Alkaline AAA Long Lasting Batteries 4 Pack

4.89 Based On 18 Reviews

Alkaline AAA Long Lasting Batteries 4 Pack

Based On 18 Reviews

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They work (Anonymous)

They work and don't seem to drain quickly

They work (Jodi)

They work like they're supposed to. It's been a couple weeks now, and they're still going strong. Good batteries!

Great Quality (Anonymous)

I've been using the same set of batteries for over a month now (every night) and I am surprised how long their life is. Great deal!

Product description

Alkaline AAA (1.5V) batteries from Doc Johnson. 0% Cadmium, 0% Mercury. 4 per package.

SKU: DJ-0399-10-CD | UPC: 782421666910 | MPN: 0399-10-CD (0)

SKU: DJ-0399-10-CD | UPC: 782421666910 | MPN: 0399-10-CD (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Thank you (Anonymous)

Thanks for having batteries to purchase for those of us wanting to dive right in on new toys and not go out to buy some lol

Good (Anonymous)

Very good battery’s last a long time

Good power (Anonymous)

These seem to be good batteries with lots of power. A worthwhile purchase.

Love it (Paulo)

Enjoy wearing this so much

Need (Anonymous)

Gonna need these to accompany any you purchases

Power up! (Beebee)

I can say these batteries are exactly what they say on the package, and they work just fine. I was glad I could buy them at the same time that I bought a sex toy that needed them, super convenient!

Good. (Anonymous)

They're batteries haha. Long lasting!

Batteries (Alex)

It's batteries they work and arrived day after I ordered along with the stuff that needed them great service

Love em (Kristen)

Great power without being strong enough to blow a motor!
Pro tip people, never use high end batteries like Duracell or Energizer with your toys, they're too powerful for the motors and they'll blow. These are the best I've tried!

Yep!' (Anonymous)

Yep! They are batteries and they work

gold star (Anonymous)

good batteries for sure!

Awesome! (Anonymous)

They work awesome! Have been using them in my vibrator everyday for 2 weeks and havent died on me yet!

Working (Cody)


longue duree (Anonymous)


Regular Batteries (Anonymous)

They work like batteries should, lol.