Start Your Happy Ending Oh-So-Right with Wedding Night Lingerie

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Start Your Happy Ending Oh-So-Right with Wedding Night Lingerie


Bells are ringing, folks are dancing and there's a big-ass cake off to the side that everyone's eyeing. In the center of it all are two people who love each other so much that they've decided to file taxes together in sickness and in health, 'til death do them part. But even though the wedding day is a much-anticipated, fun-filled celebration for the bride and groom, thoughts of the wedding night and being alone together as a married couple for the first time are also on the mind. To make wedding night — and many nights beyond — feel extra special, it's always a good idea to invest in some sexy wedding lingerie


Let's Expose Some Underlying Assumptions

Brides put a lot of thought (and worry) into choosing the perfect wedding night lingerie — almost as much as the dress! They want to give their newly wedded partner a sexy surprise. But let's face it — weddings are exhausting! They're the culmination of several months, or even years, of planning and preparation, with lots of dancing and talking with family members and, unfortunately, maybe even some drama. As such, there's no obligation to bust out an elaborate corset and garter belt set if you'd rather just slip into some silky pyjamas and hit the sack (not the kind with nuts). There's plenty of time for more complicated lingerie over the honeymoon!

Another assumption about wedding night lingerie is that it has to be white. We're here to say: nah. If you like that baby blue teddy or those purple thigh highs, go for it! The best wedding lingerie (or any lingerie, for that matter) will make you look good while feeling confident and comfortable, so if the white lace number you've been mulling over isn't hitting the mark, put it back on the rack/take it out of your online cart.



 It's also important to remember that your wedding night lingerie doesn't have to be the same set you wear under your dress all day. Between professing your love in front of a throng of family members and doing an obligatory Cha-Cha Slide, it'll probably get a little sweaty. If it makes you more comfortable, choose some functional undergarments like a slip, shapewear and a strapless bra for the wedding and pick out another special set for sexy time. However, if you want to unzip that dress and get right down to business, by all means, have that gorgeous garter set waiting for its big debut underneath. 


The Best Wedding Lingerie PinkCherry Has to Offer

Our bridal lingerie selection is as show-stopping as you are. We have a large variety of styles in traditional whites and enticing pastels, but you can always hop into our regular lingerie categories as well if you're looking for additional ensembles for your honeymoon. 


Bra & Panty Sets

Whether you mix and match or choose a pair that's as meant for each other as you and your spouse, our bra and panty set section is sure to have something that catches your eye. We have plenty of traditional white lace, but even a sweet-looking set of panties might come with the added surprise of being backless. Or, choose something with mesh or lots of straps if you're into a little bondage play. No matter what, making your grand entrance at the end of the night in one of these sets is sure to strike exactly the mood you're looking for.


Babydolls & Chemises 

Flaunt your curves with chemises or go with the flow with a babydoll in our babydolls and chemises collection. Babydolls are the perfect blend of sexiness and comfort, meaning you can easily use them for a wedding night romp and then sail off to dream-land. Chemises have tons of versatility, allowing you to pair them with panties or hook them up to tights with garter clasps. And did we mention how many great colors these styles come in? Whether you want wedding white, spicy red or daring black, you'll find a set that will become the icing on the cake of your wedding wardrobe. 


Corsets & Bustiers 

White Lace Overlay Bustier and G-String


Nothing says sexy like corsets and bustiers! Go for something with lace or velvet to achieve an enticing look that isn't lacking in comfort. Or, go more extreme with a corset that's all straps — plus a garter belt to hold up a pair of fishnet tights. It's your wedding night, so anything goes!


Check Out the Rest of PinkCherry's Lingerie Collection

Sexy wedding lingerie is just scratching the surface of the ensembles we carry to make you look and feel incredible, for your partner and, more importantly, for yourself. View the rest of our sexy lingerie to give you all the inspiration you need to plan an incredible wedding night and plenty of honeymoon bedroom adventures.



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