The Original Magic Wand

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For the Power Queen

Just love this .. Most amazing toy ever.. So intense.. the feeling is beyond words .. a must have in any collection....


Just Buy it!

Mind-blowing, Intense, fantastic, perfect and theres a reason why this idem is so popular. I love it, he loves it. The cord is quite long and its just a must have!


My third in four years

This is an amazing product. The motor is simple and reliable, but the truly intense vibration relies on a spring mounted to a piece of molded plastic. If that goes, break out the second favorite, and wait a week for the next one. Amazing for back or leg strain as well as the more traditional uses.

Product description

As featured in

self magazine

There's absolutely nothing like the real thing, and this fantastically popular, mind-bendingly powerful orgasm machine is where it all began! The Original Magic Wand is unquestionably one of, if not the ultimate best-loved vibrators in history, it's been called a marriage saver, is often recommended by sexual health care providers for women who have difficulty climaxing, and, as countless reviews testify, it's quite simply the only vibe you, or you and playmate, will ever need.

The classic Wand was originally developed as a body massager, working wonders on stiff muscles, but not much time passed before a whole new use surfaced- pure pleasure. The extreme power of this vibe is unparalleled thanks to a Japanese designed motor that's dependent on reliable electricity instead of batteries. 

Extraordinary in its ability to bring on near-instant arousal and consistent, multiple orgasms, the Wand boasts two speeds, a low and a high setting (5,000 and 6,000 vibrations per minute, respectively), allowing for customization over the intensity (though the low setting is often absolutely perfect for most purposes). Deep, penetrating vibrations focus on whichever body part is lucky enough to be the recipient of the Wand's ministrations, and since it's broad, plush and softly rounded at the head, the shape easily nestles against the clitoris, the erogenous zone most often targeted by orgasm-seeking women.

An extremely manageable shape consists of a sleek, elongated base for perfect control and lots of reach, while the softer vinyl head flexes impressively on a neck designed for perfect placement. There are a number of attachments available for use with the Magic Wand to even more precisely target chosen areas like the g-spot, these (sold separately) slip over the head to allow for penetration or penile stimulation. Use a good water based lube if needed with the Wand. NOT for use in or around water. Power source: 100 – 120 volts electrical outlet. Weight: 1.2lbs (19.2oz)

Also known as Hitachi Magic Wand

Key Features

  • The most recognizable vibrator ever to exist
  • Extremely powerful - 5000-6000 vibrations per minute
  • Top clitoral stimulator - perfect for anyone who has trouble reaching orgasm
  • Reliable plug-in electric design with 6ft (1.8M) cord 
  • Compatible with many wand attachments
  • "Best Massager For Women" SHE Award winner 2015
  • Featured on Time's 2016 list of “Most Influential Gadgets of All Time”
  • FDA registered 
  • Amazing as a body & muscle massager as well as a sex toy!

  • Length: 12.25"
  • Girth: 7.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic
  • Color: White

SKU: ZZ-111 | UPC: 896909001916 | MPN: HV-260 (223)

SKU: ZZ-111 | UPC: 896909001916 | MPN: HV-260 (223)

Ratings / Reviews


This is our second one as the first one gave out in about a year which was disappointing. However, it got very wet.

Hold it tight and push and youll be out of breath in no time.

Make sure you get the latest model. The one we had from Amazon has a softer head and weaker vibrations. This one, is The One.


Big and Bold

This thing sounds like a jet engine, but fortunately it'll have you screaming so loud you won't hear it for long. Super strong vibrations in all the right places :)



I had my first wand for 5+ years before it gave out. Had to buy a replacement, just amazing!


It's ok...

I realise I'm in the minority here, but I just don't find this item to be that great. For starters, it's large and awkward - and the vibration is just a bit too intense! I do find it numbs too quickly. The head is too large to focus on a specific area I find. I have found it to be a excellent muscle relaxer however! And for the price it's worth having around.



AMAZING! Worth every penny, gets you off in like 10 seconds not even kidding! amazing!


Could double as a weapon if you need to clock a burglar!.

This sucker is BIG; roughly the size of my forearm. And the massagey head thing is about the size of a medium orange.

