Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy in Blue

Based On 54 Reviews

Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy in Blue

Based On 54 Reviews

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Great Dildo! (Satisfied)

This is a great dildo for beginners and helped me as a stepping stone to first time anal! I still have lots of fun with it :)

Fantastic (Maria)

Really great toy for starting anal play, its flexible ribbed shaft is gonna make any position work.

Good starter (annonymous)

I purchased this dildo some time ago as my first dildo, and its been great. Soft enough that its not uncomfortable for a beginner, and its appropriately slim for the same purpose. Its also inexpensive, which, if you're not sure about whether a dildo will be a good investment or not, is a scant amount of cash to find out. Lubes up very nicely, also warms up quite quickly with your hand or use. Washes well with soap and water, doesn't stay sticky ... its great. Worthy investment for anyone just starting out with a dildo and not sure what they want.

Product description

Created specifically to satisfy seekers of deeply stimulating anal pleasure, Doc Johnson's Raging Hard-Ons collection presents the Slimline 7 Inch Ballsy. In flexibly supple, body-safe PVC enhanced by an ultra hygienic antibacterial SilAGel material, the Slimline offers thrilling lengthiness, exciting swirls of texture and an extra wide ballsy base.

Providing potential for pegging and strap-on play, the Slimline's sleek shape will fit easily through many traditional open-front and O-ring type harnesses- the enlarged balls lend a reliably precise grip to manual maneuvers as well.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Slimline sanitizes quickly and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation. Compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

  • Length: "
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0279-20-CD | UPC: 782421527006 | MPN: 0279-20-CD (12)

SKU: DJ-0279-20-CD | UPC: 782421527006 | MPN: 0279-20-CD (12)

Ratings / Reviews

Not bad (Jenn)

Been trying to get more into anal for my hubby so I purchased this as my first anal toy... it's perfect! Not painful (though he has more girth so that may be why for me) but the length/ridges are great. Just a tad too flimsy for me but not a big issue. I do however wish it had a wider base with suction.

perfect (rf)

I am buying a second one to keep at my boyfriends house so we always have it around.

Love its ribs, its just GREAT! (Peter)

I got this fabulous dildo, just LOVE how it was so enjoyable riding, the ribs really hit every inch of inside my anus, I could feel as I bounced u and down on it, then when I took it outside in the fresh air, that was even better. I screamed with pleasure, I really rammed it vigorously, I mean MAD ramming and round n round inside of me. I Love it so much, every dying chance I get I use it again and again. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

it’s ok (mr fun)

it’s ok, no surprise

Great texture (Anonymous)

Love the texture of this toy. We haven't tried it yet but I think it will feel really good and the base is wide enough to fit into an o ring strap on. Very nice

amazing (Emily)

I was quite surprised how much I love this product! The size isn't that big but the texture and flexibility makes it one of my favorites!

Great starter (Billy)

I bought this because a different one was sold out. Im happy I did. It is affordable and amazing! Good quality and longer insert amount

Wonderful beginner dildo (Eric)

my first dildo was a rubbery king cock which is intimidatingly large and heavy and proved too big for anal play. The Slimline proved perfect: the smooth jelly like surface doesn't smell strongly, it slips in easily, and and can be kept in. The suction cup foot doesn't hold to any surface, so I use it hand held only.

Intense Orgasm (Anonymous)

Bought this to experiment with anal properly, used makeshift toys up till then and didn't know what to expect. At first it hurt, but it was thin enough all the way to make taking it deep easier. After a few tries I was balls deep (wish the balls were bigger for grip) and never had an orgasm like that. drove me insane, bought another after the colour wore off. After i was used to it, the thickness wasn't enough.Bbut perfect length- at my limit.

Go-to Toy! (Kat)

This dildo is absolutely wonderful for vaginal stimulation, and as a starter to anal. Not to shabby for gag training either. So satisfied, this toy is my go-to whenever I need to get off! 100% a purchase you wont regret!

Great (Anonymous)

Bigger than anticipated

excellent item (wayne)

I love this item its just the right size and soft enough to insert without hurting

Just perfect (Anonymous)

perfect size for newbies.

Incredibly pleasurable (Anonymous)

I ordered this interested to try something new. Absolutely love the feeling of this, it is flexible and comfortable. My man and I both enjoy using this on eachother (of course we make sure that we wash and don't use on eachother at the same time). Nothing Sevier than putting this in a strap on staple and watching my man moan in complete pleasure. Thank you . Fast shipping and incredible quality.

7th wonder (Anonymous)

at 1st I thought this isn't going to make me happy but when I tired it I just wanted more. The ribs are amazing! it hits the gspot just right.

Great toy (Anonymous)

This toy is fantastic for first time beginners.I loved it first i used it great fell,good for getting carried away.

Great Toy (Anonymous)

A really nice to for the beginners out there. For him, for her! Great toy all around!

Strap on (Anonymous)

Bought this for my wife to try using on me. It's a great length for easy use and isn't to thick as I'm a beginner. Very happy with it

nice and easy! (Anonymous)

Ideal for a little fun! We use it both analy and vaginaly (with a buttplug it's great) I do not regret this toy at all!

Perfect starter toy (Highlife420)

Great little toy ;) definitely a good starter toy for anyone looking to try some ass play. The ridges aren't to pronounced like some realistic veined dildos. Could be a little longer but great toy for the price :)

Blue and Bumpy (Anonymous)

Wow. This toy is pretty nice. Like everyone says, it is very flexible, could be a bit more rigid, but it feels good and the length is just about perfect. Haven't tried sitting on it in the bathtub but looking forwards to it.

yummy (buttboy)

good size and texture...the 'veins' are too pronounced at times...

Very Nice! (Anonymous)

Not my first, but certainly my favourite. The little veins really increase the sensations!

Great (Anonymous)

My husband and I have been doing anal recently helps to get me started for a great finish. Started strapping it on to give it back to him and he loves it!!!!!!

amazing results (Anonymous)

It even gets me off seeing how much she loves it! I love licking her out and then surprise her with this blue cock. She will sometimes thrust it in and out by herself while I'm still licking her, allowing my hands to go elsewhere.. I've even used it and my own cock together in her once and made her crazy!

Perfect (Anonymous)

This is probably the best thing ever.

Not just for anal (o)

Ok this was ordered in tented for anal play yet it has to be my favorite dildo to use for vagina. It has a suction which works and it's textured very nicely. It is a good size and so much fun. Definitely worth every penny!

Great! (Anonymous)

This product worked really well for anal use and its also a great price! Not too thin, not too thick. The perfect size for pleasure without it being a little too much.

THE BEST! (Anonymous)

I haven't bought anything that feels as good as this for anal play!!

like but not love it (Anonymous)

Bought this for pegging my hubby and we were very excited to test it out but its so damn skinny it wont stay straight with even the smallest O ring in a harness :/. Its so floppy i can't tell if its in ou out when using it on him. Love the ridges for both of us. Lengths good its a weird almost too jelly textured any fluff or pet hair clings to it if put down on anything. Cleans easily. Balls arent even needed maybe a sucktion cup or make it a smidge more rigid and itl be a fab toy. All in all decent. But i am going to upgrade to a thicker more user friendly crystal jelly toy and see how it goes.