Will It Make Me Bigger? A Good Hard Look at the Penis Pump

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We’re going to go ahead and answer the question of the hour right off the bat. Yes, a penis pump can make your penis bigger!

Okay, thanks for reading everyone, that’s all for today! :)

Wait, wait, wait! Just kidding.


We (of course) have lots more to say on the topic of the penis pump, and we should probably clarify our claim that a penis pump can make your dick bigger. It really can, by the way, but like anything that sounds too good to be true, there’s a catch. We’re going to explain it all, don’t worry.

But first...have you ever taken a peek in your email’s spam folder? Purely for research purposes, do it! Don’t click on anything, obviously, but have a quick look at the number of penis related subject lines. We did, and here are a few of our favorites (grammar unedited!):

“Energy for Intense ‘processes’ - Better Wang Parameters”

“Beat Up the Crysis and Sharpen your Love Sword”

“She Will Love Your Big Flute”

“If Weenie Lets Down”

“Become Master of Amorous Genre”

We didn’t open any of these, but if we had, we’re 100% sure that there would be some sort of magic (not actually magic) boner pill, cream or device being pushed. Well, either that or a virus. Fact is, the quest for a porn-star worthy penis and an erection that won’t quit is one that the makers of shady and possibly harmful products love to cater to. There’s a good reason for that, too. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to exploit body insecurity (we hate this so much), penis enlargement and erection enhancement is a sexual topic that’s surrounded by tons of mythology, misunderstanding and misinformation. Luckily, if you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know that we absolutely love to bust up those 3 M’s. Join us as we demystify the penis pump, won’t you?

What’s a penis pump?

Put simply, a penis pump (also known as a vacuum pump, enlarger pump, erection pump, vacuum constriction pump) is a device used to draw blood into the shaft. It’ll have a hollow chamber to slip over the un-erect penis, and a mechanism that creates vacuum suction or negative pressure inside that chamber. The best known and most basic of penis pumps uses a hose and ball valve to draw air out of the chamber, but there are also automatic versions and even hydropumps, which use water pressure.

How does a penis pump work?

Quick biology lesson incoming. The penis is a proud owner of many, many veins and blood vessels, all part of a complex network running from the brain and spinal column through to the pelvis. When a man is aroused/turned on/riled up etc, that vascular network sends lots of blood to the penis. You know what happens next (hint: erection). For any number of reasons, though, sometimes your dick lets you down. Something as simple as a stressful day, one too many beers or maybe a medical issue can stop an erection in its tracks. A penis pump takes over for the body’s natural boner magic and allows you or a partner to build a near-instant erection from scratch. Of course, if you’re just looking to bone up, so to speak, on firmness, or need a hard-on without all that pesky foreplay first (we don’t know why you’d want to skip the foreplay step, but that’s just us!), a penis pump will do the trick, too.


PinkCherry Penis Pump Makes Cock Bigger

As for the logistics of how a penis pump works, it’s pretty simple. You’re essentially going to be creating a vacuum around your penis. That vacuum pressure, or suction, if you prefer, does the hard work of drawing blood directly into the penis. Pumps can help override any possible erection issues, be they mental (ie. stress) or physical (ED). There’s one very important factor that makes all the difference though - a good airtight seal. When you place the cylinder of your device of choice over your penis, make sure the mouth, or opening of the cylinder is pressed up nice and tight against your body. Most pumps have a soft sleeve or donut around the opening to help with this - the sleeve/donut often doubles as a comfort cushion. We should mention that you DO NOT want your balls anywhere near the opening! Keep ‘em tucked away behind the mouth of your pump at all times.


The penis pump backstory

We love our sex toy history here at PinkCherry, so of course we jumped at the chance to do a little pump research. According to A Concise History of the Penis Pump by Don Rock (we’ll bet you a million dollars that’s not his real name), the first penis pump was created in or around 1870 by a physician named John King. Dr. King designed a type of vacuum pump meant to help men with erectile dysfunction, but much like the vibrator, which we wrote about here, it was used strictly as a medical device. Another doctor, Dr. Otto Lederer, patented a similar device in 1913. Dr. Lederer’s version featured a cylindrical chamber with a mechanical pump attached. The pump would suck the air out of the chamber and encourage blood flow to the penis. Sound familiar? That’s pretty much exactly how penis pumps are made and work to this day. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Skipping forward to the 60’s, an era of sexual revolution we can thank for many of the modern sex toys we enjoy today, the penis pump broke free from the confines of the medical world and began being used for pleasure purposes. We like to imagine a procession of men and their satisfied partners parading through the streets chanting “Better boners for all!”

Modern technology moving forward made motorized, automatic and battery powered pumps possible, and more portable, body conscious and comfortable designs are now the norm.

But will a penis pump make me / my bf / husband / fwb bigger?

Like we said up top, yes. But, if you’ll remember, we also said that there’s a catch, and here it is: the results aren’t permanent. Sorry guys. See, after pumping, the penis can definitely be bigger/thicker/harder than it was before pumping, but when the pump’s suction is removed, things eventually go back to normal. Here’s some good news though! Using a penis pump to build an erection can help make your/his erection look bigger than one that’s naturally grown. The intense suction of a standard or auto pump can draw more blood into the penis than would normally be there during a pump-free erection, so it can look and feel harder, thicker and maybe even longer. Aside from from the obvious visual and tactile effects of pumping, I’m sure we can all agree that a great erection is a confidence booster. More confidence almost always equals better sex, so there’s that to consider!


Let’s talk about cock rings & penis pumps

We’ve explained how and why a penis pump can, in fact, make a penis temporarily bigger and definitely firmer. Key word: temporary! Now, if you want to prolong the effects of all that pumping (and we’re betting that you probably will want to), may we suggest a cock ring? Cock rings are a go-to tool used by penis owners looking to help maintain erection. Once you’re as hard as can be thanks to your pump, try sliding on a cock ring immediately after suction is released. This is such a tried-and-true post pumping tip that some pumps, e.g. Apollo Sta-Hard Pump Kit, actually come with a cock ring. Any good cock ring will do, you can even try out a vibrating version to double up on the pleasure potential of your newly pumped penis.

Ready for the bottom line? We apologize in advance if we’re about to shatter your dreams of a bigger penis, but there’s no proven (non-surgical) way to permanently enlarge your penis. Love the dick you’ve got, in other words! Chances are, it’s pretty great.

That being said, a good penis pump can temporarily provide some extra length, thickness and firmness to play with, or better yet, for your partner to play with. Our penis pumps are automatically arranged by best seller, so the first pumps you see will be the models that have been purchased (and probably used) the most. The majority have been reviewed and rated, so you’ll be able to read about experiences of real life pump owners.

Pump safe and play happy, folks!



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Written By: Melanie Pollock

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