Beginner's Power Pump in Clear

4.62 Based On 21 Reviews

Beginner's Power Pump in Clear

Based On 21 Reviews

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Great Product (Anonymous)

This product works fine, and proves there is no benefit to spending a lot of money for another brand that does the exact same thing. The gel material makes an excellent seal and the entire thing is easy to clean and dry.

Fun and Fine (ToyBoy)

I got this just for fun and to see if it did have the side effects of a bigger shalong. I don't have any ED problems but if I did this would defiantly work, plus after only 7 uses when flaccid I am already bigger and slightly bigger when erect. I love how it is clear so you can see what is happening and it has a cool feel when in use. 10/10 would recommend.

Awsome (Anonymous)

Works very well feels good to give my gf extra she loves it

Product description

Pumps can be a bit intimidating when just starting out with this type of enhancement tool, but the Beginner's Power Pump from Pipedream eases inhibitions with its simple, ultra user friendly design. A classic cylindrical chamber contains all the gentle yet intense suction, and a soft, stretchy jelly sleeve fits around the entire opening to cushion and protects as you pump.

Once comfortably in place, simply squeeze the medical grade pump ball to get the suction going and watch the penis in question swell to its full potential. A quick release valve on the side of the pump ball instantly eliminates the Pump's inner pressure once through, just a light touch is all that's requires. To further comfort and add some pleasure, spread a little water based lubricant around the entrance of the Pump before inserting the penis. Total length is approximately 7.75 inches (19.7cm). Phthalate free.

SKU: PD-3241-20 | UPC: 603912274561 | MPN: PD324120 (13)

SKU: PD-3241-20 | UPC: 603912274561 | MPN: PD324120 (13)

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Awesome Suction (Anonymous)

This is the first pump I've had that didn't have a pathetic pump. The suction power is amazing, the tubing robust and the entire product is very lightweight. The cost is reasonable and shipping was prompt. Highly recommended!

Awesome Suction (Anonymous)

Most pumps have poor suction and can have inappropriate tubing for a vacuum. This pump is inexpensive and has a great design, light-weight and durable.

Great product.

Best deal for the price (Dan)

Do what it is for !

Good succion for medium 6" cock (Dan)

Perfect for confortable daily cock drain ..

Penis pump (Avis)

Feels good make me last longer

First timer! (Sb)

Was curious about it so I got one and works great ;-p

Good product (Anonymous)

It does what it's supposed to do. Worked very well.

A Great Value (Anthony)

You can't ask for much more at this price point. Very sturdy outer plastic shell, with a soft inner sleeve to slip in to. My only complaint would be the thing you squeeze is very brittle, it took awhile to pump as I had to wait 10-20 sec for it to refill with air everytime I squeezed it.

First timer (J)

Have only been able to use it a couple of times but have already felt the difference. I don't feel any growth or anything but since the first time, my erections have felt much harder and easier to maintain. I was quite skeptical about the effect of a pump but it surprised the heck out of me. Plus its also quite pleasurable to use. Fit is quite good and the quality is pretty sturdy. Would definitely recommend. Especially at this price.

Works good great for starters (Anonymous)

With this pump u have quick realease but recommend taking couple of weeks and pumping little at a time before pumping to your full satisfaction lube up pump a few times at first be patient practice quick release after few dozen times pump but don't over do it when u get noticeable size and girth stop and ring it don't over do it works great for the price.

Perfect (Todd)

Work great love it

Wow (Anonymous)

This product works great. It surprised me and my boyfriend how much bigger it actually made him. Keeping this product close at hand!!

i like it (Anonymous)

great pump
, it work i like it

Very Effective (Anonymous)

I never thought I would ever buy a pump for myself but in recent years I have developed erectile dysfunction symptoms. I have tried the normal pills that get prescribed for this issue with varying degrees of success and after reading several medical papers that cited pump use for ED in men I decided I would give it a try. This product really works well for me and I was quite surprised with how well it works. This particular pump is very well made for such a reasonably priced product. The gel end cap that fits around the penis is extremely good and much better than pvc. The pump mechanism and hose is of equally good quality and does the job well. My wife and I are very happy with how well it works...especially since it cost the equivalent of one Cialis pill! For me, it is a very effective and drug free way to achieve an erection that will satisfy both myself and my wife.

Works (Mark)

Works great! Wish it was a bit bigger, my manhood is almost 8 inches with quite some girth too so there's not much wiggle room. But overall great product!

Great! (Anonymous)

The seal and suction is great for a beginner, though I do wish I had gotten one a bit more advanced. The amount of suction wasn't what I needed. It did add some flare ti my regular masturbation though

Works (Anonymous)

Pump works great, cheap and easy to use and does the job just fine.

GRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!! (Randy)