How to Anal Masturbate 101

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How to Anal Masturbate 101


Are you curious about anal play? Maybe you have heard that prostate stimulation can feel incredible and now want to give it a try, or maybe you and a partner are considering adding anal sex to the menu. Maybe you’re just wondering what it feels like to sexually engage with your butt. Whatever the reason, lots of folks are curious about anal play, and a great no-pressure way to satisfy that curiosity is with a little anal masturbation. 

The anus is absolutely packed with nerve endings, so it can be a very pleasurable part of your body to explore. Additionally, for folks who were born with penises, the prostate gland-- which is best accessed via the butt-- can deliver absolutely explosive sexual sensations. For folks born with vulvas, anal play can provide a new route to G-spot pleasure. But when it comes to anal masturbation, where do you even start? Today we are going to break it all down. We’ll talk about what anal masturbation is, why you may want to try it, what products can help,  how to masturbate anus safely, and how to make it pleasurable. So, if you’re curious about solo anal play, read on for a little anal masturbation 101!


What is anal masturbation?

First off, What is masturbation? Put simply, it is the act of stimulating oneself in a pleasurable way. Anal masturbation is masturbation where the part of the body being stimulated is the anus and rectum. It can be done with hands or with adult sex toys (more on that in a little bit), and it can be pleasurable for absolutely anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 


Why anal masturbation?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to give anal masturbation a try, but the main two are pleasure and exploration!

Let’s talk about pleasure first. When we talk about the anus, we’re referencing a part of the body that is absolutely packed with sensitive nerve endings. Stimulating those nerve endings can feel very, very good. Add the potential for prostate or G-spot stimulation, and anal masturbation can be a huge source of pleasure. 

Now, onto exploration. For some folks, the anus is an undiscovered country. As we mentioned above, you might want to explore it just to feel all that possible anal pleasure. Additionally, though, if you’re curious about incorporating anal play into your partnered sex life, you might want to try out a little solo anal play to see if you enjoy it. Figuring out what feels good for your particular body can help ensure a pleasurable partnered anal experience. If, on the other hand, you try out anal stimulation on your own and find that you do not enjoy it, you won’t have to worry about anyone else’s feelings and expectations. It’s a great opportunity to figure stuff out on your own. 

Finally, anal masturbation is, after all, masturbation, and just like genital-focused masturbation, it can come with some fun bonuses like stress relief, better sleep, increased sexual confidence, and improved mood. 


Best products for anal masturbation

I always hesitate to tell people they need to buy products to explore sexually, but in this case, it seems appropriate. Why? Well, while you can use your hands for anal masturbation, you always, 100% want to use a lubricant. Also, if you do want to use something besides your hands, you always, 100% want to use something that was designed to be used anally. Let’s talk about why both those things are true and how you can find the right products to facilitate your anal adventures. 


Lube for anal masturbation

If you remember nothing else from this article, please remember this: the anus does not self-lubricate, and its skin is extremely delicate. In order to safely engage in any kind of anal play, including masturbation, you MUST use a lubricant. There are a couple of types you can consider:


Water based

For anal play, a good thick water based lube like PinkCherry Water Based Anal Lubricant can keep things slick, and the thickness can add a nice cushiony feel. Water based lubes are generally pretty affordable, and they are compatible with all anal masturbation toys and condoms. The main downside of water based lube is that it can dry out fairly quickly. 


Silicone based

Silicone based lube is a butt play workhorse. Once you apply it, it’s there until you wash it off. That said, some silicone anal lubes tend to be a bit thinner, meaning you don’t get that cushiony feel I mentioned above. Also, silicone lubricants and silicone toys don’t play well together. 


Oil based

Oil based lube can be a good choice for anal play based on how slick it is and how long it lasts. That said, your use of oil based lube might be limited as it can break down latex or polyisoprene condoms, it tends to not play well with vaginas,  and it can be damaging to porous toys. That said, if you’re sticking to anal play with hands or silicone, glass, or steel toys, oil based lube is worth considering. 

Note: Some lubricants designed for anal use contain numbing agents. These can be tempting if you’re nervous about exploring your butt. Please resist that temptation! Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. When you numb your body, you’re essentially shutting off that warning system, which increases your chance of injury.


