The Many Different Types of Orgasms and How to Reach Them

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Types Of Orgasm & How To Get There With Sex Toys Or Partners


We all love The Big O. But to say there’s only one way to come (or go!) is a tad misleading as there are actually many different types of orgasms. Don’t believe us? Let us explain. You might just find a new favorite O—or three...


Types Of Female Orgasm

The female body is a sensual playground full of numerous erogenous zones just waiting to be explored and stimulated. That’s what makes the many different types of female orgasms so exciting. Keep reading to learn more about some of our favorite female orgasms and try to achieve one (or a few) tonight!


G-Spot Orgasm

A vaginally stimulated orgasm, more commonly known as G-spot orgasm, requires internal stimulation of the vagina, as you might have guessed! While the clitoris and other parts of the body can be brought into play along the way, this orgasm type makes the vagina the star of the show. Experiment with internal stimulation by inserting a finger into the vagina and pressing upward, otherwise try a g-spot vibrator or dildo. Keep in mind that not everyone can achieve this type of orgasm, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t. In fact, most women aren’t able to orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone.

Full understanding of the mysterious G-spot has eluded scientists, researchers and explorers for thousands of years. Some believe that the G-spot is simply a retracted or enlarged clitoris. Others think it’s a set of nerve endings attached to the clitoris. And some people don’t think it exists at all! Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say the G-spot is often misunderstood. We do know that there isn’t any scientific evidence to back up the belief that vaginal or G-spot orgasm is superior to any other type of orgasm, but if it feels good for you, that’s all that matters!


Clitoral Orgasm

A clitoral orgasm tends to be the easiest to reach for most people. The clitoris is a bundle of nerve endings that sits in front of the vulva, right under the clitoral hood. What’s interesting about the clitoris is that it’s quite similar to the penis, in that it will swell, enlarge and become hyper-sensitive as a person becomes more aroused.

While the type of clitoral stimulation that gets you there will vary from person to person, there’s little doubt that paying some attention to the clitoris can help intensify your orgasm. Try direct clitoral stimulation by making circular motions or up-and-down movements with fingers or a vibrator.


Blended Orgasm

You’re a powerful woman—you deserve the best of both worlds! That’s where a blended orgasm comes into play. A blended orgasm incorporates multiple areas of stimulation. This can include stimulating the nipples and clitoris, the anus and labia, or the lips and vagina. You’re only limited to your own comfort levels and imagination. Just keep in mind that it’s usually easier to reach the peak of the pleasure mountain if there’s a good long period of foreplay prior to sex.

Heavy foreplay should last for at least 15 minutes. This time could include touching, kissing, licking and massaging by both parties. Then, when you’re ready to take things to the next level, you might want to try the cowgirl position (trust us, it’s way easier than it sounds)! Cowgirl is simply the girl-on-top position during sex. This method allows your partner to fully stimulate the clitoris and play with the nipples while the woman can be in total control of the thrusting. Plus, it’s pretty damn empowering if we do say so ourselves.


Breast/Nipple Orgasm

Breast and nipple stimulation can actually engage the same pleasure centers as the clitoris. Have you ever noticed that when your significant other walks up behind you and seductively rubs your breasts, you’re instantly revved up and ready to go? That’s because the female brain tends to process nipple and genital stimulation almost identically.

If you’re a fan of nipple play, this orgasm is probably going to become your go-to. To achieve it , the nipples and clitoris should be separately and simultaneously played with to arouse nerve endings throughout the entire body. If you really want to amp up the nipple play, try using one of our many nipple stimulators for maximum pleasure.


Kissing/Oral Orgasm

There’s a reason we kiss our partners. The lips are a nerve-packed (mucocutaneous, if you want to be science-y) region of the body, which means they have the ability to get you off after a little / a lot of foreplay.

When it comes to a kissing or oral orgasm, start with tongue rolling, playful lip biting and sensual teasing. While this might already be part of your regular foreplay, achieving an oral orgasm will involve a little more time, dedication, commitment and connection between you and your partner.


Anal Orgasm

While the anal orgasm is much more common in men, it can also be achieved for women. Did you know that the clitoris is shaped like a wishbone? This means that for many women, the clitoris actually extends to the anus and when stimulated, can give you one incredible orgasm. But this can often be a hard no-go for women, and that’s OK. If, on the other hand, you do want to give it a whirl, you’re in for some fun!

An anal orgasm can sometimes be achieved by massaging or circling the outside of the anal opening and stimulating the inside of the anus with a finger. If you’re open to anal sex, you should always use a good amount of lube, as that area doesn’t naturally produce lubricant. If you want to start out slow, try using an anal sex toy first.


U-Spot Orgasm

Maybe you’re thinking “Uh...did they just misspell G-spot Orgasm?” or “How many SPOTS do I actually have?” Well, we didn’t misspell anything and you have a lot more hot spots than you might realize. We'll get to the point - the U-spot is a patch of very sensitive tissue at the opening of the urethra (where you urinate from).

