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Did You Know?


Collectively, the ever-sexy people living in the state of Vermont have 77.3% more sex toys under these beautiful spacious skies.


The lovely citizens in the state of Iowa own the most dildos from California to the New York Island, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters.


If you're here at PinkCherry, we’re going to assume that you might find those kinds of facts interesting — and that you'd be interested to know which adult sex toys are most popular from sea to shining sea!


In a list that would've made the Founding Fathers blush (except maybe Hamilton; he might be a freak according to Lin-Manuel Miranda), we're taking a look at the most popular American sex toys and accessories.


Our Most Purchased Sex Toys in the USA

Aside from Iowa's fixation on dildos, Americans on the whole seem to have plenty of other sex toy favorites for solo and partnered bedroom fun. Especially toys that vibrate.


The Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

"Give me Liberty or give me Death," am I right? Instead of taking such drastic measures, most Americans pick up a Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator in Pink Rose. If you feel like you've seen this product somewhere before, you may have come across it in Women's Health magazine, or even on Twitter under the hashtag #ScreamYourOwnName. We even had billboards out for a while!


This incredible travel-sized stimulator is well worth all the praise it's earned. Rather than vibrations, the Liberty uses sucking, pulsating and throbbing motions from within the soft silicone tip to mimic passionate, patient oral sex. With six intensities of teasing suction and two tip treatments, the Liberty provides the perfect fit and feel for every clitoris. Use it at home or on the go — just try to keep it discreet in the heat of the moment. Otherwise, it might have you screaming the Pledge of Allegiance.




The Original Magic Wand

When it comes to sex toys, USA residents like to keep it original, like baseball or the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. It's no surprise that the Original Magic Wand is so popular stateside. This classic vibrator sex toy has quite the resume: it's been fawned over in Self, Cosmopolitan and Glamour magazines, and was even featured in Time's 2016 list of "Most Influential Gadgets of All Time"! With all those accolades and a history that dates back to 1968, this vibrator nearly has enough qualifications to run for President.


The Original is simple, using two speed settings — high and low — to deliver deep, penetrating vibrations to whatever body part you desire. The manageable shape and soft vinyl head allow you to precisely target sweet spots for foreplay, solo play and multiple mind-blowing orgasms. When finished, clean it with your favorite toy care products so it's fresh and ready for next time. Because next time might come sooner than you think (wink). 





PinkCherry Cooling Arousal Balm

While this isn't technically a sex toy, it's easy to see why Americans are so united in loving PinkCherry Cooling Arousal Balm. This silky smooth balm uses natural ingredients like peppermint oil, jojoba and shea butter to create a tingly cooling sensation when applied to sensitive areas. A small dab is all that's needed to naturally encourage blood flow, awakening nerve endings and bringing on the heat even as it cools. Cherry Balm is great for couples, so try it on your clitoris, nipples or penis separate or together for an extra-pleasurable time!

Top Lingerie Categories

Top Lingerie Categories

Along with sex toys, everybody loves a good set of sexy lingerie! Americans are no exception there. Find out which kinds of leather and lace We the People keep tucked away in our drawers for special occasions.


Shop Panties

Sexy Panties

Whether they're lacy hip huggers or leather thongs, Americans love sexy panties! PinkCherry carries a little bit of everything: lace boyshorts for a casual confidence boost, crotchless panties for easy access when it's time to get down to business, and plenty of bows, frills and straps to entice any partner. You're sure to find the perfect piece for any occasion!

Shop Dress Up Lingerie


Teddy Roosevelt not included — unless you want someone who can really dig into your Panama Canal. PinkCherry's selection of lingerie teddies are versatile and, of course, very sexy. Since they're similar to bodysuits, you can pull off wearing a teddy with a skirt or jeans for a night on the town. Or, if you prefer more revealing styles, you can save your teddy for a sensual night in. Find a teddy or two for your wardrobe in our collection!

Shop Teddies

Dress Up Lingerie

Who doesn't like a little game of dress-up every now and then? Americans love our dress up and role play lingerie selection — it's no wonder, with our collection of army major and private costumes! But aside from frisky military officials, we have costumes to fulfill your PlayBoy bunny, sexy kitten and bondage dreams. Get dressed up to get dressed down in this versatile section.

Shop Lingerie Sale

Sale Lingerie

A good lingerie sale can make anyone happy, Americans included! In PinkCherry's sale section, you can find lingerie of all shapes, sizes and styles to fill out your wardrobe and make you feel sexy and confident in any encounter. We carry lingerie sets, panties, jumpers, men's lingerie options and even some sensual massage oils to have you and your partner feeling good in more ways than one. New styles are added every day, so you can always find something new to set off the fireworks!


Top Overall Categories

You've seen our most popular products and our most popular lingerie categories; now it's time for America's overall favorite sex toy sections. In terms of sex toys, USA aficionados have pretty good taste.


Shop Male Sex Toys

Male Sex Toys

Let's talk boy toys — and we don't mean four-wheelers. American men really get a kick out of our male sex toys section, and it makes a lot of sense when you see the incredible variety: anal beads, cock rings, fleshlights, prostate massagers, cock and ball cages and more await to tempt you! These toys are perfect for solo and partnered pleasure, so whether you want a new private time companion or a spicy something to surprise your partner, PinkCherry is sure to please any red-blooded American man. 

Shop Couples Sex Toys

Couples Sex Toys 

You and your partner go together like burgers and fries, July 4th and fireworks, Washington DC and corruption — wait, ignore that last one. No matter what winning combination describes you best, the couples sex toys section at PinkCherry is sure to add a little something extra to your relationship. We carry bondage kits, high-tech We-Vibe products, Clone-A-Willy kits, strap-ons and BJ Blast candy to make oral sex an even bigger treat. And that's just the tip of know. Dive into this sea of sexiness to find the perfect toy to set your love ablaze. 


Clearance Sex Toys

Flea markets, yard sales, thrift stores, you name it — Americans like it cheap. But cheap doesn't mean crappy, at least on PinkCherry! Our cheap sex toys selection is always evolving, so you just might find that new vibrator or those sexy fishnets you were eyeing up at even better prices than before. If you're looking to expand your sex toy collection, this is the place to do it. 




Add Some Extra Bang to Any Night with American Sex Toys

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Add Some Extra Bang to Any Night with American Sex Toys

We believe that everyone has the right to bear orgasm-inducing sex toys. While these might be some of America's favorites, they barely scratch the surface of what PinkCherry has to offer. Check out the rest of our high-quality sex toys and exercise your right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sexiness!



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