The intensity of vibration is good - both on low and high. I have no problem there, but the size of it makes for some work at getting yourself situated and getting it placed for good contact and intensity. I'm betting it really was designed for massaging necks and shoulders before someone realized it had other potential.

I found I had to go completely spread eagle and then get my other hand in there to maintain access and contact and it took a lot of adjusting to get it positioned...and I just felt like it was a lot of work.

I got off, but I really can't see myself pulling this out of the toy drawer all that often.



OMG! This toy is amazing! I wasn't sure when I buy it, but now, i can say thats its' my new favorite toy. The only bad points it's that you can't go anywhere with it, you need electrical plug...But excet that, that's SO exciting!!!



Finally enough power to really make a difference. The only thing better than this wand would be this wand wireless that I could take in the tub. Outstanding power and doubles as a back massager. I really like the rabbit attachment too.


Mechanix girl

Well all I can say is WOW. This wand has so much power and I've only try ed it on low. My legs were shaking for at least half hour after using. Can't believe it's taken me this long to buy this. Definitely recommend!!!!!


Loving the vibrations

This massager is amazing!!! Not only does it massage all your aches and pains. It also gives you just the right amount of "love" to release your innER pressures. This massager makes me want to cum back,,, again and again


A lifesaver

An amazing product. Ensure to protect with a condom if you are of the 'wet girl' category.


Damn that's power

We have had other versions before but never the real deal till now. I never thought there was no way this could be this much more powerful. Every women and couple needs one of these..


Does the trick!!

Bought for wife as a surprise. She was apprehensive at first but fell in love with it immediately. Definitely lives up to its reputation. Excellent buy!


A must have

I debated getting my wife one for a while, not sure if she would enjoy this. It was the best purchase we have ever made in the bedroom. She absolutely loves it. Also on the plus side it really is amazing as just a back massager too.


Just what I Needed

I needed something with more 'oomph' and boy did I get it!
The round head of this toy doesn't suit me so well, but it was never a problem because there are lots of different compatible heads.
I'm very happy with this purchase <3


wife pleaser

Bought this for my wife and at first she was a little intimated by it but after I help her use it , she had achieved an orgasm within minutes and a very pleasureable one at that. It also works pretty good on sore muscles too.


super intense

its really intense to the point where it makes you sweat.
feels great on your back too.


Simply amazing!

My girlfriend greatly enjoys this new much so that we have keep it at my place, otherwise she'd never leave the house!

Nothing we've ever played with or used is nearly as effective as this wand is!


A Girl's Best Friend

I am convinced every girl needs this. It's powerful enough to get me to orgasm every single time, even if I start off unaroused! My boyfriend knows to get out the wand when he wants some action!


WOW, just WOW!!!

This thing is incredible!! I tied my partner to the bed and worked her over with this bad boy. She was shaking and screaming like crazy!! I don't know why we waited so long to get one!!!


Amazing wand

Awesome product can't put it down use it almost nightly I would. highly recommend it to every women out there



Absolutely magnificent. That make her screams like hell!



Used for massages & other things! Works wonderfully for all we have tried. Even shown to our good friends; one couple even bought one! Would recommend to anyone!


Five Stars!

Great product! Definitely not a beginner toy. My bf and I have had a lot of fun with this toy and will continue to for a long time!


Great toy!!

We purchased this and absolutely love it!! I love that you buy attachments to go with it and change it up. The two setting are great but I still can't imagine needing the higher setting as the first one is almost too much. I would recommend this to anyone


Great vibrator

Bought this for my gf and she absolutely loves it

Very powerful she's using it over her underwear and a blanket on top of that
Definitely recommend



Wow - wish I would have bought years ago. It also works great for my back pain :)


Sweet vibrations

This is by far the best bang for your buck. I am very glad I made this purchase. No more batteries.for this girl


Absolutely amazing!!

Best purchase I have ever made! Well.. To be honest I burnt out the motor on my first magic wand and just had to purchase another.. Lol. Excellent for both men and women if they can handle the powerful vibrations!



you just can't beat the original!!! rabbit and Gspots are bow to the power of this toy...and no batteries to replace