Electrosex: How to Supercharge Your Sex Life

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Electrostimulation And Electrosex For Couples


Sex usually feels amazing and leaves us aching for more. Sure, romance and intimacy can play a significant role in why we choose to indulge in passionate lovemaking. But, sometimes it's all about meeting our specific needs and kinks. And, even if we have a great sex life, our bedroom fun can benefit from adding an extra spark to make the experience even more mind-blowing. 

For those who fantasize about literally adding a spark to get off, electrosex (also known as electrostimulation, e-stim or electric play) is a thrilling way to make you or your partner quake with pleasure. As a facet of BDSM, electrosex uses electric sex toys to stimulate the senses throughout intercourse, from foreplay to climax. Unfortunately, while this type of play is often very intense and entertaining, it can be a risky addition to your sex life if you don't know how to practice it properly. But, don't stress — PinkCherry is here to help! In this article, we'll discuss more about electrosex and how to safely partake in it. 


What is Electrosex?

If you've never heard of electrosex until now, it's because electric play is a fairly uncommon fetish due to its nature. That's not to say that it's wrong or frowned upon; it is simply a form of BDSM that few enjoy because electric currents are a common fear or turn-off. However, if electrosex sounds like it's up your alley, you should fully understand it before getting into it. 

As we mentioned before, electrosex involves stimulating toys that send electrical impulses to sensitive nerve endings within the body and brain. Those on the receiving end experience rushes of power that heighten the senses and allow the brain to release endorphins, making each orgasm all the more pleasurable and exhilarating. Electro sex toys (also known as e-stim toys) either feature conductive metal surfaces or electrodes, and can be applied to the nipples, vagina or anus, depending on your preferences. All told, it's a pretty shocking way to get off!


How to Safely Play With Electrosex

You may be wondering how safe it is to use electric sex toys during intercourse, and that's a valid concern. After all, high-voltage electricity is dangerous, and even the smallest amount of electricity can cause uneasiness in some people. While electro sex toys produce an appropriate and safe amount of voltage when used correctly, we strongly recommend that you abstain from e-stim toys if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or live with health issues that could be severely impacted from regular electrical currents entering your body. 

But, if you are able to use electric sex toys without any issue, here are three ways to safely engage in electrosex


1. Use E-Stim Toys as Intended

We cannot stress this enough: do not use electric sex toys on areas other than what they're made for. It's extremely crucial that you don't place any toy near your heart, head or neck as the electrical impulses could damage your brain or heart. Using nipple suckers or clamps is perfectly okay as long as you keep the toys purely on your nipples and away from your heart. Otherwise, be creative within the confines of each toy's intended use.


2. Start Off Slowly With Electrosex

Don't just zap your partner right away! Just like other fun moments of sex, you'll need to slowly work your way up to achieve the most intense pleasure. Electrosex requires you to feel out what is and isn't working. When you start using electro sex toys, make sure you start on the lowest setting for you and your partner to establish a baseline idea of how the sensation will feel. If you're both comfortable with the feeling, start cranking up the power after a while to see how much voltage you both can reasonably handle. If you immediately use the highest power with little understanding of how the product fully works, you could potentially cause harm or sway you and your partner from ever using electric sex toys again. 


3. Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable

At first, you may experience some slight discomfort from electro sex toys if you've never used them before. If it becomes too uncomfortable for you or your partner, don't proceed any longer than you originally planned to. Furthermore, make sure your partner is completely onboard with using electric sex toys. While electrosex may be a turn-on for you, it could be their worst nightmare or cause unwanted pain and discomfort. And, since electrosex is more uncommon than other areas of BDSM, you will need to sit down with your partner and discuss if you would like to include it in your sex life.


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