3 Reasons Why You Should Dip Into Water-Based Lube

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Water Based Lubes For Sex And Toys


Personal lubricants can enhance any sexual experience, making it more comfortable and infinitely more pleasurable. But before you go slathering up, you should do a little research to find the best lube for you and your partner. Not all lube is right for every person or sexual situation. But water-based lube just might be the no-fuss, no-mess option you've been looking for. 

While oil-based lube often lasts longer than other types, it can also stain your sheets, and the last thing you want to do after a wild romp is laundry. Also, it’s not recommended for internal use, so that’s pretty important limitation right there! Silicone-based lubricant works great in water but could damage your silicone sex toys and, like oil-based formulas, could stain your sheets. No bueno. 

Water-based lube offers the best of both worlds. The lubricant's main ingredient is, unsurprisingly, water. Because of this, it's generally free of taste (unless we’re talking flavoured water-based lube, which we’ll get to), color or smell. Keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of using a water-based lubricant. 


Three Key Benefits Of Water-Based Lube

When going at it by yourself or with your partner, the LAST thing you want on your mind is whether your lube is safe to use or not. Because of this, water-based lubricants tend to be the most popular type of lube on the market, and there are a few very good reasons why. 


1. It's Safe To Use On Sex Toys

Did you know that oil-based lube can actually break down the latex in your condoms, leaving them virtually ineffective? And both oil and silicone-based lube can sometimes ruin your go-to sex toys. You've spent your hard-earned money on finding the right dildo and/or curating your toe-curling collection of sex toys. Don't let the wrong lube ruin all the fun.  

Often coined the "all-purpose lube," water-soluble lubricant was designed to be used during almost any form of sex, with virtually any type of condom or sex toy, even silicone toys. 


2. It's Safe To Use On (And In) Your Body

Water-based lube doesn't cause irritation and is usually considered gentle and safe to use on most skin types. In fact, a water-based choice can actually be soothing to your skin and leave it feeling moisturized and healthy. 

Water-based lube is perfectly safe for oral, vaginal and anal sex — the pleasure trifecta. Just keep in mind that water-based lubricants tend to dry out a little, so you'll want to re-apply or use a few drops of water every now and then to reactivate the lube's silky-smooth sensation. 


3. It's Easy To Clean Up

After a wild romp, the last thing you want to think about is having to clean up the mess that often comes with a silicone or oil-based lube. Water-based lube, on the other hand, offers a completely mess-free experience. This type of lube can easily be cleaned up from clothing, sheets and even skin. Just use soap and water to rinse away any remnants after playtime.  


Things to Consider When Using Water-Based Lube


PinkCherry Water Based Personal Lubricant


While water-based lube has some great benefits, there are a few drawbacks you should take into account before making a purchase. 

Keep in mind that some water-based lubricants evaporate faster than others, so re-application may be needed. And if you're having sex in the shower, this type of lube may not be the best choice. In addition to this, some water-based lubricants contain glycerin and/or parabens, which can sometimes irritate certain skin types. It's important to be conscious of what you're putting in and on your body. Be sure to check the label for possible ingredients or warnings about potential skin irritation. 


Popular Water-Based Lubes From PinkCherry

At PinkCherry, we understand that everyone's tastes differ. It's what makes sex with empowering toys and lubes so fun. But the following are some of our favorite and most popular water-based lubes to try if you're jumping into the deep end of H20 Lube Land — we guarantee you'll have a slip-sliding good time! 


H20 Flavored Lube in Cherry Kiss


Aqua Flavored Lube 1oz/30ml in Cherry


Providing long-lasting slipperiness and a decadent silky feel, the H20 Flavored Lube in Strawberry Kiss is perfect for those looking for a sweet and extra juicy lubricant. This popular sugar-free lube is also safe to use with condoms and toys, and it won't stain your sheets, clothing or skin. 


Hydra Natural Glide Lubricant 



The botanically infused Hydra Natural Glide Lubricant  is clean, thick and incredibly versatile, offering a healthy alternative for users. The colorless and odorless formula provides a velvety texture made to mimic the body's natural lubrication. 100% vegan-friendly, this lube can be used with any toy material and is safe to use with condoms.

“Great product. Lasts really long and easily washes off. Great with toys and my wife really likes the natural aspect of the lube since her skin is very sensitive. No brainer, best lube I've ever tried.”

- Anonymous Review


Aqua Chill Cooling Water Based Lube


Aqua Chill Cooling Water Based Lube


Specially designed to make sessions with your favorite stroker ultra-realistic, the Aqua Chill Cooling Water Based Lube is cooling and activated with stroking motions and body heat. Use this one-of-a-kind water-based lube to stay slippery and wet with your partner, your sex toy or your hand. 


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Shop our massive selection of water-based lubessilicone-based lubesoil-based lubes and more to get slicked up and ready to play all night long! If you have a question about water-based lube or its ingredients, reach out today and one of our customer service specialists can help you get wet and wild.

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