Have You Heard What Your Lingerie Is Saying About You? From Seamless to Lacy

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What Your Lingerie Says About You By PinkCherry


Lingerie has long been a “sexy little secret” that women worldwide have used to help themselves feel sexier, stronger, and confident, no matter what clothes go over top. The type of lingerie that you slip into can help you express the type of night that you want to have or even who you want to be. Are you feeling like a sexy seductress or innocent schoolgirl? But lingerie doesn’t have to be reserved only for pleasurable play dates with your partner. That’s a thing of the past! Sometimes, lingerie is a good indication of how spicy you want the rest of your evening (or lunch quickie) to go - and you don’t have to say a word!

So, what is your lingerie saying about you? Who do you want to be? Are you on the naughty list? Let’s take a little pleasure romp and find out.


Lacy for Those “Oh-So-Delicate” Nights

Sexy and soft? Yes, please! We all have those days when you just need something that’s a bit more delicate and romantic, and those are the nights when you need to break out your raciest laciest little number. These are the pieces that you know that your partner will handle with care while also cherishing every single inch of you. Ooh-la-la! 

Of course, there are so many different options that can fit your style - you can wear something that is black and sexy enough that you still have a bit of an edge or something soft, lacy, and frilly that shows off your extremely romantic side.

Wearing something lacy and delicate doesn’t mean that your partner won’t be left speechless when they see you - that’s just part of the appeal. Pair it with a killer pair of heels, some shiny lip gloss, and let your locks down to complete the look. He’ll never know what hit him!


Slightly Naughty but Still Sensible

We’re all adults, so it’s ok to be a little naughty! Most of us can probably recall a moment when we bought a truly naughty piece of lingerie that looked absolutely stunning but didn’t quite work out. When the time came for the lingerie to retire for the night, it was nearly impossible to get it off without ripping it or struggling. That’s never fun, and it can ruin the mood pretty quickly when you’re literally stuck in your sexy little number.

It’s no secret that most of us aren’t interested in wearing lingerie that takes a lot of time to take on or off, so we need something that we can slip in and out of that’s sexy but still practical. Thankfully, there are plenty of pieces of lingerie that are sexy and practical at the same time. They are so perfect because you can wear them to bed or around the house just to tease your partner. That’s right! Let your lingerie tease a bit! 

You can complete this look by smoking out your makeup and adding a bold and daring lip combo (just wear a lipstick that isn’t going to come off on your partner - unless you are into that!)


A Little Dangerous

Yet again, there are nights when you just don’t want to be yourself. Maybe you’re tired of being a mom, an employee, or a significant other. You want to be a little dangerous or a little mischievous. Maybe you want to try something you’ve never tried before. For those nights, you can invest in lingerie that helps you to play the part of dangerous seductress.

One great way to do that is to invest in lingerie that is a little bit out of the ordinary and maybe a little out of your comfort zone. Sure, lace and leather lingerie are one thing, but how about adding a mask, or two to your treasure chest? Perhaps a wig?

By changing up your looks, you can feel like a different person for just a little bit, which can help you to get into the mood and stay there - no matter what is going on in the world around you.

You can pair some good heels with this look, a bold lip, and maybe even a few bondage-style accessories. Dangerous and sexy is an unforgettable combo!


Ready to Put on A Show

What is one thing that many men (and women) want their partners to do for them? Put on a little show or give a lap dance that they can remember. Unfortunately, many of us feel just a little silly doing this. If you want to put on a show, you can show this off by adding some tassels to your lingerie drawer.

Your partner will know when they see these that they are in for a real treat - and they are less likely to beg for a show when you aren’t in the mood for it!


Bring Their Fantasy to Life

Want to remind your partner that you are their fantasy and everything they could ever need? Of course, you do! Sometimes, it is all about playing into the fantasies that they have instead of railing against them all the time. You can do this by dressing up and role-playing as that sexy schoolgirl they’ve always fantasized about (complete with pigtails, obviously) or by trying that thing they’ve always wanted.

When you have fantasy specific lingerie, you are telling them that you are willing to shapeshift a little bit (for short periods of time) to be what they want. It’s all about compromise, and it will also encourage them to do the same for you. 

So, think about it - what does your lingerie say about you? It can be anything or nothing. It all depends on how you express yourself. The good thing is that you can use your lingerie to send signals about what you want and need from your partner on any given night. It is a good way to indicate that you are in the mood with just a single seductive glance or touch.

Luckily, lingerie doesn’t have to break the bank either - with great pieces from PinkCherry, you will have a complete drawer to draw inspiration from next time you want to have a “oh-so-sexy” and special night. And every sexy little number doesn’t have be super expensive - that way, you won’t be worried if your partner does decide to get frisky and rip them off!


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