Anal Initiation Kit in Pink

4.21 Based On 14 Reviews

Anal Initiation Kit in Pink

Based On 14 Reviews

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Perfect fit (Alan)

This triple pack has something for everyone. The small is very small but can be used all day under the right guidance. The two other sizes are much more fulfilling and add a lot of fun to those heightened moments where one partner needs a little more control.
Well worth the money.

GF loved them (Anonymous)

GF loved the idea right from the start and happy with the choices of sizes has become a regular in our bedroom!

Nice fit (Anonymous)

Very soft jelly texture, perfect graduating size as it slides in.
The small is very small, I was very surprised by it's size. The two other sizes are more fulfilling. Definitely worth acquiring for those special moments.

Product description

Designed to help ease the transition from anal play beginner to novice and expert status, this trio of soft jelly plugs allow for a gradual and comfortable introduction leading to an excitingly full finish.

Containing three identically shaped plugs in three distinct Small (3"/7.6cm), Medium (4"/10.2cm) and Large (5"/12.7cm)sizes, the Anal Initiation Kit allows for extra smooth graduation. The tapered tip and gentle swell of each comfortably stretches the anal opening, naturally stimulating inner sweet spots once in place. A nice wide base and the bottom of each plug prevents the plug from slipping in too far.

In seamless PVC, the supple jelly surface of each plug cleans easily and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid./foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube.

* Please note that measurements below represent the largest plug

  • Length: 4.75"
  • Insertable Length: 4.25"
  • Girth: 4.75" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Color: Pink

SKU: DJ-0283-25-CD | UPC: 782421054892 | MPN: 0283-25-CD (0)

SKU: DJ-0283-25-CD | UPC: 782421054892 | MPN: 0283-25-CD (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Too ???? (Anonymous)

Supposed to be great for beginners but didn’t work for me. Will try something different.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Great for a starter kit. I’d never used these before, so it was nice that they were jelly like and had stoppers. Plus the different sizes made it fun to play

Perfect starter set (Patrick)

The smallest is very small but the best to start with. The middle size seems small until you reach the end. I havent made it to the largest yet. They are super soft and pliable, which can make insertion a bit difficult, but comfortable. Use lube sparingly or it will probably slip out, I think the taper is not quite right.

Really good product (Noname)

Really good product. It is soft material compared to other hard ones. Good for beginners. Buy with lube and lube launcher. Never thought I would be able to get the biggest one of the set into me but I did eventually with lube launcher.

Good but could be better (Kristi)

I found the smallest one a little too small. The others are great but I didn’t care for the quick stop after the largest part. I wish it would have had a bit of a rounder taper before the stopper.

very nice product (Anonymous)

great for beginners .

Wife loves them (Anonymous)

My wife was a little hesitant about them at first but once we got started she requested one and she loved it

Wonderful (Anonymous)

The three sizes are a perfect way to be introduced to anal plug butt play. The soft gel is very comfortable. Boyfriend and I had a fantastic time initiating me with this wonderful trio.

almost perfect! (Claire)

These are a great starter kit, with a range of sizes from super easy to fairly intense. The material is nice and forgiving. The only downside is the shape, which I find slides out if you're not careful. Still, very satisfied.


So, I've never messed around anally but I know it's something my husband really wants to try. He's deployed right now and I thought I would "train my ass" so I can let him put it in the back door when he returns. I bought this set because I had read reviews that the first size is super small, which I liked because I wanted to ease into it. The small size really is TINY! It was the perfect size to start and I couldn't wait to try the medium one. I like that they are very small at the top which makes it much easier to ease in to. 10/10 would recommend. My second favorite toy(s) in my new collection!

Good sizes (Anonymous)

These were the perfect sizes and they felt so good