Crystal Jellies Anal Delight Trainer Kit in Pink

Based On 33 Reviews

Crystal Jellies Anal Delight Trainer Kit in Pink

Based On 33 Reviews

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Awsome (Anonymous)

The gf loves em

Was iffy (K.o)

I'm younger and have had really bad experiences with anal so I decided I would try it for myself and I really like how soft they are and flexible

Great (Anonymous)

I enjoyed them. I would wear them through the day.. but for a starter they are soft and flexible nice for beginners :)

Product description

A soft two piece set created specifically to help ease the transition from anal play beginner to novice and expert status, the bubbly, ultra plush plugs in the Anal Delight kit allow for a gradual and comfortable introduction leading to an eventual excitingly filling finish.

Simple and user friendly,  this kit contains two classic plugs, one very slim, small and manageable, and the other larger, allowing for an extra smooth graduation. Each has a similar shape, with a soft spherical head that taperins in toward the first of 4 gently widening beads. This thoughtful shape gently stretches the anal muscles, and naturally stimulates the nerve-ending packed anal canal once in place. Of course, if you're already an anal connoisseur, you can use either to warm up before playing with larger plugs and dildos. Like all good anal toys, there's a nice wide base at the bottom of each, aside from providing a secure, worry free feel, the base allows for longer term wear, if desired, and prevents the plug from 'traveling.'

Each piece is formed seamlessly from a silky, temperature sensitive PVC enhanced with Doc Johnson's signature SilaGel, free from phthalates, latex and cadmium, this material is safe and non toxic, not to mention hygienic and extremely hardy. Use a great water or silicone based lube, and lots of it for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

  • Length: 5.5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.75"
  • Girth: 4.4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Color: Pink

SKU: DJ-0283-10-CD | UPC: 782421016500 | MPN: 0283-10-CD (34)

SKU: DJ-0283-10-CD | UPC: 782421016500 | MPN: 0283-10-CD (34)

Ratings / Reviews

Great Warmup for Me (PlugMe)

This set is great. The small was a bit too small for me but it's perfect if too much time passes and things tighten back up all the way. The material is very soft, which makes for a comfortable descent. Very easy to clean, too.

A must-have product for starters (D'Anna)

This product is great for anyone that is starting out into any kind of anal play. It feels great and it does what it's supposed to. I love it.

pleasantly pleased (Liz Butcher)

I like the soft feel of these and the slim design is not as intimidating as I imagined. I will definitely try more like this in the future.

Anal products (Anonymous)

Excellen, comfortable for a first timer

Perfect! (Sterling)

Couldn’t have asked for a better kit. Starting off with the small jellie was awesome. The girlfriend warmed right up to it immediately and wanted the bigger one! The bumps are just right and perfectly flexible as to provide no discomfort!

Great job! (Anonymous)

In my butt. Feels so good.

Fits like a dream (Meg)

The perfect addition to anybody's anal-play toybox, the two sizes are perfect for a slow stretch. The size difference between the plugs is great, it's not a crazy leap from small to huge.

Delightful (H)

Only four stars because of the strong rubbery smell, but other than that I love these jelly plugs! The small one is perfect for a beginner, I like to wear mine while I’m doing housework. The larger one took some work, but the feeling was amazing once I got it in. The ripples were an entirely new sensation, and my partner loves it as well ;)

Awesome (Phil)

Amazing. My asian girlfriend did not want try anal before. That toys is soft and perfect for beginner.

Now she like double penetration and she have big orgams everytime

Amazing (Anonymous)

The small size is a little too small. Didn't do much for me. The larger one was wonderful tho. Felt amazing. Definitely filled me up.

Very comfortable (Anonymous)

The jelly like feel of these is awesome! Sizes are good for warming up. Very satisfying

It does the job (Lily)

Really nice for beginners wanting to explore anal. Super comfortable even when in for long periods of time.

Jelly (Melissa)

Love it

Very nice (Leona)

I love the feel of these, squishy and comfortable. Two sizes ate great, start with smaller then move up.

5 stars (Anonymous)

Very jelly, soft to the touch. I suggest washing it a couple times before using due to the strong rubbery smell. Besides that I’ve only used the small one and it’s comfortable enough to wear for an hour or two. Especially for a beginner!

Amazing (Anonymous)

I love it

Super great (AJ)

These are great! They're smooth and flexible and the ribs makes them super pleasurable! I'm a beginner and used the small and switched to the other after a few minutes and had no pain or problems! They even stay in by themselves pretty well!

Did the job (Anonymous)

Soft comfy and did the job ur was suppose too. Do wish it stayed in better. Otherwise all good

Nice (Anonymous)

The small one is a bit small but gets the job done. The large one is quite large, very nice. A little bit of a suction cup on the bottom too.

Great product (Anonymous)

Flexible, soft, and rubbed for her pleasure. Love it!

Not bad butt..... (Anonymous)

I like this set however I find that they're not flared enough at the bottom to stay in on their own.

Love them! (Heather)

I really enjoy how they feel. Soft and squishy haha

Great product (Anonymous)

Fits perfectly and soft so it doesnt hurt much wearable through the day without any problems

slippage (Anonymous)

It feels great. I love the squishiness.
The one problem I have is with the base. I have used it once and am now afraid to continue. The first time I used it for about 2 hours when it slipped completely inside. Panic.....The tab I feel is great but maybe too pliable. Anyways, after regaining my composure, I pushed as hard as I could and eventually it came out. What a relief. Doc might want to make a minor adjustment on that part. Other than that, it is great.

Profect (Anonymous)

This is perfect.

Good size!! (Anonymous)

Great for me (a beginner) and I am glad I purchased it, I felt very comfortable with the starter size. Very happy!!

Amazing (Anonymous)

Thsee have brought so much pleasure to my wife in the bedroom since buying. Bought to explore and now she can't stop using them. She says the feel is just amazing!

Good bang for the Buck (Anonymous)

A great starter kit. Start with the smaller one then work up. Great sensations as the different sized balls go in and out

Love them! (Anonymous)

I'm very satisfied with these because they fill you up but they are nice and flexible.

Good (Anonymous)

They are great. Only complaint would be that there isn't a medium. It jumps from small to large. But the small is great for beginners24cp5