, and we want each of you to get your hands on some quality information to make the most out of it. In this article, we'll look at some of the advantages of masturbation, as well as a few hands-on tips to achieve more intense orgasms.

Two Masturbation Benefits You Need to Know

Sure, we know about all of the masturbation myths out there. From blindness to hairy palms, we've heard every single scare tactic used to keep people from touching themselves. They're all silly. Full stop. Self pleasure is natural, healthy and for many of us, downright necessary! Before we dive into the benefits, let's look at some statistics:

  • 70 percent of adult males masturbate.
  • Over half of all women masturbate.
  • 63 percent of men and 32 percent of women ages 57 to 64 masturbate.

Keep in mind - these stats only represent the number of people who were willing to disclose their alone-time habits, so it's probably safe to assume that the numbers could be much higher. Fact is, choosing to masturbate is a responsible, very effective means of sexual pleasure that also prevents unwanted pregnancies and STIs. And, above all, it's pleasurable and FUN! The following are two key benefits of masturbation — not that you really need a reason to get yourself off!

1. Masturbating Is Good For Your Mental Health

Whether it's masturbation month or just a random Tuesday, indulging yourself in a few minutes (or an hour, we're not judging!) of self-love takes a tremendous amount of stress off of your plate. Just like everything else that is greatly enjoyable and releases endorphins in your brain, masturbating makes you momentarily forget about your daily problems and sets your mind at ease. And, if you aren't having sex on the reg, masturbation is designed to be a sexual outlet to keep yourself sane and happy. Plus, masturbating can effectively increase your concentration in multiple areas — like the Professor X of pounding it out! So, if you need to focus on a specific task and you just can't think straight, taking a break to "collect yourself" can work wonders for your productivity.

2. Masturbation Offers Physical and Sexual Benefits

Believe it or not, self-pleasure is great for your body, whether you're a man or woman. Those who choose to masturbate regularly can greatly improve the quality of their sleep and alleviate pain. Masturbating can also relieve menstrual cramps and decrease vaginal dryness. Masturbation is also an excellent way to explore your own sexual needs which will, in turn, lead to greater intimacy with your partner and more fun in the bedroom. So, whether you're beating the meat or flicking the bean, you simply can't go wrong.

Tips for a Better May Masturbation Month

Now that we've gone over some stats and benefits, let's talk about some ways to intensify your routine and take full advantage of this year's masturbation month. Traditionally, people have gotten off using the same techniques for decades, and this includes both men and women with separate methods. But, there are opportunities to explore further outside of that realm to achieve mind-blowing results.

Break Your Masturbation Routine

Men and women can both fall into a boring, unmotivating rut where they're pulling or feeling the same areas for pleasure. Most of the time, it's because we don't know what else we could do to get the same (or better) results, and after time, this can leave many feeling sexually frustrated. Boredom is a bedroom downer, even when you're working on a solo job. But, don't fret — we have a few suggestions to lend you a hand! Here are some of our favorite ways to change things up for National Masturbation Month:

  • Touch other areas while masturbating. For men, you can play with your testicles or taint; for women, you can use multiple fingers across all parts of your vagina.
  • Try switching positions, such as mimicking those you would normally do during sex.
  • Amplify the mood by turning on some music, playing a sexy video or dimming the lights.
  • Prolong the session with edging, meaning that you stop yourself right before you hit your climax and then slowly proceed until you're ready to finish.

Masturbate With the Help of Toys

If you want to take your experience a step further and finish stronger, adult sex toys can significantly make a difference in your pleasure. Vibrators can access sensitive parts of a woman's vagina or anus more easily for more incredible orgasms. And, men can benefit from using male masturbators, which are unique toys that can stroke the penis in a more intimate way for explosive results every time. 

Enjoy National Masturbation Month With Products from PinkCherry

This May, take a load off and spend some quality time with yourself. Our store's inventory consists of erotic and tantalizing products that will help you achieve more pleasure for an unforgettable masturbation month. Whether you're looking for G-spot dildos or mouth masturbators, you'll find it all here at PinkCherry. Browse our selection today to get started. And, if you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you find the best way to celebrate Masturbation May!





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