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New to the world of dildos or just looking to add to your toy collection? Consider this your one-stop-pop for finding the best dildo to make you melt. From the features you want to some of the most popular models, we're equipping you with everything you need to know for a heart-racing, hair-grabbing dildo "O"!



What Are Dildos & What Features Should You Look For?

In simplest terms, a dildo is a phallic sex toy used to provide sexual pleasure through penetration (either vaginally or anally). In more appealing terms, dildos are designed to simulate that toe-tingling feeling of having a penis inside of you. Most come with a tapered tip and smooth shaft. But you'll also find ones that are curved to hit the G-spot, ones that are ribbed for extra stimulation and even double-ended dildos for some partner play.  

And even better? Dildos are delightful for both men and women. But in order to find the best dildo for you, there are some key features to look for.

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5 Must-Have Traits of the Best Dildo 

With thousands of options out there, it can be hard to find the perfect dildo for you. Luckily, there are a few key features you can look out for that make for one heck of a dildo (trust us). The following can set a great dildo apart from the rest of the pack. 


  • A size that satisfies
  • A soft exterior
  • A rigid shaft
  • Realistic features
  • A suction-cup base


1. A Size That Satisfies

While your fingers will work in a pinch, nothing compares to the girth and length of a dildo. A dildo is just the thing to stay sexually satisfied at all times — as long as you get the right size. You don't want a dildo that is too small or one that is too big before you're ready. The sweet spot, Goldilocks-approved size is usually a dildo between 7 and 8 inches in length. But, this will of course vary. There really is a dildo size for every taste and pleasure. Just remember, at a certain point, dildos can only be so big (or small) before it stops being enjoyable. 


2. A Soft Exterior 

A real-life erect penis is actually pretty soft, especially the head and the upper portions of the shaft. This allows for deep penetration and protects the vagina and anus during rough sex. So, your dildo should be soft as well. 

If your dildo is too hard, it can feel extremely unnatural. Your dildo needs to be soft and squishy on the whole (and on the...hole). The softness adds a sense of realism (a huge turn-on for most), and it allows the dildo to compress under pressure, ensuring a nice, tight fit in the vagina or anus. 


3. A Rigid Shaft

To balance out the soft and squishy exterior, the best dildos will have a rigid shaft. No one wants a dildo to go halfway in, only to have issues pushing it in further because it's just too flimsy — that's an instantaneous way to kill the mood (especially if you're goin' at it solo.) 

 A hard, rigid core stabilizes the shaft and gives the dildo the perfect amount of support while remaining soft and squishy. So, you wind up with a dildo that is easy to insert but still feels like the real thing. 


4. Realistic Features

Unlike a lot of vibrators, dildos are usually created to look and feel like real penises. So, you'll want to look for realistic features when you're shopping for your ideal dildo. This includes a distinct penis head atop the shaft, balls at the base of the shaft (though this is based on preference) and veins on the shaft. Throw in some extra ribs and wrinkles for texture, and you're as close to real as you can get without reaching down someone's pants. A realistic dildo has a very real psychological effect on the user, as they can imagine a real penis fulfilling their sexiest fantasies. But, do you. If you want something a little less realistic — even fantastical — that is perfectly OK as well. 


5. A Suction-Cup Base (Optional)

While definitely an optional feature, dildos with suction-cup bases offer the peak of versatility. While using your dildo laying down is perfectly fine, it's always fun to change things up. Dildos with suction cups offer multiple ways to achieve an incredible orgasm, giving you way more bang for your buck!


  • Stick the dildo to a flat chair for a little cowgirl action. This is an empowering, hands-free way to get off. Just lift your hips to move on and off the dildo. Want to amp it up? Get into a full squatting motion with your knees up by your chest. This provides incredible penetration. 
  • For some doggy-style fun, attach your dildo to a wall and just lean back and forth to simulate getting penetrated from behind. A favorite for many, being able to experience this position is a top-selling feature of the suction-cup dildo.
  • Suction the dildo to the shower wall for some wet and wild water play.
  • Prop your dildo up on any wall to mimic oral sex (a great way to practice or to turn on your partner during foreplay).


Types of Dildos to Choose From

Regardless of your sexual orientation, dildos are a fun way to spice up both your masturbation sessions and your sex life. They come in so many shapes, styles and sizes, we guarantee there's a satisfying dildo for every taste. With so many types of dildos out there, it would be extremely difficult to highlight them all here. But we thought we'd share a few of the best dildo categories on the market to make sure you're totally satisfied.



The Double-Ended Dildo

Double the dildo, double the pleasure! The double-ended dildo category typically includes two styles: 


  • Double-headed dildos include a penis head on each end. These typically feature a 12, 16 or 18-inch-long shaft. This type of dildo is most commonly used for partner play so both people can enjoy the kinky penetration from this bad boy.
  • U-shaped double penetration dildos, on the other hand, are specifically designed for double penetration of the vagina and the anus. 


The extra-long shaft of the double-headed dildo is extra-kinky to play with, whether you're with your partner or going at it all on your own. We love the added length as it gives you more to work with, and thus, it is much easier to maneuver if you're taking part in some solo action. And the double penetration dildo is extra erotic as it fills every hole completely. While you can, of course, bend the double-headed dildo into a U-shape, usually the double penetration version does a better job of penetrating the vagina and anus at the same time. 

