How to Find Your G-Spot

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Ah, erogenous zones! Discovering yours can lead to more enjoyable sex and even boost body positivity. While there are many (many!) erogenous spots in existence, and they can be unique to each person and every body, we want to zero in on a somewhat elusive zone for many vagina owners –  the G-spot!  Whether you call it the OMG, your orgasm button, or the more technical-sounding Gräfenberg spot, there’s more to this ultra sensitive inner erogenous zone than you might think.


What is the G-Spot?

Before we let you in on how to find your G-spot, we’ve got to talk about what the G-spot is and what it does. That way you can get all the enjoyment out of yours (or your partner’s). First off, the G-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot, has not been scientifically proven to exist - yet! One common theory, though, is that what we think of as the G-spot is actually part of the clitoris - the internal structure of the clitoris, that is. 


Think of your clitoris as a tree and the G-spot as that tree’s root system. Those clitoral roots run alongside the inner vaginal walls and urethra, which could account for those toe-curling tingles of pleasure you may feel when you, a toy, or a pattern applies pressure to the upper vaginal wall.


Whether you (or science) believe that the G-Spot is a real thing, many women and vaginal owning people can attest to the fact that there is definitely a spot toward the top wall of the vagina that feels really, really good when stimulated. 


How to Find Your G-Spot

To be able to stimulate the G-spot, you’re going to first need to know how to find your G-spot. The G-spot is said to be located along the anterior, or upper, vaginal wall (this is the direction closest to the person’s front or abdomen). A small percentage of people will find their G-spot is located either slightly to the left or right. This is not surprising, since many vaginas are asymmetrical.


The best time to try finding your G-spot is when you are already aroused. Increased blood flow to the inner and outer genital areas, including the clitoris and g-spot can swell those erogenous zones, and make them easier to pinpoint.  


Insert your fingers into your or your partner’s vagina and curve them upward toward your / their belly button. Around 2-3 inches deep, you may feel a slightly rained, textured area. That’s the G-spot! 


Once you’ve located the spot, try stroking the area using a “come here” motion, experimenting with different levels of pressure. If you’re stimulating someone else's G-spot, take things slowly, pay attention to their reaction, and always listen if they ask you to stop or change something. Some people like lots of deep, firm G-spot pressure, some like it lighter, and other G-spot owning people might like their clitora or frontal genitals stiuated at the same time. Experiment! 


If fingering isn’t your thing, there are many different sex toys designed for G-spot action.


How Does G-Spot Stimulation Feel?

Some vagina and clitoris owners describe the sensation of G-spot stimulation as a jolt of sexy electricity, while others report a slowly cresting wave of intense pleasure. Others describe the sensations as a pleasurable tickle, while some even find it painful or irritating. It can take some experimenting to reach a comfortable pressure and/or preferred friction methods for your own G-spot satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to try it out, but don’t continue if anything becomes uncomfortable or painful.


G-spot stimulation won’t feel the same for everyone. Actually, some may not even enjoy the intense feelings of G-spot stimulation, and that’s a-okay! There are tons of other options for erogenous zone stimulation. For example, you might find that clitoral massage, nipple play or of those things (plus many more)  in combination with internal G-spot stimulation feels better than G-spot stimulation alone. Remember, each person and each body is different. There is no one-size-fits-all equation for pleasure. Experiment! 


Can Stimulating Your G-Spot Make You Squirt?

Female ejaculation is not a rare experience. It’s actually more common than most would think. So, when you learn how to find your G-spot and begin your own experimenting, don’t be surprised if you happen to ejaculate, or squirt.

Some G-spot owners and their partners can mistake this very pleasurable event for urination. It’s not. That “gotta go” feeling may actually be the urethral sponge being stimulated simultaneously with the G-spot.

If squirting (or getting your partner to) is your goal, you may want to stimulate their G-spot and clitoris at the same time. So far, science says that not everyone has the ability to squirt, and the amount of fluid expelled for those who can will vary. It may be a trickle; it could be a gush! Either way, you can protect your furniture and/or linens with towels or waterproof sheets, if you want. You can also take your fun to the shower or tub for easy cleanup.

The Best Ways to Stimulate Your G-Spot

Now that you know how to find your G-spot, what it is, and what it feels like, we can talk about positions and products aimed right at it – literally speaking! Yes, there are sex positions that will make it easier for the penis to engage with the G-spot and sex toys designed specifically for reaching it. We’ve got suggestions for couples who have penises and vaginas and couples where both parties have a G-spot to titillate.


Find Your G-Spot with Perfect Positions

There are a few sex positions that might help a penis make better contact with the G-spot. These positions can also be applied to couples to help you find your G-spot with a strap-on dildo or vibrator


1. Lifted Missionary 

This position is a simple modification to the regular missionary where the vagina owner lies on their back while the partner with a penis engages from on top in a face-to-face manner. To lift the vagina higher, you can place a rolled towel, pillow, or a special wedge-shaped mat under the small of this partner’s back and buttocks.


2. Standing

In this version of standing, the vagina owner lies as close to the edge of the bed as possible while the other partner stands to meet them. Depending on the height of your bed, you may need to use something to tilt the vagina upward.


3. Doggy-Style

 The partner with a penis will enter the vagina owner from behind while they lie flat on their stomach as opposed to on hands and knees.


4. Reverse Cowgirl 

For this one, the vagina owner gets to be on top while the penis owner lies on their back. The vagina owner straddles the hips of their partner while facing their feet. This gives them control of speed and angles to get it just right.


5. Spooning 

Both lying on your side, the penis-owning or strap-on wearing partner enters from behind. This gives you the ability to easily tilt however you need to. Another benefit is that your hands are free to roam or stimulate the clitoris.

How to Find & Stimulate Your G-Spot with Sex Toys

There are tons of vibrating and non-vibrating sex toys specifically designed to help you find your G-spot! You can explore your G-spot and all its possible pleasure possibilities along or with your partner.


Curved dildos and vibrators  

These types of penetrators are a top choice for people looking to target the G-spot zone inside the vagina. Some are curved slightly at the tip of the toy, while others are curved from one end to the other. G-spot vibrators are great for solo masturabtion and also shared fun with a partner.  

Glass and metal sex toys 

Some glass and metal sex toys are also curved to snugly fit against the G-spot. The addition features of this sex toy material are weight and temperature play. Having a heavier sex toy can make the pressure placed on the G-spot feel more intense. The ability to cool or warm up these sex toys can give you even more enjoyment.

Strap-ons and harnesses

Some dildos and vibrators can be worn with a harness to allow partners without penises to engage in hands-free penetration. Some may favor this kind of sex toy to a real penis because you can swap out different shapes and sizes to effortlessly aim at the G-spot.


How Find Your G-Spot with Products from PinkCherry

We hope you’ve had fun learning how to find your G-spot and the fun facts and titillating tips to use with yours or your partners. When you’re ready, trust PinkCherry for all the sex toys and products to make finding and stimulating your G-spot easier and enjoyable.

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