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Breast Cancer Awareness And Bra Shopping


October is the time of spooky scary skeletons, so it can be easy to forget about the flesh that covers them...or that's supposed to cover them. But October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it's important to pay respect to a couple of very special body parts: the boobs. Today, we'll be doing that in a couple of ways — by showing you how to find the right size and style to outfit yourself with some sexy bras, and by teaching you all the simple tricks you need to keep the girls in check without a doctor's visit. 


How to Find the Right Bra Size

The key to finding a sexy bra is to know your measurements. Might seem obvious, but a lot of women wind up wearing a bra size that fits, but doesn't provide the support they need. That's through no fault of their own, however — if you've ever gone through the ordeal of bra shopping, you know that, like most clothing, there's not a lot of size consistency between retailers. You could be a 36D at one store, a 38C at another, and a 34DD somewhere else. Basically, it blows...and not in the good way.

When you know your actual numbers, finding a battalion of sexy bras becomes a little bit easier. The first step is to get yourself a soft tape measure that you can wrap around your bust area to find your band and cup sizes. It's also best to be braless while measuring, or wearing a bra with next to no padding.

  • To find your band size, wrap the tape measure directly beneath your bust and round the number you find to the nearest whole number (up or down, we're not math teachers here). If you get an even number, add four inches; if your number is odd, add five. And voilà!
  • To find your bust size, wrap the tape measure over your nipples or the fullest part of your bust, making sure not to pull it too tight. Round to the nearest whole number.
  • To find your cup size, subtract your band number from your bust number, which should give you a difference somewhere between 0 and 7, or higher. These numbers correspond with the letters we're used to seeing (AA-G). So, if you get 3, your cup size would most likely be a C. In ascending order, cup sizes are: AA, A, B, C, D, DD/E, DDD/F, G and beyond.

Having these numbers handy will give you a starting point when looking for sexy bras (or regular bras) at any retailer. If what you try on is too big, you can go down a cup size and up a band size to see if it's a better fit. If the bra is too small, do the opposite and go up a cup and down a band. You should find a good fit eventually, but if not, you may need to either try a different store or look for half-size options. 


How Do I Know What Doesn't Fit?

There are plenty of clear indicators that a bra doesn't fit, but some of them are overlooked. Knowing these signs will also be helpful in your journey to find the goldmine of sexy bras

Your bra might be too small if:

  1. Your breasts spill over the cups.
  2. The band digs in and causes either discomfort or unnecessary bulges in the back.
  3. There's underwire gapping/the underwire pokes at your sides.
  4. The band rides up when you lift your arms.
  5. The band doesn't sit straight, usually floating higher around back.

Your bra might be too big if:

  1. There are gaps between the cups and your breasts.
  2. The band rides up on your back, even at the tightest hook setting.
  3. The bra cups are wrinkly.
  4. Your bra straps are constantly falling down, even when tightened. 
  5. Your shoulders are sore, which means you're not getting any support.

As a final note, make sure more than anything that you get the right band size for your bra. Cups are important for appearance and straps help with security, but the band is where all your bra's supportive powers come from. 

Now, let's get into some of the other powers a collection of perfect, sexy bras can have.


4 Types of Sexy Bras & Tips for Checking Yourself Out

You'll obviously be checking yourself out on the regular when you bring home some sexy new bra and panty sets, but, for once, we're talking about something different. There are several quick and easy ways you can check yourself for signs of breast cancer, all of which can be done at home with just your hands and a mirror. So, for each of the sexy bras we talk about, we'll give you tips for checking out your nips...and tits...and pits.


Curvy Bra and Panty Sets 

Curvy Plus Size Bra And Panty Lingerie Set

Choose sexy plus size bras that love your curves as much as you do in our collection of curvy bra and panty sets. There are tons of gorgeous styles to choose from, so whether your want a flirty lace number or something sensually strappy, you'll find exactly what you need to feel great and make your partner's eyes pop.  

Tip #1: Check your nipples for unusual changes. Signs that something might be wrong include nipple discharge, nipple inversion or changes in direction, or a rash or other crusting forming on the nipple and the surrounding area. 


Flirty & Frilly 

White Festival Flirt Bra Set

If delicate and decadent are what you want to help you score another "D" word, look no further than our delightful selection of lace bra and panty sets. Our White Festival Flirt 2pc Bra set is ready for some fun on the beach and the Smash Hit Blue Bralette & Crotchless G-String set has a couple of special surprises that'll have anyone asking for more. 

Tip #2: Pay attention to the appearance and texture of your breasts. If you notice odd changes, such as skin puckering or dimpling, or a sudden shift in the size or shape of one of your breasts, you should pay your doctor a visit.



Navy Lace Cupless Bra Set Sexy Lingerie

Put yourself out there with something cupless! These sexy bras give your girls the spotlight they deserve! For a real knock-out, go with the Stunning Stretch Lace Open Bust Black 3pc Set, which perfectly accent your figure and have plenty of surprises for your partner to discover.  

Tip #3: Feel for lumps! Everyone knows this one. But you should also look for areas that seem thicker than usual, too. 


Happy to be Strappy


Sexy Black Strappy Caged Teddy

Whether you're looking for new bondage gear or simply love the look, PinkCherry carries some strappy, sexy bras that are sure to please. The Sexy Black Strappy Caged Teddy is a dramatic number that flaunts every curve of your gorgeous figure.

Tip #4: Keep an eye out for swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone, especially if it's accompanied by pain in either the armpit or the breast. Some women experience tenderness or pain in their breasts around or during their period, but if it lingers outside of the usual cycle, there may be a problem.


A Quick Recap on Checking for Breast Cancer

  1. Look for nipple discharge, inversion/changes in direction or rashes and crusting.
  2. Be wary of skin texture changes, like puckering or dimpling, and sudden shifts in the shape or size of your breast.
  3. Regularly feel your breasts for unusual lumps or thick areas.
  4. Look for swelling in the armpit or around the collarbone.
  5. Address lingering pain in your breast or armpit if it's outside of usual discomfort due to your menstrual cycle. 


Sexy Bras are Beckoning at PinkCherry

We've barely scratched the surface of all the lingerie bra and panty sets waiting to say hello in our extensive, always-updating inventory. Choose a set or a few of your favorite sexy bras today. And remember to give your girls the attention they deserve for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

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