Miracle Massager in Red & Black

Based On 49 Reviews

Miracle Massager in Red & Black

Based On 49 Reviews

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Better than Hitachi (Lisa)

I own both the Miracle Massager and the Hitachi and I MUCH prefer this wand! Softer, more flexible, and more ergonomic than its hard, straight counterpart with no less power. By far my favourite toy in the chest. My bf uses it on me almost every time we're together as it is a guaranteed O!

Wow! (Anonymous)

I bought this product for my girlfriend and immediately she fell in love. It has plenty of power to giver her countless screaming o's and the multi speed function allows for a little teasing too.

I'm in love (Anonymous)

One of the best massager I have used .Love the size , the power is amazing ,have multiple orgasms with this bad boy . Very easy to clean

Product description

One of the best-loved vibrator types in history, the super-powered Miracle Massager has been hailed as true miracle for women who have difficulty climaxing, not to mention anyone seeking incredible targeted massage of sore muscles body-wide.  Aside from a unique angled shape and reliable electricity-powered functionality, the Miracle Massager offers two possible intensities and a smooth contoured head

Bringing on near-instant arousal and consistent, multiple orgasms, the Miracle Massager's deep throbbing vibration precisely focuses on whichever body part is lucky enough to be the recipient of the head's easily positioned ministrations. In super smooth phthalate free PVC, the sensually rounded shape nestles easily against the clitoris- the erogenous zone most often targeted by orgasm-seeking women- not to mention just about any external body area.

In easily maintained PP and PVC materials, the Miracle Massager cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water or silicone based lube. Not for use in or around water.

  • Length: 10.5"
  • Girth: 7" at largest point
  • Width: 2" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, PVC
  • Power Source: Power Cord
  • Special Features: Flexible, Multi-Speed
  • Color: Black, Red

SKU: CE-2089-00-3 | UPC: 716770048011 | MPN: SE-2089-00-3 (8)

SKU: CE-2089-00-3 | UPC: 716770048011 | MPN: SE-2089-00-3 (8)

Ratings / Reviews

Bought another so we don't have to share (Miss Anonymous)

We no longer have to share this thing and I'm glad. Powerful and compatible with attachments, and can't beat the price. It's a bit loud but nothing that can't be ignored in the heat of the moment.

Satisfying Buzz (Ginger)

This toy was an awesome deal for the price. It isn't overly loud (nothing the tv can't drown out). It has two speed levels that I'd like to refer to as, "mmmm" (slow), and "oh yeah!" (high). However it lacks an, "OH MY GOD!" level, which is a little disappointing. For the price though, you can't really complain, and I love that it doesn't require batteries.

Great (Anonymous)

Very powerful and effective with the only con being its pretty loud.

Thank God (Kim)

My old one went out and it was like an angel appeared an said look on this site

A Powerful Massager (Anonymous)

A powerful massager at a reasonable price (I bought during a 30% off sale). There are two levels of vibration, high and low. Low is likely enough to get the job done for the majority of people. It seems well built and was bigger than what I expected but this is the first "massager" I have purchased. The device offers pleasure for both partners. I would recommend this device.

A winner! (Rhana)

Pluses: nice size head with a durable, flexible shaft. The angles arm is great for self-play and the cord is plenty long. Good vibration and intensity levels.
Minuses: a bit on the noisy side and only 2 speeds (a variable speed switch would be an asset.) It gets warm/hot with prolonged use and they die within a year or so.
Overall, I love this toy more than the Hitachi.(I'm buying my third one!) Just wish it were more durable which is my only complaint.

Nnnn (Anonymous)

First wand and I love it. Wish it was cordless but otherwise awesome

Great vibes (Anonymous)

I was a little wary of getting plug in wand but this is great. Only 2 settings and works well with restrained play on others in one location
Powerful and easy to clean
Love the colours as well

WOW!!! (Annie)

This is my first ever wand!! Great for fast multiple orgasms!! I love when my boyfriend forced me to orgasm with it.