When this spot is stimulated, the U-Spot’s tissue swells and can become even more sensitive. Be very gentle with this area, use the lightest touch and lots of lube. Combine with clitoral stimulation, if you’d like.


A-Spot Orgasm

Yep, there’s an A-spot too. And if your partner has touched this spot before, you know it’s a good one. The anterior fornix, or A-spot, is in the inner vaginal zone, up toward the belly button. The A-spot is known as a great pressure point due to the fact that it indirectly stimulates the G-spot. It’s best to explore this zone when you’re pretty aroused and feel completely relaxed.


Cervical Orgasm

We get it. The term “cervical” sounds more clinical than sexual. But the cervix is actually a major erogenous zone that’s able to produce its own unique type of orgasm. While the cervix is often too sensitive for direct contact, when stimulated it can produce one hell of an orgasm.

The cervix should only be touched once you’re fully aroused and are fairly relaxed. Your partner should use slow, deep strokes when going this route. You can try to insert the penis or a sex toy, but if the sensation is way too much, stick to using fingers. Your cervix is incredibly sensitive. When trying to achieve this orgasm, be sure to encourage your partner to ease in gently and to not force anything up against your cervix. For some, when this area is stimulated,  it can feel very painful instead of pleasurable if the pressure is forced.


Zone Orgasm

A zone orgasm is a little different from the previous ones. This type of O is one that comes from stimulation of a traditionally nonerotic zone. Typical areas for women include the inner thigh, the clavicle or the nape of the neck. Encourage your partner to explore your body so you both can discover what will make your toes curl and your body tingle.  


Multiple Orgasms

Ah the dream… multiple orgasms. These can usually occur sequentially (one right after the other with some rest in between) or serially (one right after another with no rest in between). Trust us, if it takes you some time to experience one orgasm, let alone multiple orgasms, you are most definitely not alone. Getting to the point of having multiple orgasms can require some self-exploration to discover what REALLY works for you.

The easiest way to achieve multiple orgasms is by using a variety of stimulation techniques or fantasies. Once you’ve reached your first orgasm, take a moment to breathe, regroup and rev up for round two. When the action starts up again, try to get your partner to reapply a building pressure in the same spot that was the source of your first orgasm. This can help as you try to go for multiple Os. Remember, practice makes perfect. But we already know that we don’t have to remind you of that. Besides, more practice sessions equal more intimate fun for you and your partner.


Types Of Male Orgasm

We definitely haven’t forgotten about the men! While there may not be quite as many different types of male orgasms, the ones that are attainable are pretty mind blowing. So guys, keep reading to find out how you can reach new orgasmic heights.


Ejaculatory Orgasm

An ejaculatory orgasm is the standard type of orgasm most men have each time they have sex. This type of orgasm typically doesn’t require much effort.

With ejaculatory orgasms, there is zero control on the man’s part in terms of pelvic thrusting or reaching orgasm. But with time and a little solo action you can usually work to control when you ejaculate. Once you learn how to gain control, you can open the door to having multiple orgasms. More on that later.


Pelvic Orgasm

As you learn what works for you and how to control your ejaculation, you can progress to a point where you can actually hold your orgasm and send that energy back to your pelvic region. This is known as a pelvic orgasm. By practicing a little self-control, you can reach a much more intense and pleasurable climax done correctly.

To achieve this type of orgasm, you’ll need to relax physically and mentally so you can  gain total control of your body prior to orgasm (we know, this can be extremely difficult). Then, when you’re about to come, try sending your ejaculation back through your body for an intense, full-pelvic orgasm.  


Prostate Orgasm

A prostate orgasm involves stimulation of the prostate through touching and stroking, and is often the peak of pleasure for those who lean on the more adventurous side. The prostate has nerves on both sides of it that control erections, so if you are comfortable with it, this type of orgasm can be insanely pleasurable.

If you want to try to achieve a prostate orgasm, have a partner use a finger or a prostate massager. But keep in mind, this type of orgasm is typically only achieved if you’re fully relaxed and comfortable. Clenching up will make a prostate orgasm nearly impossible.


Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm engages both the pelvic and spinal regions of the body for an intense, whole-body orgasm. This type of orgasm stimulates both nerve pathways that are connected to the pelvic zone. While some may disagree, many men have found that this is the most satisfying orgasm you can experience.

To reach a blended orgasm, two or more erogenous zones should be simultaneously stimulated. If you’ve experimented with butt plugs before, you’ve probably experienced a blended orgasm already and not even realized it. The same typically goes for having your balls played with while the penis is being worked. Experiment and have fun with it!


Multiple Orgasms

Multiple male orgasms are commonly achieved if you and your partner are up for it. Men usually have to wait about 30 minutes on average to cool down in between orgasms. But having multiple orgasms can be satisfying and exhausting, in the best way possible.

In order to achieve multiple male orgasms, you need to have some level of ejaculatory control. This way, you’ll be able to bring yourself up to the threshold and keep yourself there, so you’re able to experience two or three (or more) orgasms. Try using a cock ring to keep the fun going all night long.


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