A mega-popular double-ended dildo is the Silicone AC/DC Double Dildo. This exceptionally lengthy dildo offers realistic tips, much-needed versatility and endless flexibility, allowing you to bend, twist and angle it to suit any position you'd like! Made of phthalate-free PVC material, this textured double dong dildo provides the perfect amount of slipperiness and comfort when used with a quality water-based lube. 



Looked interesting on the site so bought it as a surprise way to add a little extra to date night with my partner and she loved it!



The Giant Dildo

Looking to "GO BIG"? A large dildo is just the thing to fulfill your fantasy of being filled, stretched and pushed to your limits. These big, thick and deeply satisfying dildos are all about filling you completely. From chubby strap-ons to lengthy double dongs, there's a giant dildo for every sexual pleasure. 

With giant dildos, you'll need to train yourself and work your way up to bigger and bigger sizes. But once you get there, that wide stretch feels incredibly erotic and downright naughty. Just be sure to use plenty of lube and start slow. 

Looking for the king of pleasure? Look no further than the Natural Realskin 8 Inch. This extremely realistic dildo offers the perfect combination of sturdiness and squeezability, multi-speed and multi-pattern vibrating technology, and mind-blowing versatility to fulfill any type of fantasy. With this sex toy, you can get the deepest penetration with reliable stability, and also use it for pegging. This dildo is compatible with any water or silicone-based lube.



The heat option brings this item to a whole new level not to mention the most realistic that I've encountered!



The Glass Dildo

There's nothing quite like a glass dildo. The smooth glide, the heft of it in your hand, and the subtle ripples and bumps — it all adds up to one fantastic sexual experience. The perk of glass dildos is they're constructed using Pyrex-style glass, so they're shatterproof and won't chip or break if dropped. 

The glass dildo is a favorite of couples as it looks extremely erotic when one partner watches the other penetrate with it. And glass dildos are often preferred among women as they're both hypoallergenic and non-porous, making them extremely safe to use and easy to clean.  

One of our most popular models is the Double Trouble Ridged Glass Dildo, and once you see it, you'll understand why. Covered in a swirl of veiny pleasure from base to tip, this hand-blown glass dildo is the epitome of beautiful and erotic pleasure. Use it for deep internal stimulation or an intense clitoral massage. This dildo is incredibly receptive to temperature, meaning it can be heated or cooled for an added sensual layer to playtime. Plus, this popular dildo can be enjoyed with nearly any type of lubricant or massage oil!



First off, this dildo is so sleek and attractive, you could almost use it as a house decoration. Love that!



The Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating dildos offer the perfect pleasure-inducing enhancement to your standard dildo. By buzzing inside of your body, the feeling of your muscles clenching will be amplified (and thus, so will your orgasm). A vibrating dildo typically has two motors: once just under the head of the penis for a deep internal sensation and one mid-shaft for vibrations near the vaginal entryway. 

This is one of the best dildo options if you're looking for versatility as you can use the vibrating feature when you want extra stimulation or simply turn it off when you're not. Plus, we offer many vibrating dildos that are also strap-on compatible, giving you even more flexibility for you and your partner. 

A PinkCherry bestseller, the King Cock 10 Inch Vibrating Dildo with Balls combines a thick, satisfying shape with lifelike details and super-powered vibration to create one incredibly satisfying sex toy. The King Cock features a hefty shaft complete with veins and ridges that realistically mimic the real thing. Perfect for anything from anal to oral, this crowd-pleaser gradually intensifies its steady vibrations for that mind-blowing O. An added plus? This bad boy can be used with both water and silicone-based lubricants.



Love it this toy. It feel fantastic and so real. Took a good minute to figure out how and where to put the batteries but once I did it was off to the races hahah!



How to Care for Your Dildo

When it comes to caring for your dildos, keep in mind that not all materials are created equal. So, your cleaning routine shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all situation. Properly cleaning your dildos is extremely important to your safety and health. The following is a brief look at how to care for and clean your dildos. Keep in mind that you should always refer to your toy's instruction manual for product-specific care instructions and material breakdown.



Tip #1: Check If It's Waterproof

Can your dildo get down low in a little H20? If so, feel free to submerge it, either during use or when cleaning it, without the fear of destroying it. But if not, stick to a good toy care fluid or foam to clean and sanitize it. You should always clean your dildo after each use in order to get rid of any lingering bacteria, especially if the material is porous. Bacteria can lead to infections — and that is not sexy.


Tip #2: Determine What It's Made Of 

The material your dildo is made of will determine how you should store it and what kinds of lubes you can use. If your dildo is made of ABS plastic, for example, you can typically use any lube you'd like, from water-based to silicone. If it has mostly silicone components, you'll usually want to stick with water-based lubes as silicone lube has been found to eat away at silicone dildos over time. Understand that the best dildos come in many different types of materials, each requiring various cleaning methods and storage solutions. Wondering which material is right for you? Be sure to check out our Guide to Sex Toy Materials to learn more.


Tip #3: Store Your Dildos Properly

First off, silicone dildos should always be stored away from each other. But in addition to this, it's best to keep your dildos in a special bag or case so they aren't just rolling around in a drawer or sitting in open air where they could gather dust, lint and other germs. 

Even if you keep your dildos tucked away, you should always give your toys a quick rinse before using them, just in case. Your body is sensitive and should be treated with respect — so it's wise to take extra precaution in cleaning your dildos before use.


Get the Best Dildos from PinkCherry

Shop our extensive selection of dildos to find the right sex toy for you or your partner. From the most realistic options to double-ended dildos perfect for double penetration, we have something for everyone. Have a question or need additional information about the best dildo collection on the internet? Reach out today.

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