Clone-A-Willy Instructions: Mold the Magic in 5 Simple Steps

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Clone-A-Willy Penis Molding Kit Couples

Clone A Willy

Have you ever encountered a dick so perfect you thought, "Dang, I wish I had a clone of that"?

You're not alone.


Now You Can.

In fact, so many people have had this exact thought that the geniuses at Empire Labs devised the Clone-A-Willy, a body-safe, stunningly accurate and fantastically fun penis molding kit! With our detailed, step-by-step Clone-A-Willy instructions, you'll learn how to clone a willy (duh), use your new toy and take care of it when playtime is done. But first, let's get a little background on these magnificent molds.

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So, Like...What is It?

The Clone-A-Willy penis molding kit contains everything you need to create both a negative mold of a penis and a silicone toy that's a near-exact copy of the real deal. In the kit, you'll receive: a thermometer, molding powder, silicone parts A and B, and a wooden paddle to help you mix up the magic. Some kits even add a thrustic vibrator. As for the mold container, you just need to use the plastic tube your kit arrives in!


The molding powder used to create a negative impression of your chosen penis is a natural polymer called "alginate." Alginates are derived from brown seaweed, so they're totally natural and body safe. If you ever had braces, you've probably already encountered alginates, since they're often used by dentists and orthodontists to make copies of your mouth and teeth to create fitting dental hardware. It's also super effective at capturing detail — even fingerprints can be accurately captured in alginates, so copying every ridge and vein of a penis is a walk in the park!


Clone-A-Willy Glow in the Dark in Blue

Non-Toxic, Body Safe

The dildo clone itself is made of non-toxic, body-safe silicone that can come in a variety of fun colors, flesh tones and even glow-in-the-dark green! The material retains its shape and size while curing inside the mold, so you don't have to worry about creating an ego-deflating Mini-Me.


Clone A Willy Vibrator

Add SOME ‘Buzz’ to Your Clone a Willy Experience

Finally, if your kit has a vibrator, it's a simple battery-operated unit; just twist the end to turn it on or off. While it most likely won't come in contact with your body during use, since it's suspended inside the dildo toy, it's just as body-safe as the rest of the DIY dildo kit, made of non-toxic HDPE.


Why Willy?

There are all kinds of reasons why folks might want to clone a willy! It's become very popular for couples in long-distance relationships, allowing the recipient to have access to their loved one's love-maker any time they please, even if they're on the other side of the world.




Double The Pleasure

For partners looking for new planes of sexual pleasure, some use it as a more personal means of double-penetration — the real deal goes in one orifice while the clone goes in another. It can also be used to give oral stimulation to your partner while still feeling "them" inside of you. The ways you can get creative with cloned cocks are seemingly endless!




And, at the end of the day, it's just a lot of fun. Clone-A-Willy creates an entertaining, sexy bonding experience for you and your partner as you watch a personalized sex toy come to life before your eyes. So let's have fun, get a little messy and dive into the details of how to clone a willy!


Sound the trumpets: it's time to begin! Get your Clone-A-Willy vibe kit out of the box and clear a prep space on your table. Check out the Clone-A-Willy instructional video and read through all the Clone A Willy directions included in the packaging before you get started.


Step 1: Preparation

Now that you've looked over the CLONE-A-WILLY instructions (seriously, do it if you haven't), gather your remaining supplies, which include a mixing bowl, measuring cup, tape, scissors and disposable bowl for the liquid silicone mix.

As a second part of the preparation, you'll need to get hard. Put your erect penis against the empty plastic tube your DIY dildo kit came in and use a marker to make a line on the tube about a ½ inch above the tip of your penis. Use scissors to cut off the excess tube and tape over the new top ridge — this will help prevent any jagged edges from nipping at your bits during molding.



Step 2: Mix Up the Mold

First, you'll need water that's 90° F, which you should be able to get by simply adjusting the hot and cold water on your kitchen tap. This water temperature helps the penis mold set up properly and also ensures your penis won't shrink away from the cold while inserted into the alginate. Hold the thermometer under the stream until it's just the right temperature and measure out 1¾ cups. 

Next, open the molding powder and pour it into your mixing bowl. Set a timer for 45 seconds and pour in the water, stirring constantly. After 45 seconds it should be thoroughly combined but still a bit lumpy, which is just fine.

Quickly pour the alginate mixture into the tube and get ready to mold!



Step 3: Making the Mold

You might want to stand on a tarp during this step, as some of the mixture is bound to spill out when you insert your penis. When you're ready, set a timer for 2 minutes and stick your dick in the tube!

During this time, you'll need to stay erect to ensure an accurate mold is created. If you have a partner with you, they can help out with a sexy strip-tease or sensual touches all over your non-penile sweet spots. If not, get your favorite porn loaded up and enjoy!



Step 4: Let the Mold Set

Now you have some time to kill. The Clone-A-Willy instructions say the mold should sit undisturbed for 4-8 hours, but many how-to videos say it can wait for as little as 2. Shoot for somewhere safely in the middle, around 3 or 3.5 hours, and you should be ready to go.

In the meantime, if your clone a willy kit has one, you can get the vibrator prepped for insertion (into the toy, but as long as you clean it properly, there's no rule that says you can't have a little fun before it gets lost in the sauce). Use a piece of cardboard, like a flap from the box your Clone-A-Willy was shipped in, and cut an X in the center. Push the vibrator through the X until just before the cap on the end, which is where you unscrew the vibrator to insert the AA battery. Put it to the side and hang loose!



Step 5: Silicone Time!

Grab your disposable bowl, mixing paddle and silicone parts A and B. Pour both silicones into the bowl, using the paddle to scrape out as much as possible from the containers. Now stir the mixture together until thoroughly combined, including glow powder if you got a glow-in-the-dark kit. 

After you're done stirring, slowly pour the mixture into the mold until it's about an inch from the top. You'll need the extra room for when you insert the vibrator, if you have one, but if some of the silicone mix winds up spilling over the top, that's okay — you'll just get a little extra grip.



Step 6 (Optional): Enter the Vibrator

This part's easy! Slowly insert the vibrator into the center of the silicone mold until the cardboard rests against the top of the molding tube. Being in the center of the mold is important, because you don't want the vibrator to poke through any of the edges. Get it in position and leave it be!



Step 7: Wait and Release

More waiting time! The silicone mixture takes about 24 hours to cure completely, so go about your business until it's time to unveil your ingenious creation.

When 24 hours is up, gently pull the perfect replica out of the mold. If it gives you difficulty, you might have to cut open the molding tube and the mold, like breaking open the shell and flesh of a hardboiled egg to get at the lovely yolk inside. Was that a weird comparison? Probably, but you get the idea.

Or you can unscrew the cap of the vibrator and pop a AA battery inside, if you haven't already. And voila! You have yourself a detailed, accurate, vibrating copy of your favorite willy!


Caring for Your Clone

If your new cloned dick toy comes out with any imperfections, you can easily shave them off with a knife or razor. Other than that, you use and care for this toy the same way you would any other dildo or vibrator. To clean after use, simply wash with soap and warm water. We wouldn't recommend submerging it in water, so using it in the bath is probably out. But we promise there are many other, just as pleasurable ways to use your newest, most personal sex toy addition.


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