Exhibitionists in Lockdown: How to Still Be Your Sexy Self While Stifled in Quarantine

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PinkCherry Guide To Keeping Quarantine Sexy


Let’s be blunt – being an exhibitionist in a lockdown can be pretty darn difficult. While there are safe spaces for you to do what you want (when you want) in our traditional world, many of them have been swept away from us. But the good news is that there are still some creative ways to play and have fun without doing anything immoral or making anyone uncomfortable. Because we want to respect everyone’s boundaries, of course!

Remember, the rules of exhibitionism state that everyone has to be a willing participant in the scene. So, don’t spring something on your friends who are trying to visit or keep your blinds open with every light on in the house. Instead, ensure that everyone who sees you will be “in the groove” just as much as you are. If not, try to find a way to “scratch the itch” without including other people. While it may not sound as erotic, it’s definitely possible!

Want some sexy tips or tricks? That’s why we’re here. So, let’s open our magical box of exhibitionist erotica and see what’s inside!


Take It Online

Everyone loves to frolic online! There are plenty of online platforms where you can have fun with each other and film it for others to watch for their own kinky pleasure. You can even livestream your sexiness for people from all over the world (Did you know people are even making money that way?). This is a chance to connect with people across the globe during quarantine and have a little fun doing it. If you’d still like to retain some of your anonymity, you can wear a bondage mask, or record it and blur your faces before posting. Be creative, and enjoy yourself!


Park Your Car

There are far fewer people on the roads right now, so it could be a good time to find a secluded road and park your car. You will have to be careful, and you may even want to keep some clothing on, but you should be able to quench your thirst and have a good time.

Just make sure it’s dark outside or you have heavily tinted windows to pull this one off – you never know who might walk by and surprise you!


Go for A Little Spin

Speaking of cars, you and your vehicle are going to be besties during quarantine – especially when it comes to taking part in exhibitionism in a safe way. Ready to really spice things up? You can use a toy like a remote controlled vibrator to have a little bit of on-the-go fun. Put the vibrator on one of you and let the other partner handle the controller. Then, let the pleasurable ride begin. Obviously, be careful that while you’re on the “road of pleasure,” you stay on the actual road!


Change It Up in Your Own House

In this “new normal,” make your own rules! Another great option is to simply roleplay exhibitionism if you can. Go to a different place in your home and pretend you are at a friend’s house, stealing away a few minutes in their cabana bath. Or, maybe pretend that you are in a restaurant bathroom. Use your imagination to take you to another place. There are plenty of ways you can set the scene here – you could:

  • Jump onto YouTube and find some sensual music.
  • Throw on some porn.
  • Turn up the dirty talk.


While it may take some creative thinking and be a bit difficult at first (since you can’t do the real thing), it just might be the thrilling release that’s way overdue!


Jump Aboard the Phone Sex Train

Just can’t get into it in your own home? No problem! Who’s in for phone sex? This will inevitably help you to get into the fantastical mood, and then you can stroll right into roleplay from there. Many people find it easier to put on their seductive persona on the phone rather than in person because there are no staring eyes. So, pick up the phone, and set your sultry seductress free.


Blindfolds, Anyone?

Love exhibitionism but don’t love romping around in cars? Another way to escape our current reality is to use a blindfold or blackout mask to block out where you really are and help take you to that sexy, forbidden place of pleasure you’re longing for. You can imagine yourself in a restaurant, in front of a crowd or even in a classroom. Don’t limit yourself!

It might take a little effort, but a blindfold can help you be anywhere, be anyone and do anything that gets you excited.


Roleplaying Can Be More Fun

Another great way to scratch that exhibitionism itch is to consider some seductive role play lingerie. For instance, you can be that sexy schoolgirl that shyly flirts with the teacher and imagine you are in a lecture hall or a classroom. Or maybe you want to play in his office. Anything will work – just get dressed up and start playing. Soon you will be so focused on your role that the line between fantasy and reality will begin to blur.


All Work…But a Little Play

If you’re feeling a little bit bold and brave, Zoom is where it’s at! You can get some of your exhibitionism kinks out while working – who knew? Jump on a Zoom call where you don’t have to be on camera and mute yourself. This is another excellent time for some sexy roleplaying, some small and discreet vibrators or even a little bit of foreplay. No one said you can’t play at work, as long as you don’t get caught!


Let PinkCherry Help You Make the Most of Lockdown Exhibitionism

Exhibitionism may have to take a bit of a break, but there are still plenty of pleasurable options out there if you need to “stretch your legs” again. Many of them will involve being a bit more creative and trying to imagine yourself in your fantasy world, but it is certainly possible. And with PinkCherry, it’s even easier. Remember to include some fun sex toys in your scenes, always get permission and don’t be afraid to try something new. This pandemic won’t last forever, but for now, this new lockdown world is your oyster – so dress it up, seduce it and embrace it!


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