Great power. Bit noisy. (Miss)

Pros: Plug in so no worry about replacing batteries. Lots of power. Flexible large head. Power is plenty on low.
Cons: Only 2 settings and louder than I'd like. Need to play some music or a movie to muffle the noise haha
So far I enjoy it, hopefully it lasts longer :)

Awesome (Anonymous)

This massager is amazing. 2 setting, but does the job

The best of its kind (LaLa)

Having tried the Hitachi and another similar cordless product, this is by far the best! I am a tough "O' but this baby does the trick. The head has flexibility and it is ergonomically superior to any counterparts.

What a buzz! (Anonymous)

This little thing is amazing! We hadn't used any "toys" in our relationship before, but let me tell you, this really spices things up. I wasn't sure my wife would agree to try it as she isn't extremely adventurous. At first reluctant, now she is a convert!

I wanted to love it. (sherry)

Its not bad for what it is but my last one was so much better. The thing is its not really the quality thats no good or the design per se (I'm sure its perfect for a lot of ladies out there) but I'm a big girl and this just doesn't work. The handle has the perfect curve but its way too short for me and the head is a bit larger and more awkward (because the fat cat) all and all its just hard to get in a comfortable position to even use the thing. So we have been just taking turns using it on each other (btw I drives him crazy when I use it on his balls while I'm going down)

Amazing Toy.... (June)

All I'm going to say is that it makes my wife squeal like a pig!!! Thanks

Favourite toy (Anonymous)

The title is saying a lot as I have bought quite a lot from this site.

Its great (Anonymous)

Its great wife loves it

Powerfull (Anonymous)

My wife loves it! Gets the job done.
Cant compare to the real Hitachi but we were not disappointed.

Its a miracle! (Donna)

I did not think that there could be a replacement for my Hitachi.
But there is, this red/black little machine, has been my favourite since receiving.
Its quieter, easier to hold and powerful.
Cant recall the last time we used the Hitachi since we picked up the miracle.
Hands down, best massager we have used to date.

Great toy for the collection! (Anonymous)

First wand that my wife and I own, and it works amazing! Definitely lives up to the reviews....great toy for its price point. Both speeds provide enough power to get the job done; curved design is a plus. Only complaint is we find it to be a little on the noisy side, but its not a deal breaker for all the other positives. Would definitely buy again down the road if this one dies.

Not very powerful. (Anonymous)

It works well, but to get a good massage out of it, it needs to be on the highest setting.

Fun toy (Athena)

Only has 2 speeds - good for those who are sensitive -

its the 3rd (Lori)

Its the 3rd of that kind i bought i really love it and use it..... almost everyday! Before i had magic wand (the true one) and don't love it like this one... really can't live my life whitout this particulary wand!

Replaced all others! (Anonymous)

This toy is perfection. I've always wanted to try a Hitachi, but never wanted to pay the price. This seemed like a reasonably priced alternative so I gave it a shot. What an incredible buy! I've never responded to well and so quickly to a toy before, I hope I don't wear this one out!

Fantastic (Pat)

Two word effective and essential!!!

Awesome (Sarah)

I bought this because my current one was wearing out, and was much smaller. This thing is pretty big, and it packs a punch! I don't think I ever give anything 5 stars but I think this toy deserves it. It's powerful enough on it's low setting alone, it plugs in so it never needs it's batteries charged or replaced...it gets the job done.

The only thing I would critique is that sometimes the buttons get stuck halfway between level 1 and level 2 and it just shuts off, but only for a few seconds. It's also, of course, not waterproof, and I'm a little worried about the wire wearing out. I wish it had more than 2 levels but for the price point this works and does it's job well. It's a happy purchase for me.

Le meilleur (Anonymous)

Wow!!! Mon dernier achat mais non le moindre ! Il est fabuleux !!! Quelle vibration !:0

Angle is devine (Devadarling)

Bought this when my Hitachi bit the dust. Was delivered super fast thank goodness. I got to it right away, and enjoyed it. Although not as powerful as the Hitachi, the angle makes up for it. Hits the right spot.....all the time.

Grrreat prrrroduct (Archer)

Black and red, very sharp looking. Two speeds that both pack power. Great handle and grip, nice shaped head. Very versatile.

WOW (Josee)

Love this little guy. The handle is better than the other wands. Not as cumbersome with better access to the right spots. This is one of our favorite toys. Two speeds are perfect.