How to Find the Best Lube for Sex (and Sex Toys)

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We've all been in the ice cream stand conundrum before: you see seven different flavors that all sound amazing, but you can't decide which one is really going to hit the spot. It's kind of the same way with lube. Except you're not eating it out of a waffle cone. Usually.

Whether you're trying lube for the first time or just want to weigh the pros and cons of each kind, PinkCherry is here to help you find the best lube for your forays into sweet, slippery, sexual satisfaction. 


Let's Get a Few Things Straight (And Wet)

Some folks have hang-ups about using lube. They often worry that their partner will think they're not aroused during sex, or that they're not attracted to them. Most of the time, it's actually just a case of the body not producing enough natural lubrication for sex to be comfortable — and when sex isn't comfortable, it's hard to stay in the feel-good mindset of arousal, which can exacerbate the problem even more. In other words, you shouldn't feel bad about asking your partner to use some extra lubrication during sex. You deserve to feel just as good during the experience as they do. And if you're the sex-giver in this situation, you shouldn't feel insecure, either. After all, your partner is asking to try something during sex, which automatically says that they want to have sex with you — they just need a little extra assistance to get on your level. 

The other issue people sometimes take with lubrication is the messiness. The easiest solution is to try using less; start with a dime-sized dollop and work your way up from there. Knowing some basics about each type of lube will also help inform you about which ones will be easiest to clean up after playtime is done. So, without further ado…


Types of Sex Lube & What They Do Best

Not all lubes are created equal, so they can't always be used interchangeably. Thankfully, the guidelines for finding the best sex lube are pretty easy to follow. 


Water-Based Lubes


Water-based lube is the most common type of sex lube you can find, whether you're in your local sex shop, online or just at the grocery store. On top of being easy to find, they're also extremely versatile: being water-based means these lubes are safe to use with both sex toys and condoms. They're fairly gentle on the body, too, and don't usually leave any unpleasant sticky residues behind (if you get a quality brand like the ones PinkCherry offers. Shameless plug over, carry on). Cleanup is also relatively easy if you wind up getting some on your sheets or clothes. Just throw them in the wash and they'll be good as new!

Water-based lubes do have a couple of minor setbacks. First, because they're water-based, they don't work well in water because they wash off, so no hot bathtub or shower sex for you. They also tend to rub into your skin faster than the other types of lube, so you may have to reapply depending on how long you're having sex or using a sex toy. Finally, even though water-based lubes are often designed to keep vaginal pH balanced, they can still irritate your skin if you're particularly sensitive. In this case, it's a good idea to try the most basic, unscented water-based lube you can find; if that still causes irritation, you may need to seek out other options. Such as...


Silicone-Based Lubes

Ease Anal Silicone Relaxing Glide in 2oz/60ml


If you need something completely hypoallergenic, silicone-based lube is the way to go. On top of being less irritating for sensitive skin, silicone sex lube is thicker, silkier and more slippery than water-based lube. It's less likely that you'll have to reapply silicone lube, and it works well in the water, too. It's also safe to use with latex condoms, so you won't have to worry about burnin' rubber during sexy time. 

The biggest drawback to silicone-based lube is that it can't be used with silicone sex toys. Silicone-on-silicone causes the material to break down, putting a lot of wear and tear on your toys and making them less sanitary; even small abrasions give bacteria more room to grow. Also, while it's not impossible to remove silicone from sheets and upholstery, it's a bit more difficult than water-based lube, so be mindful of where you use it. 


Oil-Based Lubes

Looking for a lube that just won't quit? Oil-based lube is the best for you. Many of these lubes are made with plant-based oils and last an extremely long time, including in the shower — we all know the saying about oil and water. Plus, you can use it as a massage oil for some sensual foreplay.

Oil-based lubes have the most drawbacks, however. First, they can't be used with latex condoms because your protection will break down. Not good. They also tend to increase the risk of infections like bacterial vaginosis because the viscous texture acts like a trap for bacteria. If you have sensitive skin or frequently have these sorts of issues, oil-based lube probably isn't for you. Finally, getting oil-based lube out of sheets, clothes and upholstery absolutely sucks. If you're going to use oil-based lubes, do so with caution and do a thorough job of cleaning your private bits after sex. 


BONUS ROUND: Sex Lubes for Extra Fun 

GoodHead Warming Head Oral Delight Gel 3 Pack in 2oz x 3

If you're more experienced with lube or are just looking to enhance your next bedroom experience, try out something with a little extra flair. For example, you can use arousal gels to create tingly sensations on your sensitive parts, like the head of your penis or even your nipples. These gels either heat you up or cool you down, and the increased level of sensation helps naturally draw blood to the area to stimulate arousal and get the party started. 

Flavored sex lubes are also a fun option for partners that enjoy oral sex. PinkCherry carries several flavored water-based lubes for plenty of tasty, body-safe fun. Whether you prefer the sweet flavor of a cinnamon bun or the tang of lemonade, we have the lube to sate your more ways than one. 


Find the Best Lubes for Sex at PinkCherry

So what is the best lube for sex? Whatever you find works best for you! Just keep the guidelines we talked about in mind to choose lubes that are compatible with your condoms, sex toys and, most importantly, your body. Now, go have fun picking out high-quality, body-safe sex lubes and lotions from PinkCherry!

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