Shaving Pubic Hair the Safe and Sexy Way

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Public Hair Shaving Safety Tips


Hairstyles are great for keeping up with current trends and giving people a sneak peek of your personality. But we're not just talking about the hair on your noggin. Styling or shaving pubic hair — or just letting it do its thing — can instill confidence of all kinds in both men and women, even if it's not necessary for good genital hygiene. As you enter the realm of pubic hairstyle, it's extremely important that you take certain precautions so you don't wind up with uncomfortable cuts or skin irritation — or infections that could land you in the hospital. We have plenty of style and safety tips to get you started.

Hold On...Shaving Pubic Hair Doesn't Have Hygiene Benefits?

Before we get into the finer details of trimming pubic hair, let's get something straight: having pubic hair isn't unhygienic. Just the opposite, actually. Pubic hair naturally produces an oil called sebum that can help fight off bacteria and keep your crotch safe from STIs and other forms of infection or irritation. It also reduces friction during sex since hair on hair rubs together more easily than skin on skin. 

Don't let anyone tell you that having pubic hair is gross or unhealthy; it's just another part of your body that will remain clean and healthy as long as you have a good bathing routine.


Does That Mean Shaving Pubic Hair Has Risks?

Unfortunately, taking away the protective layer of pubic hair can potentially lead to greater risk of infection. Your genitals are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, so taking a razor, wax or laser to the area should always be done with caution. Even if you're ultra careful when shaving and use a cream specially designed for the area, the razor can still cause microabrasions that could allow bacteria to enter your body. And if you're using a depilatory (hair removal cream) like Nair or Veet, you could potentially have an allergic reaction, develop dry skin or even blister because of the harsh chemicals (especially if you have sensitive skin). Not to mention the possibility of ingrown hairs, pimples or abscesses. 


Okay, are you thoroughly freaked out now? It's true that there are a lot of issues that can occur from improperly shaving pubic hair. But if you take your time, use body-safe products designed for the sensitive genital area and shave with a clean, sharp razor, you shouldn't have to worry too much. 

Quick Tips for Safely Shaving Pubic Hair

  1. Disinfect your razor and scissors before you start trimming pubic hair. Choose a razor with a moisturizing strip and a rotating head for better results and less risk of cuts.
  2. If your pubic hair is long, trim it short before shaving.
  3. Wash the area or soak in the tub before shaving; sitting in warm water will soften your skin and hair which primes it for shaving.
  4. Use a handheld mirror so you can always see what you're doing.
  5. Try to keep shaving cream and other products on the outside only. Be sure to only use quality hair and skincare products for shaving pubic hair.
  6. Avoid shaving over the inner vulva, which is even more sensitive than the outer skin.
  7. Try not to shave on your period since the labia are more sensitive during that time. Also, y'know...blood. 
  8. Keep your skin moist and thoroughly lathered for the entire process to avoid razor burn and irritation.
  9. Trim and shave your pubic hair in the direction of growth for the smoothest results.
  10. Pull the skin to tighten the surface with one hand while shaving with the other.
  11. GO SLOW.
  12. Rinse with warm water when finished, then slather on some moisturizer or soothing aloe vera product to reduce irritation and dryness. Try to stick with natural, unscented oils and lotions. 
  13. Consider wearing loose-fitting underwear or bottoms after shaving to lessen irritation.



Embrace a Pubic Hairstyle for You

Now that you have ALL the shaving knowledge, let's talk styles. You can shape, shave and trim your pubic hair into any design or length you want — the only limit is your imagination. And your patience. Below are a few popular pubic hairstyles to help you get started. 

Triangle Trim

This style is easy to shape and maintain. As the name suggests, it's a triangular patch of trimmed pubic hair that points down toward the clitoris (offering a not-so-subtle suggestion to any partner who lays eyes on it). It's also a great style for bathing suits, leaving nothing to poke out the sides of your favorite bikini bottoms. If you prefer to get waxed, most salons will know exactly how to do this style. 


To shave, simply follow the curve of your mons pubis to create a neat triangular bush. Shave away any excess hair around your labia and viola! You've got yourself a triangle that any lover would be eager to get lost in. 

Natural Bush

Let's face it — all the shaping, shaving and styling can get exhausting real quick. If you'd rather go au naturale, keep your bush exactly as is! You can also keep your hedge trimmed with a pair of scissors or even electric clippers to achieve a neater look without worrying about ingrown hairs, cuts, razor burn or itchy stubble. 

Thin Strip

If you're a fan of g-strings or other teeny tiny panties, this pubic hairstyle is perfect for you. Shave all the pubic hair around your labia and mons pubis until only a thin, trimmed line remains — sort of like a happy trail. Be sure to use a hand mirror and shave slowly for this style, otherwise your strip could turn into a long and winding road.


Is your preferred pubic hairstyle the one that has no pubes at all? The Brazilian is your speed. Many women get waxed in order to achieve this look, but it's totally possible to do with a razor, too. Just shave away any hair you see down there!


If you're looking for a more permanent solution for pubic hair, there are laser hair removal and electrolysis procedures that target hair at the root to help prevent it from growing back. These are extreme solutions that can be quite expensive, but they've proven to be fairly effective at stopping pubic hair growth.

Bonus Styles

Want to really step up your pubic hairstyle game? Try braiding. Yes, you can braid your pubic hair. It takes a lot of patience, and you may need to pre-moisturize and condition, but you can make a neat braid and shave down the rest for a truly unique look.


Other folks like to dye their curtains to match their drapes, although you have to be extra-careful and get pubic-friendly dyes and bleaches to make it happen. Once the dyeing process is complete, you can even style it using mousse or hairspray. You can have as much fun with pubic hair as you do with the hair on your head!


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