How Lingerie Can Empower You: From Sexy Panties to Corsets & Garters

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How Lingerie Can Empower You By PinkCherry


Shhhhhhh! Lingerie has long been a woman’s best kept little secret – it’s something “naughty or nice” that only she knows about. Of course, lingerie also has a miraculous ability to make us stronger, sexier, and bolder when we are in the bedroom. It is funny how a little scrap of lace (in some cases, a truly little scrap) can do so much! 

However, there are so many different types of lingerie out there, and they all empower you in different ways. So, let’s take a look at some of our favorite little sexy pieces and side dishes that you may just have to have!


Only You’ll Know Your Little Secret

Let’s say that you have a big meeting coming up, and you want to feel bolder and more confident. You put together your best power outfit, including a killer pair of heels. Now, are you going to throw that on over a pair of cotton panties that you bought in a Target three-pack? Let’s be real – that’s probably not the best foundation!

A great matching lingerie set can help you feel put together from the very basic levels and boost your confidence. You want to snag a sexy matching set that doesn’t only look good but feels good. You want something that is cut for a woman’s shape, is made of quality material, and will streamline your body. No one wants a bra that pushes out those dreaded batwings or overemphasizes your back fat. No thank you! So, invest in quality basics that look good inside and outside of the bedroom. Remember, you want something super sexy to celebrate in when you get home after your big meeting!


You Can Be Sexy Without Going Outside of Your Comfort Zone

We get it - lingerie can sometimes be a bit intimidating. There are often so many straps, so many holes, and just general confusion that make it seem like you can’t put it on without feeling self-conscious. But not to worry! There is so much lingerie out there that can help you feel sexy without making you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to feel like you are putting on a show or becoming someone you aren’t. Instead, you can just feel sexy and natural, every woman’s dream!

So, how can you do this? Don’t worry about adding a leather corset to your wardrobe (though you certainly can). Instead, pick something that might be a little bit out of your comfort zone but not completely over in left field - if you are used to wearing sexy panties, for example, maybe you want to try a crotchless g-string. It isn’t much further than you’ve gone before, but it will add a little something special. Did someone order a side of sexy confidence? 


Let Your Lingerie Do the Talking

We can all admit that sometimes we aren’t always the best at voicing what we need or what we want inside the bedroom. Guilty as charged! However, lingerie can empower you to express your sensual desires without having to say a word. Think about it - if you walk into the bedroom in a lacy little number and grin at your partner, they will know that you’re ready for a good time. Just as if you show up in old t-shirt and sweatpants, they probably know to leave you alone. Lingerie can speak volumes! 

But what else can your lingerie say? If you want to get a little rougher, maybe you want to wear something that has a harness built into it or something with leather detailing. If you want to be gentle and slow, simply wear something frilly and special. Your lingerie selection can truly tell your partner what kind of romp between the sheets you’re craving!

There are even some fun and cheeky pieces of lingerie that still say something sexy but can be a little funny too, like “This Way to Heaven” up the back of your legs. When you wear those, you are really telling your partner that you are ready for them to get down and dirty with you! 


You Can Become A Completely Different Person

When it comes to sex, one of the best pieces of advice you may get is to become a different person for a few minutes and see how they would react to specific situations. While that won’t work for everyone from a therapy standpoint, it can work in the bedroom. If you want to try something new, or you are interested in something, but it goes against who you think you are as a person or who you want to appear as, you may need to dress the part.  

Lingerie can help you to get into roleplay, try something new without feeling silly, and just spice things up a little bit for your sexual pleasure. When you feel like someone else, you can create your own reality and do things that maybe you wouldn’t have done before. The sky’s the limit! 


Cover Those Areas That Might Make You Self-Conscious

If you ever have conversations with your girlfriends about sex, you may have some of the same concerns. Many of us don’t like trying certain sexual positions because they highlight our “problem areas.” The first thing you need to know is that your partner will not notice your problem areas like you do: they don’t really see them and even if they do, they don’t care. Even so, many women avoid some of the best, most pleasurable positions because they are afraid of what they look like. They won’t get on top because they are afraid that their partner will see things jiggle, for example.

Lingerie can empower you to do these things and find new forms of steamy pleasure. There are so many options that you can even wear throughout the entirety of sex because they have cutouts that make them even sexier. You can cover up the areas that bother you while still showing off those areas that your partner loves most! 

It’s crazy how something so little can do such big things! Lingerie has so many ways to empower you to feel sexier, which makes your bedroom play (and everyday life) much more fun. If you aren’t feeling like the most confident version of yourself, consider slipping into some sexy lingerie that will help you to feel empowered, bold, and confident. Don’t be afraid to try a few different styles - you’ll be shocked what a little piece of lace and some boning can reveal about the new, sexy you!


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