Mood Arousal Gel 3 x 2oz/56.6g Pack

Based On 11 Reviews

Mood Arousal Gel 3 x 2oz/56.6g Pack

Based On 11 Reviews

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omg sex without this is no more fun (Jessica)

Well tbh i was not a sex fan untild i tried these 3 lube well let me tell u it waz the best dissison to try it love it now sex is funner n whitout this it aint fun ..... 3 time buying it n i love it gona stock up for sure :)

UNBELIEVABLE!! (Anonymous)

This stuff is amazing! BUY IT! You won't be disappointed and each color contains 2oz worth. Will last a while before needing to buy more!
Extremely happy husband and wife right here!!!! ;)

Awesome! (Gabby)

Those are perfect if you're new to stimulating gels. Some say the sensations are 'subtle' but if you rub it directly on your clit it is not subtle AT ALL. I almost panicked rubbing on the intensify one- but it did work. You get twice as sensitive in a matter of seconds. The tastes are not the bests- but not the worsts either. No aftertaste and not overly sticky. The gel's effect will last for about 3 minutes if you're like me. All you have to do is apply some more and you're good to go :) Would buy again!

Product description

Adding extra levels of sensation to already pleasurable endeavors, the Mood Arousal Gel 3 pack is bedside table must-have. Inside each discreet little jar is a slick, spreadable gel with uniquely stimulationg properties, just pick one to suit or set the mood. The Kissable Spice blue versaion contains tons of stimulating botanical extracts like ginger, peppermint, cinnamon and cocoa, these help increase blood flow, causing more sensitivity where applied. The red Warm gel heats gently on contact with the skin, and the green Tingle packs a hint of peppermint oil for a cooling, exhilarating effect. Each jar contains 2 oz (56.6g) of smooth gel.

  • Size: 6 oz
  • Special Features: Cooling, Unscented, Warming

SKU: DJ-1362-15-BU | UPC: 782421015619 | MPN: 1362-15-BU (43)

SKU: DJ-1362-15-BU | UPC: 782421015619 | MPN: 1362-15-BU (43)

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Fun for both of us (Michelle)

Hubby likes the warming, i like the cooling. Wished it lasted a little longer. You need to reapply. Would buy it again.

Will buy again! (Lex)

I was looking for something to "spice" things up in both solo and partner play- this is actually pretty good! I prefer the tingle sensation more so than the warming. I found the warming to lose its use after a while even tho I kept the container shut- maybe it was just a fault in the one item, who knows, but it was a good warming while it lasted lol. The intensity was slightly overwhelming the first couple times on my clit, but after a while it became tolerable and more pleasurable!
Flavour wise, mint was tasty ;) tho strawberry was my least favourite- tasted like rubber a bit. But all in all- definitely a worthy purchase

Worth the buy (Anonymous)

Last long while using. Some I don't like but my boyfriend enjoyed them.

Wonderful (nick)

This product is amazing works amazingly

Good buy (Danika)

I like the different scents. It's not the texture I was expecting, it's kind of like jello, but it works great!

Omg (Anonymous)

Only tried the mint one so far and love it :). So worth it

2/3 and the Tingle is Wonderful (Anonymous)

I use the Intensify fairly often and feels nice on my clit, though I LOVE the Tingle. I guess the Intensify kinda feels like Tingle lite or something to me though. Tingle feels great on my nipples too. It drys without feeling super weird and it last a while but its subtle so if your looking for something that you will REALLY notice you might need to look elsewhere.

The Warming stuff was super not my thing. I dunno if I am just not into warming gels but I just found it sticky overly sweet and I wanted it off me. Which is weird as the feel of Intensity and Tingle didn't bother me.

I will buy again but I wish the Tingle gel was just sold in a big tub by itself, or it was just Tingle and Intensify.

Price is still great for me even though I only use two of the three.

Good fun (M&S)

Good fun for all participant. LoL . Seriously, good stuff. Mildly sticky but good fun for a good price.
Definitely worth buying