Four Tips for Managing Sex With ED

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PinkCherry Guide To Managing Sex With ED


Imagine this scenario: you're in the bedroom, quivering at the thought of making sweet love to your partner. But, when it's go-time, you realize that your penis didn't catch the memo and is having a "hard" time staying erect. Suddenly, you're left with all of these pent up urges that can't be fulfilled, leaving you frustrated and unsatisfied. If this is a one-time thing brought on by drinking a little too much at the bar, whiskey dick may be the culprit. However, if this is a regular occurrence, you may have a form of erectile dysfunction, also known ED. 

When you try to have sex with ED, it can feel discouraging and embarassing. However, it's important to know that many people have erectile dysfunction and it's nothing to be ashamed of. We at PinkCherry know that having this mindset is easier said than done, but having great sex with erectile dysfunction is far from impossible. In this article, we'll take a closer look at this (often temporary) condition and show you how to have sex with ED despite the hurdles you might have to jump over.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Unfortunately, ED is a little complicated to fully understand. It's sometimes a byproduct of health issues, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity or heart disease. However, sleep deprivation, tobacco use or simply having very little testosterone can also play a role. Additionally, erectile dysfunction can be brought on by stress, depression or relationship problems. 

How to Have Sex With ED

Despite these physical or mental roadblocks, you can still come out on top (quite literally). Through working hard, having a positive mindset and practicing the following four tips, you'll be able to have more exciting and passionate fun in the bedroom.

1. Communicate With Your Partner

We get it — having sex with erectile dysfunction can be very uncomfortable to address with your partner! But keeping an open line of communication is crucial in any healthy relationship, and sometimes you just gotta be honest about why you're having trouble getting it up. If problems in the relationship are the cause of your ED, simply being an adult and talking it out can clear the air, resolve the issues and build stronger intimacy with your loved one. And, after you alleviate this stressor, you can get back to more mind-blowing sex.

2. Practice a Healthier Lifestyle and Diet

Vices like smoking, drinking and eating the occasional burger from your favorite fast food restaurant are perfectly okay in moderation. However, if your daily life consists of partaking in these activities, over time it can have a huge impact on your sex life and potentially keep you from getting an erection when it's go-time. While breaking these habits can be a huge pain, disciplining yourself and mitigating these lifestyle choices can lead to increased confidence, decreased stress and less sex with ED. You'll feel much better physically, too!

3. Try Something New in the Bedroom

Sex is great and all, but sometimes you gotta spice things up to avoid stagnation. If you're tired of always doing it missionary, try some new positions that are comfortable for both you and your partner. Are you turned on by the idea of experimenting with toys or anal play? Fulfill that fantasy by teasing your partner with dildos and anal beads — or having them tease you! No matter what you or your partner are into, there are ways to satisfy your unique kinks and reduce the amount of times you have sex with erectile dysfunction.

4. Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Having sex with ED is no fun, but when you hand over power to this disheartening sensation, you'll dig a deeper hole that will make it harder for you to overcome the problem. In other words, don't stress! Once you first start to experience erectile dysfunction, acknowledge it for what it is, give your feelings positive, encouraging validation and try to move on. If you can't stop thinking about it and ED continues to impact your sex life, it may be time to consider seeing a sex therapist to confront and work through your dilemma. If you don't want to see a sex therapist, give yourself some time to unwind and relax. And, when you try to have sex again, consider using toys like vibrating cock rings to heighten the sensation of your penis and get things going again. If that doesn't help, you could try a hollow strap-on dildo designed for individuals who still want to have sex with erectile dysfunction

Sex with ED Can Be Fun with Help from PinkCherry

If there's one thing you take away from this article, it's that we highly encourage you to give yourself a break. Erectile dysfunction impacts many people, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. As we mentioned before, there are some adult toys that you can use to liven up things in the bedroom and combat ED. You and your partner can also benefit from products like sexy lingerie or fun sex games to help get in the mood. The important thing is to do what is best for you. And, if and when you're ready to add some toys or products to your sex life, PinkCherry has everything you need. The next time you experience sex with ED, don't give up — get it up with some help from PinkCherry!



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