11 Best Long Distance Vibrators for Couples

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11 Best Long Distance Vibrators for Couples


Let’s face it, being in a long distance relationship can feel like dating in Hard mode. LDR’s can involve a lot of extra work and planning, and they’re usually/almost always defined by your partner(s) not physically being in the same place as you. In terms of intimacy, that distance can be a real bummer. Sure, there are plenty of ways to try to keep that intimacy alive when you are separated -- letters, texts, phone call, video chats, and more-- but all of those can leave something to be desired when it comes to, well, orgasms.

Here’s the good news, though: we live in the future. That means we have the technology to make it so being in an LDR doesn’t have to mean your sex life is nonexistent or unsatisfying for huge periods of time. There are powerful tools available to help keep the orgasmic bliss going when you and your partner can’t physically be together, and today we’re going ro explore those tools! That’s right; we are talking about long distance vibrators!

These technological wonders can help long distance sex partners feel close when they are far apart and deliver some intense pleasure while they do it. What’s more, advancements in both connectivity and app technology mean that many of these adult sex toys come complete with things like video chat technology, image sharing, and more. So let’s talk about what long distance or remote control vibrators are, how they work, what types are available (spoiler alert: there are a whole lot!), and how to select the best one for you and your partner! Read on to learn everyone you ever wanted to know about long distance vibrators!


What is a long distance vibrator?

Before we can find the best long distance vibrator for you, it would help to understand what a long distance vibrator is. A word you might hear in reference to long distance vibes is “teledildonics” (cool word, right?) and understanding what that term means will help us get a grasp on what a long distance vibrator is and why they can be fun. Teledildonics refers to  “electronic sex toys operated with computers or devices that use data”. So, with that in mind, long distance vibrators are toys that let someone else control them - often from anywhere in the world. 

These days there are a lot of options too! As more companies have gotten into the teledildonics game, the selection of long distance toys has grown to include app-controlled vibrators, wand massages, suction stimulators, strokers, cock rings, anal plugs and more. Some users enjoy these toys because they allow them to feel closer to their partner, while others enjoy surprising each other with a pleasant vibration (especially with something like a panty vibe or butt plug that can be worn under clothes). The upshot here is that distance needn’t throw the kibosh on your sex life. With long distance vibrators you can stimulate your partner’s most sensitive parts no matter how far you are from home. 

So, how do you find the right long distance vibrator for you and your partner? This is an excellent question because I am not kidding when I say there are a whole lot of options available. I don’t just mean different brands or slightly different styles either! You have options regarding what you want to stimulate, how you want to stimulate it, and how you would like your partner to be part of that experience. What a time to be alive! I’m not going to leave you hanging here, read on for a breakdown of the best types of sex toys for a long distance relationship. Now, “best” is always  subjective but with all these options, you are bound to find what’s best for you!


The best sex toys for long distance relationships 

As we’ve already mentioned, these days there are all sorts of toys available. While that is exciting, we know it can also be a bit overwhelming. That being the case, we’re going to take some time to break down the different long distance vibrator types and make some fun recommendations for each category. So get ready for the 11 (yes, ELEVEN!) best vibrators for long distance couples!


Wand Massager

When it comes to vibrator play, wand massagers are the big gunn. With large heads that deliver broad stimulation and intensely powerful motors, wand massagers are some of the most powerful long distance sex toy options available. Add the ability to control your partner’s sex toy from afar and you have a uniquely orgasmic experience. Bonus: these can actually be very effective at massaging sore muscles so having one along for the ride when you travel has multiple benefits!

Long Distance Wand Massager Recommendation: Fantasy For Her G-Spot Stimulate-Her Vibe

With an elongated, super silky head and a sturdy handle, Grasp put you (or your partner) on the express route to pleasure. The powerful vibration can be controlled via the buttons on the handle or, better yet, the free interactive Connexion App, which grants users with a WiFi connection full control over vibration as well as access to secure chat, video and photo sharing. 



For folks with penises, strokers are amazing masturbatory tools that allow the user to mimic the sensations of intercourse or oral sex. Adding interactive long distance control features make strokers the next best thing to having a partner there with you. 

Long Distance Stroker Recommendation: Hannes Neo Interactive Throbbing Masturbator

The Pulse Solo has a curled design featuring an open-faced chamber complete and soft silicone wings curling up from either side but the real star of the show is its PulsePlate Technology that oscillates and throbs on and around any part of the penis. With the FeelConnect app and a device with Bluetooth connectivity, users can access a world of 2D or VR interactive videos specially made to work with the Pulse Solo, and/or use the app as a remote. Additionally, two Solos can be connected over WiFi or Bluetooth for simultaneous pleasure.


Dual Stimulation Vibrator

This incredibly popular toy category features toys designed to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and clitoris and/or other inner and outer sweet spots for intensely powerful orgasms. 

Long Distance Dual Stimulation Vibrator Recommendation: CalExotics Connect App Controlled Dual Stimulator Vibe

No two bodies are alike, and Satisfyer's Mono Flex Vibe is designed with that in mind. This flexible dual stimulation vibrator adapts seamlessly to the user’s curves. Want to play with your long distance partner? The Satisfyer Connect app grants access to millions of unique modes, vibration patterns, and even music pairings, it also allows partners to control a compatible Satisfyer device even while using the app’s live video chat feature.


Prostate Massager

For folks with a penis, the prostate is kind of like their G-spot and a good app-controlled prostate massager can allow users to bring their partner next-level pleasure no matter how far apart they are.

