Mood Naughty Plug Large in Black

Based On 22 Reviews

Mood Naughty Plug Large in Black

Based On 22 Reviews

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Super comfortable (Anonymous)

Excellent beginner size. Very comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. This toy got my wife to realize that she likes double penetration.

Just a buttplug, but... (Anonymous)

It being only my second experience with buttplugs, specifically, this is brilliant. The texture is so smooth, it gives you just enough to hold on too, the end is shaped perfectly so I know its not going anywhere, but also isn't in the way of anything else. It's just the right size, large enough to be impressive, small enough for someone (relatively) inexperienced.

Happy Butt ! (Anonymous)

This plug is possibly the best out there ! The material is safe and easy to clean with a soft smooth texture . Since the plug has a long slender neck below the widest point, it gives the wearer a proper fit . The slender base fits nicely between your happy cheeks and allows for extended wear if you chose to brave it and wear it in public under you clothes .It is so comfortable an occasional delicious sensation on your prostate is the only feeling you get telling you it's there . Enjoy!!! P.S. I wish they made one size larger,I would love to wear that one !

Product description

A satisfying silicone plug classically shaped for comfortable penetration, this user-friendly piece from the Naughty line is a completely unisex pleasure-trove with a host of must-have features.

Comparatively slim at the tip, the Large gently widens and stretches the anal opening to admit a supple silicone taper. The shaft grows gradually wider toward the base, continuing that stimulating stretch. The Naughty Large's wide base makes for worry-free penetration, plus, the up-curled shape adds pleasurable pressure to the perineum when positioned properly.

In high end hypoallergenic silicone, this Naughty piece is non-irritating and ideal for even very sensitive skin. The nonporous surface can be be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized with a run through the dishwasher (top rack, low heat) or a dip in boiling water. Warm soapy water works well for everyday clean-up. Use lots of a good water based lube with the Naughty Large, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should contact with other silicone toys and products.

  • Length: 4.75"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"
  • Girth: 4.1" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-1470-05-BX | UPC: 782421004651 | MPN: 1470-05-BX (14)

SKU: DJ-1470-05-BX | UPC: 782421004651 | MPN: 1470-05-BX (14)

Ratings / Reviews

Nice (Amber)

with a little work it goes in easily, we had gotten this hoping that it would be perfect to keep in while having vaginal intercourse with the very narrow neck, this thing really won't go anywhere the only thing I'm bummed about is how large the handle is on it, it comes too far forward to allow vaginal penetration while this is in but it is great for extended wear it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be but overall I'm satisfied with it

Awesome Ride (Solo Player)

I can't say enough about this plug! I'm a straight, married guy that loves some solo kink during my work travels. The design and feel is perfect! Feels great going in; from working in and out from the tapered tip to just the edge of the widest point; your butt will want to to pull it in and hold on! Feels great to tease youself before letting your butt have it. Once it's in, this bad boy ain't going nowhere. The long narrow base shaft alows the plug to slide in to the perfect depth. I've tried several plugs that tend to slide out; this one won't budge. Lube up and grind on...

Lock and Unload (Solo Player)

I've tried several plugs and p-stimulators and after trying this plug, it's the best thing I've ever sat on! Slides in great and with such a longer neck after the widest point of the plug, your butt will suck it in and lock on to it for hours of stimulating fun. You could do the splits with this thing in and it won't come's locked in until you unload!

Happy Wearer !!! (Anonymous)

This is the best design , it can be be worn for long periods of time comfortably. My wife put mine in and I put in her , then we go out to dinner ! When we get home it really get hot !

Perfect for Beginners (Sparrow)

The best butt plug of all time!! Its just so simple and pretty, nothing threatening or scary. My advice would be to remain mindful that it tapers towards the base so your butt will really hold on to it for dear life once its in. Not too rigid but stays sturdily in place for long periods of time. Cute and practical.

Perfect (Micycle)

The gradual girth increase is perfect for a beginner/intermediate :)

High-Quality, Great Size, Feels Great (PlugMe)

The shape and graduation are really great. I'm very happy with the purchase. Very high-quality and easy to clean.

Excellent! (Anonymous)

Me and my girlfriend are new to using anal toys and this was awesome. It is super easy to use. Easy to clean. And feels amazing.
Would definitely recommend.

Awesome (Anonymous)

This plug fits nice and its not too big.

Smooth Operator (Anonymous)

This thing is smooth and will hit the prostate area good. Well worth the price!

Amazing (Chelsea)

Is a great size. Stays in for long periods of time and is comfortable.

Best Ever (Lulu)

This plug is my all time favourite hands down. The texture is so smooth and the neck is just the right length so it's great for long term wear. The large isn't that big so it's a great step up for beginners. I highly recommend this plug for everyone who loves a full and comfortable feeling.

Holds on Tight (Anonymous)

Pros: I really enjoyed the size of the plug. the width seems perfect and your ass will hold on to this thing for dear life. The material is smooth and this toy is firm but still has a veerryy nice flexibility to it which allowed the base to rest comfortably and not dig in.

Cons: I know it is a large but I found I needed to get used to the length which makes it challenging and sometimes a bit painful for longterm wear. I needed a few hours sitting down on a chair for my body to get used to it and be considered fully comfortable. Though it is a nice material, It picks up a lot of dust. Also it reeaally holds on to smells which is the first time I have encountered this with any anal toys, not desirable at all.
4stars because I believe the manufacturer should reeaally change the material but overall its a good toy.

Great plug (Anonymous)

This plug is well shaped. It inserts easily and is very comfortable. The narrow base allows it to stay in during sex. Would suggest to anyone looking to add a little depth to their encounters.

Amazing plug (Anonymous)

Great plug. It's so comfortable. Love the way it's base is slim

Smooth and Silky (Tman)

I really love the quality of this plug. You can really feel it ;-)

It's quite comfortable to wear and just big enough to be a great teaser. I like to wear this when I go out and it stays put as I move about.

Highly recommended for newbies and anal enthusiasts alike.

good (Anonymous)

Good but I don't agree with the other reviews as I think it would be slightly big for begginers. We've used plugs for years and we would still use this less than the medium sizes. But the wife does like this one to get ready before anal. The medium sizes are much better for quick insertion for wear durring sex. They all stay in place regardless. Have all sizes. Only issue as with all mood naughty plugs is the base is a bit too curved But still soft enough that is doesn't dig in too much.

Feels so nice! (Jessica)

I really enjoy this butt plug but I wish I could have bought it in pink. It says it is large I was expecting it to be much bigger as I have had much larger butt plugs.
Overall it is very comfortable for extended wear and daily use. I think this one will become my all the time plug.
The silicone is soft but it has a bit of a seam which for a butt plug would be better to be smooth all over.
All in all a decent comfortable plug for a reasonable price. Great for begginers but for more advanced users can fall short.

Perfect (Sam)

This is a perfect plug! The length and width look big, but it slides in so easily. The narrow shaft means that once it's in, it isn't going anywhere! Many plugs have a tendency to pop out but with this one, there is no worry at all.

If it vibrated, I'd never take it out! ;)