Why a Pair of Sexy Thigh High Stockings is the Accessory You're Missing

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Thigh High Stockings Sexy Black Lingerie


Today, we're talking about stockings — and not the ones hung by the chimney with care. We mean thigh highs, the pantyhose that go up, up, up until, SURPRISE, they're not actually pantyhose at all, but a flirtatious piece of a hot ensemble you've been keeping under wraps. But what exactly is it about wearing stockings that has so much sex appeal? Let's take a peek into some reasons why sexy thigh high stockings are a top-tier lingerie wardrobe item, as well as some of the styles you should consider adding to your repertoire. 


Why are Thigh High Stockings So Appealing?

Thigh high stockings can be worn as part of a regular outfit or an enticing ensemble. The versatility offered by many of the most popular styles is a big part of what makes them so...well, popular! For example, "stay-up" stockings have an elastic top band to help each one stay in place if you're wearing them all day. The band can also vary in width to help smooth your thighs and remain an invisible part of your outfit. Thigh highs are much more breathable than traditional pantyhose, but can also be paired with shapewear to provide the full smoothness of pantyhose if need be. 

As for after hours, thigh high stockings certainly make a statement. They can be paired with a garter belt and a bra/panty set, or even a chemise, babydoll, corset or teddy. Leaving the tops of your thighs and hips exposed adds an extra level of intrigue, not to mention some retro style. If you want to tap into the essence of a pin-up girl, sexy thigh high stockings with garter belts are the lingerie bottoms to do it. 


Popular Thigh High Stocking Styles

One of the best things about thigh high stockings is that there are tons of styles to choose from, so any look you're trying to achieve is as doable as you are. But if all the variety's getting you a little too flustered, start with the styles that sound most appealing — you'll have no trouble there.


Stockings & Garter Belts


This look is a classic, so of course it's going to land at the top of our list! Try out our Sheer Black Thigh Highs with Blackseam to take a current bra and panty set to new heights of sexiness. When you show off this tantalizing look, your partner won't be able to resist pinning you up.


Fishnets & Lace

Black Pantyhouse Suspender with Lace Welt

Another list-topper, sexy fishnet stockings are a lingerie classic, and when you add in some lacy details in the stay-up elastic band of each stocking, you have a truly irresistible combination. If you need a little something for some French maid roleplay, try our White Fishnet Gartered Thigh Highs. Or, if you want a total knockout that shows off all your best assets, pick up our Black Pantyhouse Suspender with Lace Welt — because staying in your favorite new look when you get to the main event makes bedroom time a lot more fun.


Wrapped Up in a Bow 

Polka Dot Thigh High Stockings With Bow

There's something about a bow that elevates a set of sexy thigh high stockings like few other embellishments can. For example, our Polka Dot Opaque Thigh Highs have prim white bows at the back of the thigh for the ultimate "come hither" gesture. These sets are great for roleplay costumes, too!


Tube Socks 

Sporty Thigh High Stockings Stripe Tube Socks


Comfy, sporty and just plain cute — thigh high tube socks offer a casual, girl-next-door hotness that's sure to have your partner holding you tight. Try a pair of our White and Red Stripe Rib Knit Thigh High Socks, which come in several stripe colors. Whatever team you're playing for, you're sure to score.  


Latex & Wet Look

If skin tight and sexy shine are what you're after, wet look silicone and latex tights are a match made in heaven...or somewhere a bit hotter. Wet look stockings are ideal as BDSM or fetish wear, but you don't have to be a dominatrix to rock these sexy thigh high stockings. Pair them with a garter or use them solo. They won't need any help staying up — and neither will your partner. 


Explore PinkCherry's Full Selection of Sexy Thigh High Stockings

We've given you some great starting pointers, but we have so many other lingerie stockings in our collection that we haven't even mentioned. Otherwise, we'd have to spend all day gushing about them! Shop all our styles today to find the perfect fit for your wardrobe.

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