Long Distance Prostate Massager Recommendation: Svakom Vick Neo Prostate And Perineum Massager

Vick has a rotatable tip that is angled to target the prostate as well as a curvy perineum stimulator for external sweet spots. It boasts 7 pre-programmed modes and 5 levels of stimulation. For long distance play, Svakom's Feel Technology Enabled app gives users access to unique sound, voice, touch and music activated vibration patterns,the ability to connect via webcam, and to control a partner's Vick Neo from anywhere in the world.


Panty Vibe

A panty vibe is typically a vibrator that is designed to sit securely inside any pair of panties. They are fun because, in addition to offering hands-free stimulation, they can be worn under the clothes allowing a partner to activate the app-controlled toy any time at all. This can be fun for couples who like to tease each other as well as folks who are in d/s relationships.  

Long Distance Panty Vibe Recommendation: We-Vibe Moxie+

The Moxie+ has one of the most secure mechanisms for attaching the vibe to panties-- it uses a strong magnet! Not only does that keep it in place but it also means users can figure out where to attach it to get the best stimulation for them. The We-Connect app gives users VIP access to extra modes of vibration, the ability to create custom vibe patterns, a chat function over a secure connection, and visuals to help connect couples, even when apart.


Cock Ring

Vibrating cock rings are often seen as something that enhances partnered sex by stimulating both participants but they can also take masturbation to the next level. Toss one on while video chatting, let your partner take control and get ready for some fun!

Long Distance Cock Ring Recommendation: We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Silicone Ring 

What makes Verge so special is its unique shape that features an elongated piece designed to stimulate the testicles or perineum. Additionally, its powerful rumbly motor comes pre-loaded with ten synchronized modes of steady, pulsating and roller-coaster escalating vibration and it can be used with the We-Connect app for long distance fun. 


G-spot Vibrator

For folks who enjoy G-spot and internal stimulation, a good, rumbly vibrator can deliver intense pleasure. Incorporating such a vibrator into long-distance sex can make for a powerful collaborative experience, even when you are miles apart. 

Long Distance G-Spot Vibrator Recommendation: We-Vibe Rave Silicone G-Spot Vibe 

For a partner who enjoys G-spot stimulation and being teased from afar, there could be no better gift than the Rave. This powerful vibe features a gently twisting asymmetrical shape with a thick, swollen, generous overall curve, and soft, silkily distinct edges. Use the We-Connect app to stimulate your partner’s G-spot from anywhere in the world. 

Suction Toy

As far as long distance sex toys go, suction toys are still the new kids on the block. That said, they have proven themselves as powerful and effective tools for users who enjoy focused external and clitoral stimulation. The sensation has been likened to oral sex by many users. So, long distance suction toys can give partners a chance to experience some of the sensations they enjoy during oral sex and, for folks who enjoy receiving cunnilingus, that's a huge long distance win!

Long Distance Sucking Toy Recommendation: Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 Double Air Pulse App Vibe

The Satisfyer’s air pulse technology surrounds the clitoris, mimicking the sensations of oral sex PLUS it also offers vibration options! With 11 air pulse intensities plus 11 modes of vibration, the Love Triangle offers 110 possible vibration/suction combinations. Pair it with the Satisfyer Connect app to create a customized experience for your partner. 


Butt Plug

Earlier, we talked about how much fun panty vibes can be for discreet wear while allowing a long distance partner to deliver covert stimulation while you go about your business. Guess what? They are not the only toys you can do that with! Butt plugs can be worn by literally anyone under their clothes, and long distance vibrating plugs offer amazing opportunities to tease the wearer. Additionally, controlling the vibrations of a butt plug can be a fun way to connect with a long distance partner by adding more sensation while they stimulate their genitals.

Long Distance Butt Plug Recommendation: We-Vibe Ditto Vibrating Silicone Plug

The Ditto is a sleek little plug with a smooth tapered tip and a thick swollen shaft designed for comfortable penetration and maximum simulation once in place. But that’s not all. It also features a long arm that can stimulate the perineum. Add in the ten signature vibe modes plus compatibility with the versatile We-Connect mobile app, and you’ve got the perfect plug for long distance play!


Love Egg

Many egg vibes are inserted vaginally, allowing the wearer to experience vibration without having to hold the toy in place. They are a great choice for long distance play as the stimulation is intensely intimate and the hands-free nature allows the user to surrender to the sensations, giving themselves over to their partner, even when they are separated by distance. 

Long Distance Love Egg Recommendation: Love Distance Range App Controlled Love Egg Vibe

The Range is perfect for partnered play when you are together and solo use when you are apart! It offers twenty vibration mode options, all of which can be controlled via the Love Distance App.


Couples toy

So this might sound a little weird because when we say “couples toy” we generally refer to using the toy together during partnered sex. Make no mistake, though, some couples' toys can really deliver during solo play and, when controlled by a long distance partner, can make for some super-connected virtual sex. 

Long Distance Couples Toy Recommendation: We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

When it comes to couples vibes, We-Vibe is the undisputed champion and the Chorus is their best yet! It offers customizable flexibility, tons of the rumbly vibration mode, compatibility with the erotically intelligent We-Connect app for when you’re apart, AND a very unique Squeeze activated remote control for when you’re together. Plus, Chorus is the first We-Vibe model to feature Ankorlink which creates the most stable connection possible during long distance use.



Being separated from your partner can be a real bummer but it doesn’t have to put your sex life on hold. Long-distance vibrators are available in so many styles and with so many features, they can be game changers in terms of maintaining intimacy even when you can’t be together. Finding the long distance toy (or toys!) that delivers for you and your partner can take your sex life to the next level!

If you’re on the lookout for a long distance vibrator, knowing what you want, how to choose a vibrator, and how to use a vibrator can go a long way toward having the best possible experience. No matter what you need, PinkCherry has you covered. Take a look at our long distance vibe selection, you are bound to find something you love! 


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