The Not-Intimidating, Fun & Easy Guide to Buying Lingerie

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The Not-Intimidating, Fun & Easy Guide to Buying Lingerie


Lingerie can be a tricky topic — some people love it, some people hate it and some are interested, but perhaps get cold feet when it's time to try something on. Buying sexy lingerie might not cure the cold feet issue (unless stockings are part of your ensemble) but chances are, you'll wind up feeling pretty hot!  We promise that it's a lot easier, and a lot less intimidating than it might seem! Use these tips and tricks to find the perfect set for you, and to make buying lingerie a cinch. 


Considerations Before We Dive In…

If buying lingerie is something you're nervous about, there are a couple of important things to remember.

1. If you don't know your sizes, you should go to your local lingerie store or boutique to be professionally measured. That way, you don't go through the trouble of buying lingerie online that doesn't fit you correctly and leaves you feeling frustrated. Or that takes the wind out of your lacy sails completely.  
2. While it's important to remember your sizes, those numbers aren't something you should feel insecure about. Knowing them means that you'll get lingerie that fits you exactly as it should, which in turn means you'll look and feel great in it. And that's the whole point of lingerie!
3. To piggyback off of that last tip, you should always buy lingerie that makes you feel good. Don't buy something just because you think it'll make your partner happy, because if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, it might just wind up making you feel...icky. Trust your feelings about a set, because when you feel great in your lingerie, the confidence you exude will make you sexier than a garter belt ever could!
4. Finally, try to go for matching sets in high-quality fabrics. Whether it's a bra and panties or a corset and stockings, having a uniform look really elevates the experience for you and your partner. Choosing great materials will ensure that your new favorite undergarments last a long time and don't get any snags or tears after the second or third wear. It might be a bit more moolah up front, but it's an investment you'll be glad you made.


    Types of Lingerie

    It can be easy to look at lingerie and throw everything into a couple of simple categories, like panties, bras and corsets. However, there's a lot more diversity in this sexy sub-sect of undergarments than just those three categories. By the end of this lingerie buying guide, you'll be able to spot the differences between corsets and bustiers like a pro!



    Purple Lace Overlay Bustier And G-String

    Since we mentioned them, let's talk about bustiers! They're similar to corsets in that they can smooth your torso and cinch your waist. However, they have an extra special function to make you look...well, bustier. The cups on a bustier help give your breasts some extra leverage, pushing them up and together so they look better than ever!



    Corsets are a sexy way to smooth and cinch, making you look great whether you're wearing one under your clothes or all on its own. They generally fasten in the front using hooks and eyes, or have lacing up the back to make sure everything is snugly secured. You can choose from classic neutrals like white, nude tones or black, or you can go bold with colors that are sure to make you feel amazing!



    Teddie Lingerie Wine Teddy Lace Velvet


    Teddies fall under the bodysuit category of lingerie. However, teddies are more revealing, often featuring plunging necklines, sheer mesh and flirty lace or leather 

    details. Teddies are a true piece of lingerie, so it should be reserved for the bedroom unless you're feeling particularly daring.




    Pink Babydoll Sexy Lingerie Set Plus Curvy


    Think of babydolls as flowy corsets. This piece of lingerie usually has cups like a bra for support and flowy silk or lace material that hangs beneath. The material usually stops at the hips so you can see the cute panties you're wearing underneath. Conveniently, many babydolls come with matching panties so you don't have to worry about finding the right pair! It's a classic, knockout style that can make anyone feel great.




    A chemise is similar to a babydoll in length, but is often more of a fitted look, like a 

    full-body slip. Unlike a slip, however, chemises are made with sexy silks and sheer lace, often coming in vibrant colors that are sure to send your (and your partner's) head spinning! Chemises will also come with matching panties in many cases.


    Garter Sets

    Garter belts are the MVPs of lingerie sets, keeping your stockings in place either by clipping to panties or an extra belt. They're usually paired with corsets or bustiers but can also look amazing with a matching bra. If you're a lingerie pro, or just feeling really adventurous, this is definitely a look to try.



    Stockings Thigh High Leggings Black Lingerie


    These are easy! Stockings are like pantyhose, but rather than being connected as one piece, you get one for each leg. They're often worn with garters and corsets as part of the quintessential lingerie set. You can try classic neutrals or go bold with colors like red, blue and royal purple. 


    Which Lingerie is Right for My Rockin' Bod? 

    Like we said before, as long as you have the right measurements, you can make anything work! Buying lingerie is about finding pieces that make you feel sensual and comfortable in your own skin. However, we can make a few recommendations based on body type to help steer you in the right direction.



    Sometimes called a "banana" or "rectangle" body shape, this describes people who have fairly uniform measurements through the shoulders, waist and hips. If you want to add curves to your waist, corsets are going to be your go-to. Or, if you want to give your bust a boost, a bustier is the obvious choice. Pair it with some matching panties and you've got one knock-out look! 



    Also called the "hourglass" figure, you might have it if your shoulders and hips are around the same size, but larger than your waist. If you want to emphasize your waist, try out a pair of high-waisted panties and a matching bra. And you can never go wrong with a teddy or bodysuit! 



    This body type is also called "apple" shaped, and means that your upper body is wider than your lower body. Larger torsos look bomb in babydolls, negligees and chemises, which flow out luxuriously while still placing plenty of support and emphasis on the bust. As always, pair your babydoll with a cute pair of panties and you're ready to rock you and your partner's world!


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