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Anal Sex Positions For The Best Butt Play


Despite its taboo history, the popularity of butt play is rising in mainstream culture. More and more individuals today are experimenting with anal sex positions. In fact, a 2017 research study revealed that an astonishing 36% of millennials have had anal sex at some point. PinkCherry is here to offer some anal sex tips for butt sex beginners and ass play adepts alike. Specifically, we'll explore some of the most celebrated anal sex positions for lots of bum fun during your next tryst.


Foreplay: Preparing for Anal Sex

Before we tackle the best anal sex positions, let's talk about the importance of foreplay. The anus has a ton of nerve endings. Light feathery touches and varying types of pressure around this area can send intense pleasure sensations to the brain and throughout the body. This kind of foreplay can help relax your sphincter and prepare you for penetration. Most of all, don't forget to communicate openly with your partner. Getting in the right frame of mind is the best way to ensure a satisfying experience for everyone involved.


Top 5 Best Anal Sex Positions

Move over G-Spot, the A-spot is in. Here are our top five anal sex positions to satisfy every derriere desire.  


#1: Have a Seat

This anal sex position is perfect for the butt play beginner, allowing the receiver to have control and dictate how quickly they can take it all in. Nervous about size? Use butt plugs to help you define your comfort zone. To master this position, the giver should sit in a chair. (We recommend a stiff wooden kitchen chair for support). The receiver should face away from the giver, position themselves over the penis or toy and slide down. Shallow or deep, this position allows the receiver to have full control. 


#2: The Plank

Also known for the trend of laying flat on anything, the plank position allows the giver to lay flat on top of the receiver and enter the back door with padded security (spoiler alert: it's the buttcheeks). Also ideal for the beginner, this anal sex position doesn't allow for deep penetration, but just enough for the tip – which gives way for satiating anal play. If you're worried about the sensation, check out some lubes and lotions to keep things smooth. The receiving partner lays on their stomach with legs together, while the giver climbs on top and enters from behind. 


#3: Bottoms Up

Also, known as "doggy-style", this is a bonafide classic among anal sex positions. Depending on preferred speed and variation, this position is great for everyone, including novices. If deep penetration is your goal, well then bottoms up! Arching your back has never served such a purpose. On their hands and knees (spread shoulder-width apart), the receiver elevates the backend while the giver enters from behind. This position also frees up the giver's hands to aid in clitoral stimulation or nipple play


#4: Full Frontal Mode

If eye contact is for you, so is this position. Similar to missionary style, the receiver lays on their back with legs spread apart, using a pillow to elevate the hips. The giver penetrates the receiver as they lift and spread the cheeks. This position allows for maximum control. For example, the receiver can squeeze their knees at the giver's sides to indicate if it's too deep or too fast. This is important for beginners, as it helps to establish trust. For the experienced, add in a clitoral vibrator for extra sensation or a G-spot vibrator for double penetration. 


#5: Come Together

If you're more into "snuggle and sex," this position is for you. Beginner or experienced, who doesn't love to spoon? The receiver lies on their side and the giver lies behind them facing the same direction. As the receiver brings both knees up slightly, the giver enters. Perfect for deep penetration, the giver will have control over speed and force. Skin-on-skin is sexy, especially when you add in a bit of massage oil.


Anal Toys for the Adventurous Spirit

Ready to explore these anal sex positions? Take a look at a few of our favorite anal toys to get you in the mood.


Icicles No. 79 Hand Blown Glass Butt Plug



Glass for your ass? If you haven't tried it, you owe it to yourself. Smooth and slick, this anal toy warms to your body and fills you up. With 3 swells that go all the way to the base, it's sure to satisfy.


Rotating P-Spot Massager


Designed especially with the male anatomy in mind, this is a p-spot seekers dream tool. No-nonsense in shape, the plushy silicone Massager gets right down to the business of seeking out your or your partner's p-spot. Once inserted (with the help of lots of lube), the swollen tip and strategic curviness snuggle naturally against your/their extra sensitive prostate gland and surrounding area. Five speeds of tip rotation swirls and twirls at the touch of a button, tirelessly massaging and milking.

We also recommend thrusting vibrators!

Bunny Tail Beginner Silicone Butt Plug in Pink



Perfect for any novice, this plug pops comfortably into place with minimal stretching. Plus, what's not to love about a cute little faux fur tail between your cheeks? Find the perfect balance between naughty and nice with this super smooth and silky plug.


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Whether you're taking a solo journey or trying some anal sex positions to spice things up with your partner, PinkCherry has just what you need to bring your bedroom game to the next level. Ignite your delight by browsing our tantalizing selection of anal sex toys today.

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