Deluxe Wonder Inflatable Butt Plug in Black

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Intense feeling


Insert and Inflate

Works good and is well built, Shake , Rattle and then you exploded all over !


Really enjoyed

This was intense for me. Pumped me up. Turn on the vibe and I came. Only be better if vibe was rechargable.

Product description

Offering anal play enthusiasts a completely customizable, excitingly vibrating anal experience, the Deluxe Wonder Plug  features a classic tapered shape that expands in width and girth once in place. Filling with air at the squeeze of a handy pump ball, the Wonder plumps up to just about double the thickness, vibrating all the while.

Penetrating smoothly and comfortably thanks to a lifelike taper and sturdy core firmness, the Deluxe Wonder features a nice wide base safe for the deepest placement. Approximately 10 pumps of the ball valve will have it at max girth and width- a quick release valve instantly lets off the pressure. As for the vibration, it's courtesy of a classic remote and built-in motor. Ranging in intensity from a tickle to a throb, a simple spin dial switches up sensation.

In smooth latex rubber and firm ABS plastic, the Wonder Plug cleans thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. As with any anal toy, you'll want to use lots of lube, a great quality water-based formula is best. Do not over-inflate. Vibe requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

*This toy contains rubber latex. Please note that measurements provided represent the Wonder Plug un-inflated.

  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Remote Control, Smooth Surface

SKU: DJ-1181-01-BX | UPC: 782421442903 | MPN: 1181-01-BX (47)

SKU: DJ-1181-01-BX | UPC: 782421442903 | MPN: 1181-01-BX (47)

Doc Johnson
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Good olug

This plug brings intense sensations when in use. Only reason I didn t give 5 starts is because there is no way to leave it in while doing other things. The hose and cord can be cumbersome.


Small but quite a punch

Smaller than expected but made up with vibration level. Happy w purchase!


So much fun

If you like getting your ass stretched out to the limit definitely buy this one ! We are having so much fun with it ! Everyone should buy one of this toys !


Great Buy

My first vibrating inflatable, i wasn't disappointed. The vibrations permeate fairly well through the inflation, which i was worried about since effectively its trying to inflate air.

On a side note, this inflated in a different direction than my last inflateable. My last one inflated outware, stretching my ring, this one however, stretched more inward filling me up like an enema would.



If you have been looking to buy one of these for a while but not quite sure if you want to make the leap just yet. Then this is the toy to do it on! I got this and I LOVE it! My husband likes it too and the vibrations are so amazing!


Insert it, pump it up and your blow your mind

I couldn't wait to try this immediately after it was delivered. I lubed it up and started to insert it slowly. It took several times of moving it in and out before it slid all the way inside and was locked in. I began to pump it up and WOW! I've never had a feeling like this and I've used other butt plugs before. Then I turned on the vibration and iy was awesome! Incredible experience. You need one if you don't have one!!



love it vibrates nicely and the expanding feel is awsome i def recommend it to anyone willing to explore the anal joys


Big and powerful

This plug is huge to start, just a couple of of pumps and your in for a new experience. I don't recommend for those new to Anal. It will stretch you in new ways. The vibration intensity could be stronger. The pump and plug itself are sturdy and firm. Overall very pleasant once you ease up to it.





Great value ... Good feelinz

I'm a straight dude exploring my butt. I figure I better learn to explore my own if I'm gonna get into anyone else's ... Anyhow after using a small size glass plug I decided to try this guy to challenge myself and explore a slightly more prostate pushing feeling. I'm hoping to introduce my wife to her butt and see if she likes it too.



This plug is awesome. Definitely not a beginners toy but after you get it in and start the vibrator and inflate it one of the best feelings ever


Feels so good

This plug is awesome. It creates some great sensations when it's inserted, inflated, and buzzing away. I love using it while masturbating.



This butt plug is great I love how it feels easy to insert with lube then start pumping and turn on the vibe I can only take 6 pumps and with the vibe at max it makes me CUM like never before


Does what it describes

The buttplug was enjoyable and very different from the typical experience. It did as advertised and did it well. There are a few handfuls preventing a five star review.
- it's moderate size meant the inflatable nature wasn't truly taken advantage of.
- its expansion doesn't feel very hard because the exterior layer is thin latex or rubber. It felt good, but other expanding toys we've owned were much more solid in use.
- the material used burned slightly on expansion. This was with lots of lube mind you. She blamed it on friction of the rubber.





A Good Buy

This is a good plug but the vibrator could be a bit stronger. Good for advanced and beginners with anal play.


Very first one

I never had any of these types of stuff but really wanted to try. I'm glad I got it because it feels so nice. Highy recommend it. Wished it had different vibration settings, like pulsating or something but still great to have.


great idea, not great execution

The idea of an inflatable and therefore variable width plug is fantastic. However, this specific toy has some issues.
-inflation produces a unique and pleasurable sensation
-vibration is relatively strong
-the plug and vibration control feel cheaply constructed
-1.25 inch max width uninflated is already pretty wide. Since the plug is inflatable, the minimum width seems excessive to me.

I would be interested in a narrower version of this made with nicer materials.


Hurt so good!

It was a little big for me at first, but once I got used to I use it fairly often now and it never fails to get me off in minutes.


Best butt toy!

I was not sure about buying a plug with a pump in the first place, but this is definitively the best toy I have ever tried! Very easy to put in (it's smaller than a medium sized butt plug). Always the best size: the more excited you are, the more you pump it up.


j'aime vraiment sa

une foit gonfler et la vibration enclancher la prostate se vide et la jouissance commance je le recommande a tous


Feels great no matter what hole!

No matter what hole your stretching with this toy, it feels amazing and its definitely worth it! We are on our second one its so great and gets so much use.



I have never seen anyone shake from pleasure before. Amazing


One of my favorites!

This is one of the first toys I ever bought and me and my GF still use it on a regular basis!
The infinitely variable vibrations feel awesome, and the sensation of the plug being pumped up inside of you will just make you melt.
A must if you're into anal play! Good for him and her.