How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

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Studies show that nearly half of all men would like their penis to be larger. Much of this desire is due to our culture telling us ‘bigger is better’ on a regular basis. 


According to research by the Australian National University on penis size, women found men with large penises more attractive. Computer-generated men were created with different body shapes, height, and penis size. The study concluded that a bigger penis did influence a man’s sex appeal. 


Interestingly, this study also found that women’s choices were so speedy that it implies their choices are made unconsciously. 


Have Bigger Penises Always Been Popular?

Historically speaking, yes. 


Gordon Gallup, Ph.D., an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Albany, used anatomically correct dildos as research tools and found that longer dildos were able to displace previous semen. He suspects that over the course of evolution, males with longer penises had a better likelihood of paternity. 


Medically, for a penis to be considered ‘long’ it has to be over seven inches in length when erect. 


For most, prevalent penis sizes are:


  • Flaccid Length is between 3.50 - 3.61 inches
  • Erect Length is 5.16 - 6.30 inches (only 1 in 100 men have a penis longer than 6 inches)
  • Flaccid Circumference is 3.66 - 3.90 inches
  • Erect Circumference is 4.59 - 5.00 inches


According to the Kinsey Institute, men with longer penises are rare.


  • 1 in 100 = 5 inches to 7 inches
  • 7 in 1,000 = 8 inches
  • 1 in 1,000 = 9 inches


Do Length & Girth Matter? 

Research found that women who had sex with men who had longer penis shafts experienced more vaginal orgasms. While a study at the University of Texas found 90% of women reported a thicker penis as being more important to their sexual pleasure than the length of a penis. 


Researchers found that when people think of penis size, they typically refer to length. However, width is also part of “size”, but it usually not included. 


According to Masters and Johnson, the size of a penis cannot have a physiological effect on their partners sexual satisfaction because their studies showed the vaginal canal adapts to fit the size of a penis. Their research referred to the vagina as a potential space and not actual space. 


Something to keep in mind if this research resonates with you is that there are extender sleeves that can be worn on the penis to enhance length and girth. While most often penis sleeves are thought to provide extra stimulation, there are types that can increase penis girth and length as well. 

Does Penis Surgery Work?

Two urological researchers, Marco Ordera and Paolo Gontero of the University of Turin in Italy, researched the outcomes from both surgical and nonsurgical procedures for penis enlargement and found surgical treatments to have a high rate of complications. They did find that penis extender methods that stretched the penis daily resulted in an average growth of 0.7-0.9 inches.

How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

While there are Penis Extenders available, jelqing can also be an option. 

According to Healthline, jelqing is a technique where the penis is squeezed and stroked to force blood to flow to the tip. Jelqing is sometimes called milking or penis stretching and the sensations may be very pleasurable. It should be performed gently and with caution so that no micro-tears are made to the skin. Using lubricant can help relieve friction or chafing. 

Pelvic floor, or Kegel, exercises may also be helpful. These are done by tightening, holding, and releasing the muscles in the pelvic floor. By stopping urine mid-stream, you can isolate your pelvic floor muscles. Start by tightening these muscles, holding for three seconds, and releasing. Try it a few times in a row. It’s important not to rush or try too many as you start this process, and stop immediately if any discomfort occurs. 

Penis erection pumps may also be something to consider. Penis pumps produce erections by drawing blood into a penis via air suction. Or in the case of Power pumps, via water. Most pumps consist of a cylindrical tube which is placed over the penis. Suction happens with a vacuum motor or handheld squeezing mechanism. Essentially, users place the long tube over their penis and then pump the air out to create a suction that can produce an erection, with many reporting a more engorged, larger erection. 

Some report that vitamins and supplements that help with poor blood circulation have helped penis size. L-arginine causes blood vessels to relax and helps with healthy blood flow, and coincidentally is found in oysters, thought to be an aphrodisiac. The same research also found vitamin D to play an important role in healthy erections. As with any vitamins and supplements, it’s important to check in with your physician to ensure they will work with your own body’s chemistry. 

The Truth about ‘Big Hands = Big Penis’

I’ll leave you with one more interesting fact about penis size. A study found that there actually is a link between a person’s hand size and penis size. Research by the Gacheon University Gil Hospital found that during the fetal period in the womb, high concentrations of testosterone lead to high testicular activity, resulting in a lower digit ratio. Quite simply, the size of the penis was predicted even before birth. 

The researchers report that the ratio between the second and fourth fingers on a man’s right hand appear to correlate with the length of a flaccid and erect penis, with a shorter ring finger indicating a longer penis. 

Would you like to have a healthy penis regime? Are you concerned about the size of your penis? Please send me your questions and comments. I’m always here to help you.

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