How to Use a Penis Ring to Reach Your Full Potential

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When one thinks of a penis ring (also known as a cock ring), usually they’re thinking of a circular or ring-shaped sex toy that fits snugly around a penis or dildo. When in position, a cock ring or penis ring squeezes/constricts the shaft or shaft and balls. 

The reason for wanting to experiment with a penis ring is entirely dependent upon an individual’s comfort level, desired outcome, and personal preference. The sensation and effects of constriction can be intensely pleasurable for some, and it can also help make your or your partner’s erections feel harder, and potentially make you question if cock rings make you last longer. People often use penis rings during partnered sexual intercourse, but they can also add extra sensation and sexual pleasure during solo sex. 

Erections happen when arteries leading into the penis dilate, often making the penis bigger than usual, while veins leading away from the penis constrict, trapping as much blood as possible in the shaft and thus, ta-da…erection! By intensifying or increasing constriction above and beyond that of the body’s natural process, penis rings can help even more blood collect in the penis, resulting in a stronger erection

Penis rings can be a fun novelty, but also a helpful tool for people who might be experiencing erectile dysfunction. Some people also use a penis pump in conjunction with a penis ring in these cases. It is important to note that wearing a penis ring will not stop premature ejaculation, but a tight-fitting band will likely help slow things down and give you a few extra minutes of play beforehand. Keep in mind that only the tightest fitting rings will have the effect of slowing ejaculation, a loose or soft ring will not affect the timing of ejaculation much or at all. We recommend people consult with their medical professionals to understand the wide range of approaches and treatments around erectile dysfunction. 


Different Types of Penis Rings

Different rings will have different instructions for use, but it is best to put most penis rings on a flaccid or semi-erect penis with some lubricant applied on the inside of the ring and to the shaft of the penis, dildo, or vibrator itself. Depending upon the diameter of the cock ring, trying to put one on an erect penis might not only be exceedingly difficult, but it might also be downright painful. Placing the ring over the head of the penis and sliding it gently down the shaft will be easier if the penis is flaccid or semi-erect. You may have to experiment a bit to figure out what works best for your body. You can get adjustable rings if you are not sure what size to start with. Getting an adjustable ring is also a great idea for folks who want to play with the sensations that come with different levels of constriction. Many rings have bumps, nubs, and ticklers (oh my!) designed purely for improving intercourse during partnered sexual intercourse


Silicone Rings

If you are a beginner at using penis rings, you might want to get a simple, stretchy, and body-safe silicone ring model. Not only is a silicone ring easier to use, but it is also easier to clean and usually the most cost-effective. Make sure to always use water-based lube with any type of silicone toy,  as silicone lubricant will damage anything made from silicone. It is also important to note that if you are using latex condoms, you will want to stay away from oil-based lubes which degrade latex. Point being…it’s always a no-brainer using water-based lube, which is compatible with any kind of sex toy or tool and all types of condoms! 


Vibrating Rings

Vibrating penis rings are a typical example of this style. Partners of all gender expressions can enjoy wearing or experiencing these textured styles and all the buzz they bring. The buzzing stimulates both partners, and for people who have vulvas, the deeper the penetration, the stronger the vibration will be felt on the clitoris and labia. Want to amp it up even more? A penis ring with a dual vibrating device is a powerful sexual enhancer adding a tremendous amount of additional sensation compared to the single vibrating units. Double your pleasure, double your fun in your sex life

Although most vibrating penis rings are marketed to and used by couples, they are also fantastic for people with penises who want to improve or shake up masturbation practices. If you have a single vibrating ring, twist the vibrator to face downwards so that it stimulates the scrotum for another sensational experience. 


Lasso Rings

Adjustable or lasso style rings are commonly used for masturbation or solo sex though they can be used for partnered penetrative sex as well. Fit it tightly around the penis, then right at the moment of ejaculation, release the pressure and let the floodgates open! This little secret can help improve the strength of ejaculation and can make an orgasm feel stronger. It also helps to build up your tolerance to stimulation and play “tease and denial” with yourself speeding up your pace until you are almost on the edge of ejaculation and then slowing down so you don’t orgasm or ejaculate and then ramping back up again and repeating the cycle as often as desired. This can be translated into increased stamina and endurance during partnered penetrative sex without a ring if you practice enough…and hey, why not practice when it’s that much fun? 


Other Rings

If you find you like the feeling and effect of a penis ring, you can always branch out to a leather or stainless-steel model once you get more experience under your belt (pun completely intended). For instance, the cock cage style of penis ring holds the organ higher, which gives the appearance and the feel of a bigger penis. Because the scrotum is tightly held with these styles, this will also have the side benefit of also potentially helping to delay premature ejaculation.

Pivot time! Penis rings aren’t just for fitting on biological erections- they are also fantastic for folks who like to use dildos or vibrators for vaginal or anal penetration. For health and safety’s sake: make sure anything you use for anal play has a flared base, and that you use lots of lubricant since the anus does not self-lubricate. Whether it is textured, or vibrating, or both, a penis ring can be used on a dildo or vibrator, adding fantastic external stimulation during partnered or solo sex. By combining the two toys, you've personalized your beloved dildo…couture cock! 


Safety Tips for Using Penis Rings

Most manufacturers do not recommend a person using a penis ring for more than fifteen minutes at a time, but you’ll need to pay attention to your personal comfort, too. If the ring is adjustable or lasso style where it can tighten, don't pull it so tight that it hurts! You should feel some pressure for the erection to remain firm, but they should absolutely NOT feel pain. Don’t overdo it. A looser ring can be worn longer since it does not restrict fluid flow in and out of the erection. In this case, most manufacturers will advise it can be worn for up to 20 minutes. 

Regardless of the type of cock ring you’re using, trimming your pubic hair will reduce the possibility of pulling hairs when the ring is being put on or taken off. If you have a cage or scrotum ring, trimming or shaving will help it fit more snuggly up against your skin. 

Just a few tips to recap, based on some of the different styles of penis rings:  

• Lubricate the interior of the ring's circumference and the sides of the penis all the way to the base of the shaft.

 For a single ring, roll it down to the base of the shaft. Don’t stretch and pull it over your cock, as it may tear- or snap on you! 

 If dual rings are attached together, put the shaft band on first, then the scrotum band second.

 If there is a vibrator on the device, point it upwards to stimulate a partner’s clitoris or point it downwards to vibrate on a scrotum.

 If you have multiple rings in a pack, put the widest on first, then follow with the subsequent sizes. Multiple rings can be stacked for maximum pleasure and control! 

 If you have a full cock cage, spread lubricant around the interior completely to reduce friction with your skin and tuck the scrotum into the pouch first.

 The lasso can be placed around the shaft only or both the shaft and testicles at the same time. Slide the bead or clasp to adjust to your desired fit. Make sure you know how to measure for a cock ring, so the fit isn’t so tight that it hurts! 


If you have more questions about penis/cock rings and are still pondering things like, can a cock ring make you last longer, or is it safe to wear an all day cock ring (hint. it’s not!), read our linked blogs! 

While using a penis ring might make for a harder erection, it’s important to note the size, strength, or duration of an erection isn’t the primary factor that makes someone an amazing lover. While penis rings can be helpful and a lot of fun, it’s important to remember you likely have to use a lot more of your body to both receive and provide pleasure during partnered and solo sex. Hands, mouths, and other sex toys for men are also important aspects of a well-stocked sexual magic toolbox. Ultimately, it’s not gadgets but curiosity, creativity, and a collaborative spirit that make someone mind-blowing in bed.  


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