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Choosing The Right Sex Toy Gift With PinkCherry


Looking for the perfect, fun, playful gift for a friend? Well, look no further!While many people simply don’t have that “up for anything” side, gifting an adult sex toy can be an absolutely fun and fabulous idea. Sex toys make the perfect gifts for so many occasions – bachelorette parties, birthdays, break-ups, graduations, moving away parties and so much more. Think about it – it’s the type of gift that you can really make an impression with, and while your friends may laugh, they will most likely love you for it. After all, would you rather have boring personalized stationery or a fun sex toy gift that you can use between the sheets? You don’t have to answer – we know which one you’d choose. 

But to play devil’s advocate, we know that some people are intimidated by the idea of giving a sex toy gift to their friends because they aren’t sure how they will react. Should I get a sex toy for my friend? Is it a good gift? Or too much? Are there situations where it isn’t appropriate? Unfortunately, there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer to these questions. But if you’re thinking of gifting a sex toy to your bestie, go for it! Here’s some “food for thought” as you decide what sexy or sassy goodie you want to wrap up.  


Should I Get A Sex Toy As A Gift In The First Place?

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is figure out whether or not giving sex toy gifts to this particular friend is a good idea. Keep it simple – think about your friend’s personality, your relationship with him or her and whether the situation is appropriate. Here are a few additional ponderings to entertain before tying a bow on that vibrator or pair of edible undies.


What Kind Of Sex Toy Gift Will They Like?

The options (and pleasure) are endless. But remember, the kinds of sex toys that you like won’t necessarily be the same kinds of sex toys that your friend will like. If you’ve had conversations with your friend about sex before, you may be able to take an educated guess about what he or she will like. Do they like themes? Roleplay? Have a favorite animal? Make it all about them – in a cute, fun, sassy or seductive way. Whatever fits them best.

It’s always best to give a sex toy to someone with whom you have had a frank conversation about sex. If you haven’t really talked or even joked about sex, it may not really be an appropriate gift from you. Know your audience on this one.


Think About Their Likes And Dislikes

What makes them tick? You definitely want to think about your friend’s likes and dislikes, and not get stuck on your own fetishes. There are so many different kinds of sex toys out there, so while you may enjoy a good paddling, your friend may prefer handcuffs. Or maybe they want something a bit more gentle like a feather tickler.

You want to think about their comfort level with sex and if they’ve ever mentioned anything they liked or anything they would like to try. Do they want something small for beginners or should you go bigger

Don’t stress if you can’t answer all of these questions. But the more you can answer, the better match you can make.


How To Choose The Perfect Toy

If you’ve decided that your friend would enjoy a sex toy, then you’ve already won half the battle. Next, it’s time to think about the ideal sex toy for that person. You will need to let go of your own thoughts and instead only focus on your friend's preferences. It's key to finding the best sex toy gifts your friend will actually love. Unleash your kinky side and think about the following. 



There are a ton of different kinds of sex toys on the market today. How can you know what your friend will actually like? If you’ve talked to them, there are certain questions that you might be able to answer. Do they prefer oral toys? Would they like something like a dildo they can insert for pleasure? Will they be using it with a significant other or enjoying some pleasurable solo time? 



Another thing to consider is the size of the toy. Don’t assume bigger is always better when it comes to sex toy gifts. Unless you have talked to your friend about liking bigger toys, then you should probably buy something that is a bit more “average” sized. If you buy something that is too large, it may simply sit in a drawer somewhere and go to waste. And let’s face it – sex toys were made to be played with.



Of course, the appearance of a sex toy really doesn’t matter as much as the functionality of it all. However, there are many different styles of sex toys out there that you can consider for your friend’s “playdate.” For example, some toys are a bit more traditionally feminine than others, with pink, purple and diamonds all over them. Others are more sleek, black and a bit more BDSM.


When Should You Gift A Sex Toy?

Sex toy gift timing is everything. If you’ve worked out all the above details and you’ve been able to pinpoint the best gift, then you still need to think about the specific occasion at which to give your gift. We’re just saying that you don’t really want to give a sex toy as a baby shower gift, for example, or as a gift they will open in front of their boss. Again, know your audience and think about where and when your lil’ guilty pleasure will make its debut.

Look for occasions where it makes sense, like a birthday or a bachelorette party with a fun, casual atmosphere. It can also be a great gift if you are going to be alone with your friend. Opening a sex toy gift in front of a crowd may be a bit much for some people, and you may not get the response you were hoping for.

Want another great idea? Getting sex toy gifts for your friend if you’re both single on Valentine’s Day is the best! It happens all the time – they’ve recently broken up with their significant other, you dumped yours, and you both need a little fun, pick-me-up. They will love your dirty thoughtfulness. And sex toys can also be great apology gifts in many situations. Nothing says “I’m sorry” like furry handcuffs and a paddle. Naughty boy!   

Don’t be shy – give sex toy gifts that keep on giving. Trust us, your friend will never forget it. Remember that you definitely want to buy a sex toy that is high quality and from a company that you trust. There is a lot that can go wrong with a sex toy, so you want to be sure that you get something that will last, won’t do any harm and will leave them wanting more. 


Looking For The Perfect Sex Toy Gift?

Sex toy gifting is unique, fun and ever-so-thoughtful. Find all the right kinds of sex toys for every occasion at PinkCherry – because when it comes to fun and pleasure, we have one of the widest selections on the internet.


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