Toys for anal masturbation

When it comes to anal masturbation with toys, a very important thing to remember is that only things that have been designed to go in your butt should go in your butt. This means no repurposing household items or even a vibrator you already have. Why? Because things that are not designed for safe anal use have an awful habit of getting sucked into the body in ways that ultimately require medical intervention. That’s not fun for anyone.  

So, for safety sake, make sure anything you use for anal penetration has a flared base that keeps it firmly anchored outside the body. This goes for butt plugs, anal beads, vibrators, prostate stimulators, etc. In addition to keeping an anal sex toy in a safe position, those flared bases are very handy for easy toy removal. 

My #1 recommendation to anyone just starting out with anal play is to source a kit with multiple sizes of butt plugs. This will allow you to comfortably explore the sensation of anal penetration and to increase the size as you get used to it. 


Tips for anal masturbation safety 

We’ve already discussed how the skin of the anus is extremely delicate, as well as how trying to use toys that aren’t made for anal play is a big no-no. So, let’s take a moment to talk about how you can engage in anal masturbation safely. Honestly, apart from using lots of lube (like LOTS of it) and anal masturbation toys with flared bases, the rest of anal safety comes down to cleanliness and patience. 

Let’s talk about cleanliness first. Brass tacks, you should always aspire to cleanliness when you are engaging sexually with anyone, yourself included. When we are talking anal, though, keeping clean becomes even more important. The anus is home to bacteria that, if spread to the penis, vagina, or mouth, could cause infections. With that in mind, wash your hands as well as your anus with warm water and soap before playtime. 

Now for patience! Becoming comfortable with anal penetration can be a process that takes weeks or possibly months. You can’t jump from “anal virgin” to “huge dildo in your butt” in one fell swoop, so be patient with yourself! Even in individual anal masturbation sessions, be sure to move slowly and breathe deeply. Allow the muscles of your sphincter to relax so you and your body can work together, rather than you pushing forward while your body resists.


7 steps for anal masturbation

Ready to get down to it? Great! Here are seven steps to help you along the way. 


Wash up

You are dealing with the butt and frankly, that means you might encounter some poop. If you are concerned, try to time your masturbation for at least an hour after a bowel movement. Additionally, consider a  warm shower where you can thoroughly wash the anal area.  


Get relaxed

Mood music, sexy candles, a hot bath. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and sexy, do it! 


Start with what you know

Try out your typical masturbation routine (if you have one). It’s good to start with something you are comfortable with and an orgasm may help relax your sphincter muscles. You can even try guided masturbation to help you relax.


Think small and slow

Approach your anus slowly and gently. Perhaps starting off with some external massage. When you are ready, consider inserting a lubricated finger and giving your body a moment to relax. Remove the finger, apply more lube and maybe try a larger finger or a very small butt plug. Go slow, and give your body the time it needs to be comfortable. 


Play with positions

You might want to try out a couple of different positions to see what works for you. Consider incorporating some pillows or cushions for support. Remember, comfort is important here. If your body isn’t comfortable, odds are your butt won’t be 


Include other erogenous zones

Is it possible to achieve orgasm via anal masturbation? Absolutely. But that’s no reason to forgo the pleasure you could experience if you add in other kinds of stimulation. If you are up for even more pleasure (and, really, who isn’t?) think about combining anal masturbation with simulation of the clitoris, G-spot, penis, scrotum, nipples, or whatever else feels good to you!  


Add on

If you are enjoying yourself you might consider adding a partner-- or maybe just a different type of sex toy-- to your anal play. There are lots of ways to experiment so once you become comfortable with anal masturbation, feel free to add on to your experience. 

So that’s the story, folks. Anal masturbation, like any other type of masturbation, can be a great way to experience pleasure, explore your body, and relieve some stress. If it’s something you want to try out, take your time, keep it clean, and use lots of lube as well as anal masturbation toys. Anal masturbation isn’t something you have to try, but if you are curious, it could be a fun journey! 

If you are ready to give anal masturbation a try, check out PinkCherry’s enormous selection of butt plugs, anal toys, prostate stimulators, lubricants, and more! They’ve got everything you need to make anal masturbation safe, comfortable, and pleasurable.

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