Butt In On Different Types of Panties

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Butt In On Different Types of Panties


There's plenty of "bra blah-blah" floating around the internet — and rightly so, because bras provide support and a little extra oomph just where we need it. But today, we're giving you the lowdown on a lower-down type of undergarment. When you're finished with this guide, you'll be a master of all the different types of panties and how to rock them for style, comfort and making yourself irresistibly bootylicious. 


"Covering" the Many Types of Panties

Our bums come in many different shapes and sizes that the right types of panties can transform into our most jaw-dropping assets. However, unlike bras that have specific cup and band measurements to refer to, underwear is pretty much just based on your pant size and personal preference — which is why finding the right style for a special outfit or just everyday wear can be a little tricky. Our list of the most prominent underwear styles below is organized by the amount of booty coverage they provide, from most coverage to least. And don't worry: we'll be providing plenty of comfort ratings and styling tips as well.



No Lace Like Home Black Lace Boyshort


As the name suggests, boyshorts look similar to men's briefs or boxer briefs. The legs aren't quite as long, usually cutting off at the very top of the thigh. They're rectangular in shape and don't show any buttcheek, so if you're looking for a functional pair of underwear for day-to-day comfort, this style is for you! Boyshorts also pair well with mid- to high-rise pants and loose or flared skirts and dresses.

Boyshorts don't have to be strictly for casual comfort, though. No Lace Like Home Black Lace Boyshort are a prime example of how this style can also act as a sleek and sexy look to tantalize your partner. Isn't it great how the sexiest panties can also wind up being the easiest to wear?



The quintessential undergarment! Briefs offer plenty of coverage (front and back) while still letting a little bit of cheek peek out. They come in low to high rises, including a control brief style that can go as high as the abdomen to help you achieve a smooth silhouette. Generally, though, briefs are used for casual comfort since wearing them under tight-fitting clothes is a one-way ticket to pantyline town (which is, like, the worst town ever). Like boyshorts, these types of panties work best under pants (low- to high-rise) and loose-fitting or flared skirts and dresses.



Blue Lace Bikini Big Booty Panties


Bikini panties are essentially briefs with a little extra attitude. They generally have a lower waistband and higher-cut leg holes to show off a bit more hip while still being super comfortable to wear in a casual sense. They can cause pantylines, so try to wear them with pants or other loose fitting garments like you would with briefs. 

While your standard cotton or microfiber bikini is one of the most casual types of panties you can wear, there are plenty of ways to make this style sizzle. Take the Best-Lace Scenario Open Crotch Cobalt Blue Panty, for example: its combination of ribbons and lace (along with the special crotchless surprise) make it perfect for your next sensual foray.



High Waisted Pink Lace French Cut Panties


Hello, 80s! This classic cut has extra-high leg holes with the waistband and cheek coverage of a bikini or brief. The style can be worn with just about anything you would wear bikinis or briefs with, but will probably cause pantylines under something form-fitting like a bodycon dress. High-cut panties are an ideal combination of comfort and sensuality. Try out the In Your Lace high-waisted panty if you're searching for a pair of panties to really knock your partner's socks off (and the rest of their clothes, too)!


Hipsters/Hip Huggers

We're not talking about dudes bedecked in handlebar moustaches and flannel — we're talking panties that are perfect for when you're feeling cheeky. Hipsters, or hip huggers, have a similar rectangular shape to boyshorts, but often have a lower waistline, higher-cut leg holes and less coverage around back to let your booty peek out for a flirty hello. They show enough skin to make them some of the sexiest panties you'll find, but they're also great for casual wear with low-rise jeans, skirts and dresses. 


Tanga/Brazilian Briefs

Hot Hook Up Crotchless Panty


This panty style combines aspects of briefs, hipsters, bikinis and thongs — a real hybrid! Their rectangular shape is similar to hipsters, their leg holes are similar to briefs, their lower waistline is like a bikini and, finally, their revealing back shows off your booty like a thong. They create far fewer pantylines than briefs, hipsters and bikinis, though, so they can be worn with form-fitting skirts and dresses, tights and leggings without compromising your smooth silhouette — or your level of comfort. 

Brazilian briefs also make some of the best big booty panties! Our Hot Hook Up Crotchless Panty combines a gentle lace, featuring hooks on each side and, as you probably guessed from the name, a crotchless center to make you look absolutely sumptuous! 



Amazing Lace Open Crotch Black Thong


The thong is one of the sexiest panties out there, made for minimal coverage and maximum hotness. The front and waistline are similar to a bikini, but with a string around back to leave your butt totally exposed — and ensure you don't have to worry about pantylines under your bodycon skirt. 

Want to combine spicy and sweet when you don your thong? The Amazing Lace Open Crotch Black Thong uses strappy details and seductive cutouts to put your booty on full, delightful display. And, the adorable heart pattern makes it clear as day that you're ready for love. 



Lady of Chain White G-String


As close to commando as it gets! G-string panties have only a small triangular covering for the crotch and vagina and a thin string for the waistband and back, making them even more bootylicious than a thong. They might not be the most comfortable to wear day-to-day under your regular jeans, but if you're a fan of tights, leggings and form-fitting dresses or skirts, g-strings will keep you confident and pantyline-less. Give our Lady of Chain White G-String a shot: the soft lace and shiny chains add some sweetness to your sensual look.


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