Casual Relationships: The Rules of Casual Dating

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PinkCherry Guide To Casual Relationships


In today's day and age, navigating the dating scene can feel like you're moving through a relentless, unforgiving battlefield. Whether you spend the night swiping through matches on dating apps or decide to make a move at the bar after some liquid courage, finding "the one" can be an exhausting challenge filled with trials and tribulations. Don't get us wrong — this makes the search for love all the more rewarding. However, some of us just want to get laid, and the last thing on our mind is finding a soulmate or having any strings attached. In this case, people can either hook up with one-night stands or start a new, casual relationship.

What Is a Casual Relationship?

You might be thinking "hold on, why would these people get into a relationship if all they want is sex?" That's a fair thought, but let us explain: a casual relationship is different than what you'd expect to see out of a more traditional romance. Also known as casual dating, this type of relationship involves having a short-term connection with one or more trusted partners in which you and all parties involved agree to a set of mutual criteria or benefits. In other words, you and whoever you're dating decide to have a non-serious relationship together that won't necessarily have a "happy ending" or long-term commitment. 

Six Rules to Make the Most of Your Casual Relationship

From starting the night with a fun date to ending the evening with some steamy, casual sex, being in a casual relationship is meant to be easygoing. However, there are some rules that you should follow to ensure that everybody is completely satisfied and comfortable.

1. Be Proud of Your Casual Relationship

While both casual sex and relationships are generally considered acceptable in the dating world, we understand that there are individuals who may see this as a red flag. This can be discouraging, but it shouldn't dictate how you choose to live your life. Part of the experience of being in a casual relationship is getting to learn more about yourself and take things easy while you figure your love life out. Whether you choose to settle down one day or continue reaping the benefits of casual dating, don't worry about the naysayers — you do you! 

2. Make Sure Your Casual Relationship is Consensual

Of course, you always need consent when you hook up with somebody. But, it's also important that anybody that you're casually dating consents to the relationship itself. Casual relationships are not for everybody, and the last thing you want is to make anybody feel like they're in over their heads, including you! Confirm that everybody you date is okay with hooking up casually and having something temporary and fun. And, it's always good to state your full intentions. Don't beat around the bush — just tell them how it is. 

3. Be a Mature and Respectful Partner

It's crucial that you act like a respectful adult when engaging in any relationship, but this rule is especially important for casual relationships. There's a good chance that not everybody you date will be on the same page. For instance, you may date a partner that says they won't develop feelings, but then...they do. This happens more often than most casual daters would like to admit. If that person starts "looking for more" and you can't give them the full, long-term attention they seek, it's time to let them down easy. Furthermore, if you decide to break up, be direct but gentle with your approach. This is not only a courtesy to your partner but will also save you the headache of dealing with any hard feelings. 

4. Future Plans Are a No-No

Think about this — you start dating somebody new; you hit it off and everything is going great. Then, after two weeks, suddenly your partner is inviting you to their cousin's wedding four months from now. Whether you're in a casual relationship or not, this can be seen as needy or possessive if you and your partner aren't fully infatuated with each other. Even if a few months go by and the person you casually date asks you to attend something months in advance, this crosses dangerously into "serious relationship territory." Now, this rule may not apply to every type of casual relationship — in some instances, it might be okay, but both parties need to be on the same page. Plus, big events like weddings and gatherings with loved ones may lead to unwanted questions from the family, some awkward answers or silences and a long, uncomfortable drive back home. So, unless your date is cool with attending these important celebrations casually, you should refrain from making any plans beyond a week or two at the most. 

5. Focus on Your Own Happiness

Sure, you'll want to treat whoever you date with complete respect. But because you're not fully invested in them, neither of you have to answer to one another. This is a very important expectation in any casual relationship. If your partner decides to go out without you, you don't need to concern yourself with what they're up to. Likewise, what you do during your free time is strictly your business. Possessiveness is an ugly trait in and of itself, and it especially looks bad on people who engage in casual sex and dating. 

6. Don't Be Afraid to Date Around

The whole purpose of casual sex and relationships is to not have any strings attached, so don't worry about going on dates with a few different people. The only thing you need to worry about is being upfront with your dates if need be. You can keep your love life to yourself when dating around, but the moment anybody asks where the date or relationship is going, it's time to come clean. You may hurt some feelings along the way, but anybody who chooses to be involved in a casual relationship with you needs to understand these boundaries. 

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