How to Build a Sex Room

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How to Build a Sex Room


At this point, we all have apretty solid idea of what rooms we should expect in a house: Living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, sex room… Ok, I snuck that last one in there. Admittedly, sex rooms aren’t something we expect in every home. Admittedly, a lot of folks don’t feel the need to devote an extra space in their home for sexual activities. They have a bedroom and that is that. But, now perhaps more than ever, folks are understanding how important sexual health and satisfaction can be for their overall quality of life and that has led to more consumers wishing to bring in special tools, accoutrement and even furniture to facilitate pleasure. This is especially true for BDSM practitioners who might be able to get their fix in public dungeons that are open to the public on a membership basis (often with a vetting process) but might find those to be inaccessible, intimidating, or,you know,  just not home.

This is where home play spaces or sex rooms come into play. As the Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room shows us, sex rooms can be a fun way to take pleasure to the next level.   Today we’re going to take a look at home play spaces and sex rooms; what they entail, what products work well in one, and how you can make your very own. 

What is a Sex Room?

A sex room is a room or area that is used as a sexual play space. Some sex rooms are veritible home “dungeons” fitted with attachments for shackles and cuffs, as well as numerous other forms of furniture for BDSM play while others are decorated with luxurious furnishings and a cohesive aesthetic and some are both! When it comes to sex room options, the world is your oyster. Setting up a sex room doesn’t have to be a full-scale HGTV renovation undertaking, you can build one in a residential basement, spare room, a simple closet or wherever you have the space..

Do You Need a Sex Room?

Not everyone does but for folks who are into BDSM, people who want to incorporate more toys and tools into their sex play, those who enjoy the comfort and experimentation that can come with sex furniture, or even parent who want to carve out an “adults only” space to connect, it can be very liberating to have a room or area of the house to carry out their favorite sexual activities. Because a sex room can feel like a bit of a luxury, some folks will struggle with allowing themselves to commit space in their home to it. If that describes you, know that you aren’t alone in feeling that way but also, you are worthy of a space devoted to pleasure. 

Planning Your Sex Room

So knowing how easy and convenient it can be to set up a space like this, how do you get started on building yours? The answer is to ask yourself a couple of key questions to help zero in on what you want:


What sexual activities do you enjoy?

When we start talking sex rooms, often to conversation steers abruptly into restraints, impact toys, and big, elaborate BDSM set ups but what about folks who aren’t kinky? Can’t they have sex rooms? They absolutely can! Remember, a sex room should cater to your interests, whatever they may be. If your version of sex room is comfortable surfaces, dim lighting, and massage oil, that’s fine. After all, if you outfit your sex room based on what other people think you should enjoy, there’s a decent chance that room will go unused. 


How big of a space are you working with?

You don’t need a ton of space to create a dedicated sexy play area but, as we will discuss in the next section, you do need to be clear on how much space you are working with before you start selecting accoutrements. So, map it out. Get specific. Take measurements. Make sure you know what you are working with.


Will you keep your equipment sex up or will it need to be stored between uses?

If you have both the space and a lifestyle that allows for you to keep a sex swing or St. Andrew’s Cross in place at all times, good for you! If you don’t have the space for that, if you have kids running around, or if you just want to be able to put stuff away when it’s not in use, you want to know that before you start shopping. There’s are some really terrific options that will give you the sex room of your dreams when they are set up but will also allow for discreet storage when they aren’t in use.  

Knowing the answers to those questions should go a long way toward finding the right accessories to creating a sex room that fits both your sex life and home.. 


Bringing Your Sex Room to Life

When it comes to building a home sex room, there are so many products available that just choosing what to include can seem overwhelming. Here’s what we advise folks to think about in order to construct a play space that fits their home and their sex life!


Plan to fit your space.

First things first, how much space are you working with? If it’s not a lot, have no fear, there are plenty of products that can be easily tucked away when not in use something like the Master Series Bondage Massage Bed which folds up for easy storage or the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master which deflates allowing it to be tucked away in a drawer, can give you a big pleasure bang for your space buck. 


Make use of the space you have

For folks who have the space, building a home play space is a great opportunity to bring in specially designed furniture pieces that cater to their specific desires. For example, for folks who want something versatile that will take sex to the next level, the Multi Position Love Chair is a super fun option. For folks who want to soar to new sexual heights something like the The Trinity Sex Swing can help them get there. 


Indulge in some kink

A home sex room is the ideal place to bring your favorite BDSM fantasies to life! Whether you want to go big with something like the PinkCherry Under the Bed Restraints or the Open BDSM Love Chair might fit the bill.  


Don’t forget the toys

Finally, a sex room can include any toys and accessories that its owner loves! Whether it be vibrators, dildos, paddles, floggers, whips, electromstimulation tools, or even full on sex machines like The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine, these tools will be what really makes a DIY sex room one’s own.

Having a sex room can be incredibly liberating as it provides both the space and the permission to explore and experiment in a safe and comfortable environment. While you certainly don’t need one to enjoy satisfying sex, creating one in your home can be a fun and liberating experience. 

Ready to build your sex room? Head over to Pink Cherry for all of the sex toys, BDSM equipment, furniture and more to bring your home play space to life!

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Written By: JoEllen Notte

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