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Ah, New Year's: a time to pop champagne and celebrate another trip around the sun. It's also a time to try new things, embrace change and look toward the future. Well move over, blockchain and self-driving cars. There are a few other up-and-coming innovations that we think are even more, ahem, exciting. Let us help you bring the new year in with a bang by unveiling a few of our best new sex toys.


For Her Pleasure


As the old saying goes, "ladies first." Let's start by exploring some of our new sex toys for women. These toys are designed to give any clitoris owner the ride of their life, solo or with a partner.


The Fantasy For Her Remote Please-Her Vibe


We're starting off this list with a new twist on a classic type of sex toy: the ​vibrator. But not just any vibrator! We almost listed this as one of our new sex toys for couples, thanks to its remote settings that can be controlled either by the user or a playmate — but then again, it's just as fun to use alone.

The Remote Control Lace Thong & Vibe Set in OS has a unique shape, with super-soft silicone curves that mold perfectly to body contours when placed inside panties. The single power button on the remote lets the user activate twelve different modes of blissfully throbbing vibration, and even lock and unlock the motor. These vibes are hypoallergenic and phthalate free, so they're easy to clean and totally safe. Clean with your preferred toy care fluid or foam after use, and recharge it via USB so it's ready for next time.


The Impulse Intimate E-Stim Remote Kegel Exerciser


Looking for a new sex toy AND some new healthy habits you can actually keep? Hey, two birds, one toy! The Remote Dual Motor Kegel System In Pink might just be the most enjoyable way to improve your sexual wellness. In case you're not totally clear on what a kegel exerciser is, it's an inner stimulator that doubles as a pelvic floor tightener. Together, these features help improve the strength of important pelvic muscles that may have weakened due to factors like aging, pregnancy and childbirth. And while you get this little inner workout, you also get deeply pleasurable stimulation. Out of all the kegel options out there, PinkCherry's is one of the only ones out there to feature electrostimulation alongside the kegel's other holistic features, making it a truly special sex toy.

The E-Stim Remote Kegel Exerciser is free of harmful phthalates and allergens, so you can feel even better about feeling good. Just remember to recharge it with a USB to make sure it's all ready next time you're charged up.


The Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator


Seen the hashtag #OrgasmIsAHumanRight? This is the toy that started it. The Womanizer Liberty 2 Clitoral Stimulator is one of our most popular new sex toys for women thanks to its groundbreaking levels of unique stimulation. It's the perfect personal accessory for just about any clitoris owner, but especially for those who usually have trouble coming.

PinkCherry New Sex Toys Womanizer Liberty

Pleasure Air technology creates an irresistible sucking, pulsating sensation that gently envelops your sweetest sweet spot for right-on-target pleasure without risk of overstimulation.  Your body won't even get used to it while you use it, so you can come not just once, but as often as you want! Because — that's right — it's your right!

The Womanizer has a single power and function button, so you can easily toggle through six tantalizing suction intensities to find your perfect level of stimulation. Recharge it via USB and store it in its discreet magnetic carrying bag until next time. (We're guessing that'll be pretty soon.)


We-Vibe Wand Massager


Don't let its size intimidate you — this wand packs some BIG pleasure! The We-Vibe Nova 2 Rabbit Vibe in Fuchsia is a new sex toy that combines the smoothness of a massage wand with the We-Vibe's innovative We-Connect technology. Use any of the attachments to stimulate the clitoris, nipples or even the head of the penis to get you and your playmate's motors running. Or, pop it off and use just the smooth part underneath, it's one of the most versatile new sex toys out there. And after-play cleaning is a breeze! Just use warm soapy water or your preferred toy care foams or fluids to disinfect the surface.


For His Pleasure


Don't worry, gentlemen, we've got plenty of pleasure waiting for you, too! Check out a few of our favorite new sex toys for men to give you or your partner a very sexy start to the new year — and beyond!


Anal Fantasy Ass-Gasm Cock Ring Plug


Let's get a little kinky, shall we? If you and your partner enjoy playing with male chastity or cock confinement in the bedroom, this is one of the best new sex toys for couples you could add your arsenal. This devious piece from Pipedream's Anal Fantasy collection escorts anal play into couple-friendly territory. Along with that obviously pleasurable effect, the Ass-Gasm provides intense anal attention thanks to a big prostate-loving bulb that targets the P-spot.

The Anal-Ese Butt Plug Cock Ring combines all the rock hard benefits of a cock ring with a silky vibrating plug shaped to stimulate the male g-spot. The toy's silicone body is extremely hygienic, hypoallergenic and easy to sanitize when the fun is over … for now.

Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Butt Plug


You know when something feels so good you want it to go on all night long? Here's a new sex toy so satisfying and so comfortable, you can wear it all day long, too (if you want, that is). The Power Gem Vibrating Crystal Plug is perfect for couples or any butt-play fan. The Butt Plug is widest at the top with a ribbed shaft that tapers down to a smooth neck and base for slip-free security. Choose from ten deep, rumbling vibration patterns to hit just the right spots.

After use, this silicone-bodied toy can easily be sanitized with your fluid or foam care products, or just good old-fashioned soapy water. And remember: use plenty of water-based lube for the safest and most pleasurable play time!


Control Vibrating Silicone Cock & Ball C-Ring


Want longer-lasting sex? A stronger climax? This new sex toy has your back (er, front). The Frisky Bunny Vibrating Ring In Black Pearl by VEDO is the be-all-end-all cock ring. Its double loop design grips the user's base and balls simultaneously. Pair that thrilling constriction with any of ten pulsation speeds to keep you revved up and ready for action. You'll not only increase your longevity but also intensify your orgasm.

Worried about unpleasant body hair pulling? The VEDO's supremely smooth silicone surface is also super body safe — it's hypoallergenic and won't give you an unwanted wax as you put it on or take it off. Like most premium new sex toys, the Thunder Bunny is also fully USB chargeable.


Check Out Even More Of PinkCherry's Best New Sex Toys


OK, you got us. These aren't ALL our best new sex toys. These are just all we could stand to describe before getting too hot and bothered. (Phew. Is it toasty in here?) Go ahead and take a look for yourself! Whether you're single or ready to mingle, you deserve the perfect toy to help you kick off the new year right. So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, shop!

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