Online Dating Tips For A Pandemic

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Online Dating Tip During Pandemic Guide By PinkCherry


Remember the good old days? When you could aimlessly swipe through Tinder, exchange a couple of coy messages and be at the bar with your “match” within a 24-hour time span? You know, before 2020 turned apocalyptic on us. 


Long gone are the days of meeting new people at parties, dancing at the club, going on dates and doing virtually anything social. Dating has taken on a new definition during the pandemic.


If your love life has come to a crashing halt because of COVID-19, you’re probably looking for more creative ways to meet people. In comes virtual dating. It’s no longer about going out to dinner, chatting at your favorite cafe for hours or even having a steamy one-night-stand. In place of “classic” dates, people have resorted to getting to know each other over “Zoom dates.” Sound familiar? We’ve got some online dating tips to help you get through the pandemic in the sexiest way possible.

Dating Apps Are on the Rise

Dating app usage has climbed since coronavirus began. It’s safe to say 2020 isn’t the ideal time to be single. Many people were used to dating in the “real world,” then suddenly, their pool of men and women vanished. With stay-at-home orders put in place, the only option was to meet someone behind a computer screen or your phone. Bumble, Tinder and Match have all reported spikes in usage since the pandemic broke out in early March. And it makes sense — who wants to be alone during a worldwide pandemic that’s put us in a worse recession than the Great Depression? 


By the looks of it, virtual dates are quickly becoming the new norm. Just because we can’t meet one another face-to-face doesn’t mean we have to put our dating lives on hold. 

Fun Online Date Ideas to Try

Usually, your first online dates will have a lot of “I know it’s so crazy,” “Are you guys going back in lockdown?” and “Do you know anyone who has it?” But corona-related questions can only take you so far. After discussing the latest COVID-19 news, try some of these online dating tips to spice up your virtual date night. 

Online Happy Hour

A little liquid courage never hurt anyone. At the very least, it will make your first virtual date a little less awkward. Weird silences may still happen, but those natural lulls in conversation will be a bit more tolerable with a wine glass in your hand. 

Have Dinner Together 

You can jump headfirst into the virtual dating world by having “dinner” with your date. For this to work, both of you have to cook something and agree on a time to eat. Chat with your date and enjoy a meal together. It’s definitely not as intimate as sitting in a restaurant across from each other, but it’s better than eating alone. 

Watch a Movie

Oh, how we miss Netflix & Chill. Even though you can’t hold hands in the movie theatre, or cuddle up on your sofa at home, you can still pop some popcorn, grab your favorite candy and watch a flick with your date. An online movie date is a little less personal, but it’s a fun activity if you’re tired of traditional virtual dates. 

Play a Game

Games can still spark a lot of fun and intimacy, even if you’re not in the same room as your date! The world is your oyster here; you can play a nice clean trivia game or a sultry round of naked Texas Holdem. You can find pretty much any card game or classic board game online nowadays! If you want to get really spicy, try playing some adult games over video chat and see where it goes.

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Can you actually make a long-lasting connection with someone over a fuzzy Zoom call? For some, it’s a hard no. But for others, it seems to be promising. It’s hard to replicate the physical chemistry you may (or may not) experience with someone over a video chat. When you’re on an online date, you’re missing one of the key ingredients in the initial stages of attraction — oxytocin. That’s the chemical in our brains that’s activated by touch. Or, in other words, it’s what makes you want to jump into bed with someone or run for the hills. 


While you won’t be able to touch, smell or take a look at your date’s toes to make sure his feet don’t look like a bridge troll, you should be able to get a feel for whether or not you like their personality. It’s a good idea to crack jokes, enjoy playful banter and try to appreciate your date’s company as much as possible. 


Even if you can’t physically meet someone, online dates do have their advantages. They save money, you don’t have to put pants on, and you can suddenly have “connection issues” if you're not having fun.

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Chill out, have fun, and please, put a mask on if you’re going out in public.

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