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Guide To Buying Sex Dolls By PinkCherry


Let’s dish the scoop on sex dolls! As you’ve probably noticed, sex dolls have recently come back into the spotlight with the Quibi show created about them. You might be wondering, “are people actually watching that?” And the answer is YES! However, sex dolls have become more popular over the last few years to help combat the long, lonely nights so many singles struggle with. Unfortunately, sex dolls can be extremely pricy, so most people don’t have a complete doll. So, what’s the real deal on these sex deals? What can they do? And who’s scooping them up? Well, here’s the 411 on it all! 


Who Is Actually Buying Sex Dolls?

Let’s be honest – someone’s buying them, or they wouldn’t make them! There are a few different types of people who tend to buy sex dolls. The first is, interestingly enough, people who want to learn more about the human body and sex. These are people who will try different things with these dolls. For example, they may use the dolls to practice their roping skills or sexual positioning. 

Other people who tend to explore their sexuality with sex dolls are those who are just simply lonely. While they aren’t likely to think this doll is a real person like some entertainment has suggested, sex dolls tend to feel less lonely than using a pocket stroker or your hands.

In a world where people are staying home more often and aren’t frivolously jumping into new relationships, combating loneliness can be a real serious problem, especially at night. Sometimes, people buy sex dolls as a way to enact fantasies that they may not be comfortable enacting with a real person. For example, people who are into BDSM play, role play, or something a little kinkier may use the sex doll as part of their erotic play. Hey, we get it – experimenting can be fun! 

Sex dolls are also frequently used by people who have disabilities, couples, and older people. Ever wanted to have a threesome? Well, a sex doll just might make that dream come true! Often, people who purchase these sex dolls will generate some sort of relationship outside of sex with the dolls as well. While the media portrayals can be somewhat inaccurate, these dolls will often be given names by their owner, and the purchaser will take care of their doll as they would another person. These dolls become more than just dolls in a sense! Who knew? 


How Are Sex Dolls Crafted?

Creating sex dolls is really quite the process. They take a long time to make (hence their big price tag) because they are often crafted after idealized versions of real women. These women will be measured, adjusted, and then forms will be crafted. Of course, people have different opinions on what the ideal woman is, so there are many different versions of sex dolls, but most have similar characteristics. 

For those looking for a budget sex doll, they can get a sex doll that is already manufactured and ready to sell. These tend to be pretty generic and have one or more specific features that men look for - for example, large breasts. That’s on everyone’s list, now isn’t it? 

For a more personalized sex doll, these can be custom created individually. This allows the purchasers to pick what they want, with everything from breast size and hair color to skin tone and height. You can even purchase clothing and additional wigs for the doll! Who’s ready to really get down and dirty and play?


Taking Care of a Sex Doll

Sex dolls require some TLC and a little maintenance – just like real women! Haha! These dolls are definitely an investment and require a bit of care from their owners. Not only do they need to be cleaned regularly (preferably after every session because bacteria can build up and start to eat away at the silicone and other materials), but they may even need to be maintained depending on what doll you select.

Because of their delicate nature, over time, sex dolls will start to break down from regular use and exposure to the elements. So, what can you do to help keep your sexy little friend in tip-top shape? It’s always best to store them in a cool, dark place when they aren’t rendezvousing with you! If they are not properly taken care of, their hair may begin to get ratty and need to be replaced. Other times, their makeup or eyes can start to discolor. The better you care for your sex doll, the better it will stand the tests of time and the more sensual playdates you can have!


What If You Don’t Have the Money for A Sex Doll?

Like we said, sex dolls aren’t cheap – just like dates! So, if you don’t have the money to purchase a full sex doll, there are plenty of ways around it. There are many toys that are much more affordable that you can purchase for your little trips to Pleasureville. Sometimes, people who aren’t interested in having a partner will purchase many different kinds of sex toys, so they can spice things up for themselves. 

We’re all about it – the spicier, the better! For example, there are some strokers that look like mouths, so they can give the sensation of a blow job. These can be used with a lubricant to get a more natural feeling as well. Another option is to get a sex toy that is modeled after an adult entertainer that is anatomically correct. This is a popular option for younger men who tend to watch specific celebrities. They will often use a lubricant that looks like ejaculate to better mimic what it would be like to have sex with a woman. 

At the end of the day, sex dolls have endless possibilities! They can be used for men who have performance issues, those with specific kinks that they don’t want to enact with real women, or singles who are just lonely. When you think about it, it isn’t that much different from women using dildos that look super-realistic, feel like real penises, or are even modeled after someone. Hey, everyone has their thing in the bedroom, so there’s no judgement here!

In the end, sex dolls can truly become companions and help singles and couples overcome loneliness, which is something that can lead to many other health issues. So, we’re happy to say sex dolls aren’t something (or shall we say, someone?) to be ashamed of or to hide away. With a sex doll, you can role play those sexual fantasies you’ve always dreamed about. So, have fun, and go wild with your sexy little friend!


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