How To Peg Down Your Pleasure: Tips for Pegging

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How To Peg Down Your Pleasure: Tips for Pegging

 "Pegging" is a hot new term that many have heard but might not quite understand. Or, if you do understand it, and you definitely want to cash that check, you might be uncertain of how to start a pegging conversation with your partner. Whatever your questions might be, PinkCherry is here to load you up with all the knowledge you need to make your first time pegging amazing for you and your partner.

What Is Pegging?

Pegging is when someone who doesn't have a penis uses a strap-on (or sometimes an anal plug or dildo) to penetrate their partner either vaginally or anally. In mainstream culture, the term is generally applied to heterosexual couples, but anyone can give pegging a try if it appeals to both partners.

Why Are Some Couples So Wild About It?

The act of pegging offers a great opportunity to turn the tables on your usual bedroom routine. Many women who have tried pegging say that it's empowering for them to be the one in total control of their partner's pleasure, which is not the case in many forms of heterosexual sex (aside from maybe blowjobs). Having the opportunity to be the provider of pleasure, and the pacemaker, too, are big draws for many women who want to try pegging.


On the flip side, some men or people with prostates like to be on the receiving end of pegging. The prostate is a bundle of nerves that can deliver all sorts of sweet sensations when stimulated just right — for people who love prostate stimulation or want to explore, pegging might be just what the love doctor ordered.


Since pegging is a new, and hopefully pleasurable, experience for both partners, it can also open the door to future experimentation. At the very least, you and your partner will become closer just because of the open communication you had about pegging. Good things can come even if you don't wind up trying it!

How To Peg Someone: Tips & Tricks

And now for the main event! In this section, we'll give you a few simple steps for how to peg your partner, from start to great, big finish.

Step 1: Let's Talk About SEX!

Since pegging is still new to a lot of people, it's really important to have a talk with your partner about it before jumping in. Some folks have reservations about butt stuff, so it's your responsibility to respect that. But, you might find that your partner is actually interested and eager to try it, too. In that case, it's on to step 2!

Step 2: Supply Run

If you're a beginner, you probably don't have any pegging toys at your disposal. You'll need a strap-on harness with a dildo. Silicone is usually a good choice — just be sure to use water-based lube. To start, choose a dildo on the smaller side, probably without vibration (although you can upgrade the more you experiment).


In addition to your strap-on, it might be a good idea to get a separate small dildo or an anal plug to help get your partner warmed up. Gentle stimulation to help relax the anal muscles is a major part in making anal sex enjoyable, so using these smaller toys or even just your fingers can go a long way.


Finally, for the love of whatever deity you worship, get LUBE. We've said it before, but we'll say it again: the anus does not self-lubricate. If you don't use lube, pegging or any other form of anal play is not going to feel good. It could even lead to serious injury. So load up on your favorite water-based lubricant before you head to checkout.

Step 3: Do Your Boo

To prep, your partner might want to take a shower or even douche if doing so would make them more comfortable. In the meantime (if you choose not to join them for sexy shower time), you can get your strap-on and any other toys ready. It's also a good idea to have a warm, damp towel on hand for clean-up.


As with any form of anal sex, get your partner ready for pegging with anal stimulation or rimming (either with your finger, your tongue or a toy). Then once they're warmed up and indicate that they're ready, you can try slowly inserting the tip of your well-lubricated strap-on into their rectum.


The actual pegging can be tricky for beginners since the strap-on wearer obviously can't feel exactly what the dildo is doing, so consistent communication is extremely important. Try out different positions until you find one that works best: many peggers say that having their partner bend over something works well, along with doggy-style or even missionary. Once you find what clicks, the fun can really begin.

Step 4: Aftercare

Now would be the time to use that warm, damp towel we mentioned earlier. Once you're both cleaned up and cozy, make sure to check in with your partner to see how they're feeling. Anal activities can be as draining as they are fun, especially on the first go-round. If all is well, you could even talk about what to try next time.

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Now that you have a better grasp of pegging and how to enjoy it with your partner, you need the supplies to pull it off. PinkCherry has all the pegging toys you need for a safe, sexy experience. Check them out along with our other high-quality sex toys today.


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