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5 Everyday Pieces Of Lingerie You Need By PinkCherry


Let’s dish about lingerie, it’s sexy appeal, and how it can make an ordinary day simply extraordinary! Lingerie is just one of those things that can help you feel sexy no matter what you are doing - even if you are cleaning your house and wearing a pair of sweatpants, knowing that you have on a lacy pair of panties can help make you feel just a little bit more sexy, beautiful, and confident. A total triple threat! 

Contrary to popular belief, lingerie doesn’t have to be a strappy leather bustier that you only wear when you want to impress your partner. In many ways, lingerie can be something that you wear for yourself on a daily basis. Let’s be honest – life’s too short to wear something you buy at a big box store!

So, how can you work sexy lingerie into your everyday wardrobe? It may be easier than you think! Here’s a few sexy everyday lingerie secrets we’re happy to share! 


Sexy Panties as A Treat for Your Bottom

Ditch those cotton panties that come in a 6-pack! They aren’t doing you any favors. Instead of wearing something that isn’t comfortable, isn’t flattering, and doesn’t give you an ounce of sexy confidence, why not invest in sexy panties that look great and put you in the mood?

Thongs get a bad rap sometimes, but they are truly the best option if you don’t want a VPL (visible panty line) and want to look and feel sexy. What you want to get is a good sexy thong that won’t cut or tug in places where you don’t want it to. Thongs have to be precisely cut and designed with a little ingenuity to get two thumbs up, but they’re out there. With a sexy thong on under your jeans or power suit, you’re sure to feel sexier all day long – and you’re ready in case the mood strikes for a little lunch quickie!


Bralettes On Those Comfortable Days

Say you’re having a “Netflix and Chill” type of day, and you want to wear something that is comfortable but sexy, just in case things get a little “steamy” underneath the blankets. Bralettes are a happy medium that perfectly balance both sexiness and comfort. They keep your natural shape and support you lightly with a little lacy seduction on the side. There are plenty of options out there for bralettes that look great and feel even better - you’ll likely even fall asleep with them on.

Some people even wear bralettes as a top when they are out - it is all about what you are comfortable doing and styling. But bralettes are definitely an everyday “must have” to boost your sexy confidence to the next level!


Hosiery of All Kinds to Suit Your Needs

Hosiery is truly a lost art! One of the more underrated pieces of lingerie is a good pair of stockings or some hosiery. These are so sexy that many men’s jaws literally drop at the sight of them. And who doesn’t want to have that effect on their man? There are many different types of hosiery to match your own personal style. Even better, you can wear sexy hosiery wherever you want, in many cases! While fishnets might not be appropriate for a big board meeting, wearing a pair of seamed stockings might be enough to empower you just a bit and give off that bold, sexy confidence you’re looking for.

Additionally, thigh highs help eliminate the problem that so many of us have with stockings: the dreaded bathroom trip. It is often hard enough to get hosiery up and down without causing runners, so thigh highs eliminate that aspect all together. When you get a quality pair, they will stay up and fit all different types of bodies. Your legs are going to look longer and better than ever, so get ready for the admirers to start flocking to you!


Matching Sets Help You Feel Put Together

It is an old adage, but it still stands the test of time: when your bra and panties match, you are just on another playing field. Having matching sets that you can wear on a daily basis, whether it is under your work clothes, at night for your partner, or just to wear around the house for yourself just makes a difference. Matching sets are easy ways to look put together, even if you aren’t exactly feeling sexy in the moment.

Clearly, some matching sets are made to wear on special occasions, and some are meant to be worn every day. You may want to save the rhinestone-studded set for date night, but it all depends who you are and what you are looking to get of your lingerie. It’s all about personal preference and how seductive you want to be that day!


Bodysuits as Underwear & Outerwear

Bodysuits are HOT, and everyone knows it! Without a doubt, bodysuits are having a bit of a moment inside of the bedroom (and even out of it). They are extremely flattering, comfortable lingerie that smooths bulges and bumps and makes you feel fabulous. In fact, they are some of the most universally flattering pieces of lingerie. Bodysuits can be worn under your clothes to help add some more visual interest without adding bulk. Wear one under a loose or sheer shirt to make your outfit a little sexier. You can also wear them to help streamline your figure and look more put together. They are versatile, sexy little numbers!

Many people will even use bodysuits as shirts - they are perfect to wear with a good pair of high waisted jeans or a skirt. They stay tucked into your bottoms and don’t create the rolls or folds of fabric that shirts may create. So, jump aboard the “sexy train,” and show off that waistline! 

Of course, there are also some bodysuits that are made to be worn to be in the bedroom and in the bedroom alone. Those are always fun, but we wouldn’t necessarily consider those as lingerie for every day, but they’re still great special occasion options!


Every Day Is A Chance for Sexy Lingerie

You shouldn’t be expected to wear lingerie on a daily basis, but if you’re feeling it, don’t limit yourself! We all have those days where we just want to wear a sport bras and granny panties, and that’s ok. However, we can all admit that when we have a lacey foundation that is strong and sexy, we feel better about ourselves, the work we do, our relationships, and our place in the world. There is just a little extra bounce in our steps when we’ve got a little lacey number grazing our skin. It’s like a “sexy little secret” that we’re keeping from the rest of the world, and it can make your day a little hotter in every way!


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