6 Best Penis Enlargement Pumps

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6 Best Penis Enlargement Pumps


If you really want to pump-pump-pump pump up your sex life, penis pumps can be the right tool for you. There are many different kinds: air pumps, water pumps, mechanical pumps, electric pumps, and hand pumps, to name the major categories. They each all got their pros and cons, and we’re here to walk you through ‘em all.

As a quick rapid-fire overview, if you’re asking the question, “Are penis pumps safe?” —  the answer is yes. They’re safe as long as you’re willing to work within a few constraints, which we’ll outline. Another few quick clarifications:

  • Do penis pumps really work? Yes, you will get hard using a penis pump and even give you a longer and harder erection and help increase your sexual stamina and maybe even improve your sexual performance. That's because the suction draws blood to your penis, and the filled up blood vessel causes your member to swell temporarily.
  • No, these pumps will not permanently increase your penis size (neither will jelqing exercises), despite what some may claim.So don't hold out hope for a bigger penis after frequent use. 
  • Yes, you can use a vacuum pump while  taking erectile dysfunction medications (ED medications) or erectile dysfunction drugs. In fact, using a vacuum device is an effective erectile dysfunction treatment, whether you’re post-prostate surgery or something else is going on. Penis-owners who’ve lost the ability to get natural erections can be well served by these erectile dysfunction pumps, which can help you maintain or boost your penile health.
  • Yes, penis vacuum pumps can be a treatment for Peyronie's disease, a condition where fibrous scarring forms on penile tissue, causing curved erections that can be uncomfortable or even hurt. According to research, using a vacuum constriction device can actually help straighten out a curve in your cock (over a 12-week period of time).
  • How to extend penis with penis pump? You can’t. With continued use, there’s a chance of a 0.3 cm increase in penis size but even that’s not guaranteed. 

Anything I should know before getting started with a penis pump?

Actually, yes — there are a few things to note on how to use a penis pump to keep things safe and sexy. 

First, you don’t want to use too much pressure on that precious phallus of yours. If using a pump ever feels uncomfortable or painful, stop. It’s best to gently experiment with your dick pump so you know how to safely limit the amount of pressure you’re getting.

Second, if you’ve had or have blood clots, you’re on blood thinners, or you’ve got some other kind of blood disorder going on, you should ask a doctor about using a penis pump. Because it essentially pulls lots of blood into your cock, you want to be careful about protecting your blood vessels, and blood issues can complicate things. And if you are in any erectile dysfunction treatment, ask your doctor if it's safe to use a penile pump along with the treatment.

Finally, penis pumps and cock rings go together like peanut butter and jelly. Penis pumps will fill your member with blood, giving you that nice, hard erection — and if you want it to stick around, experts suggest donning a constriction ring (cock ring). That helps to limit blood flow back into your penis, making your hard-on stay on longer. The thing to know is that you really want to be sure your cock ring fits, because if it’s too tight, it can restrict blood flow. While some penis pumps even come with an accompanying cock ring (a package deal for your package), you always want to make sure they’re the right size for you. 

So which pumps are the best?

Great question! Like many things, the answer is really the one that fits you best. Whatever your needs, budget, and desires are, there’s a penis pump for you. 

Here are six of the best pumps we’ve come across:

1. Classix Power Pump

Overview: If you’re on a budget or you simply want to dip your toe into the penile pumping world without having to mortgage your house, this is the dick pump for you. It’s got a safety release valve that you cover with a finger along the plastic tube (a finger that could be yours or your partner’s) while you add pressure via the hand pump.

This pump doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as more elaborate ones, and it won’t make you coffee in the morning during sexual intercourse, but it’s a solid option that gets the job done while you do the dirty. Ideal for beginners.


  • Budget-friendly

  • Clear, easily understandable, functional design



  • Someone’s finger has to be over that hole, and stay there until the pumping is well and truly done.


Customer Experience:

  • “I wasn't sure about those pumps, so I bought an affordable one, and to my surprise, it works very, very well; easy to slide in, better before an erection because it will really grow your rod in seconds; impressive!”

  • “First time using a pump, and this worked amazingly. My husband was very happy with the effectiveness. A couple pumps was all that was needed!”

MR Maximum Results Pump

Overview: Another cost-effective manual pump, this is a top seller that, as the name suggests, is perfect for those just getting into penis pumpin’. Its inner silicone sleeve helps you firmly apply pressure to your cock as it grows into that delightful erection. The Rookie is a good size, with an easy-grip handle and clear measurements to show you just how much that boner is growing. Plus, a tapered silicone sleeve helps protect your sensitive skin. 

Speaking of silicone, the soft stuff around the entrance to the pump goes a full 2.5” in, which creates an airtight seal and holds your johnson in place. Before pumping, attach the black hose on the pump to the top of the clear cylinder. A few squeezes of the ball valve will activate suction, which in turn draws blood into the penis and builds a nice, rock-hard erection. 

Remember to remove the black silicone sleeve to clean thoroughly. If you’re playing with lube, make sure to go with a water-based lube; silicone-based lube could break down the silicone parts of the Rookie.


  • Measurements on the side to visually watch that dick grow

  • Emergency pressure release valve

  • Budget-friendly

  • Cleans easily with warm soapy water or sex toy cleaner



  • Must use a water-based lube


Customer Experience:

  • “Small guys will love this. The Rookie Penis Pump is well designed and manufactured, and part of that design is an inner, soft silicone sleeve that makes it better than anything else on the market for novices to the joys of pumping and is capable of creating the needed suction for men whose penises may be three inches. The feeling is very erotic, and the change in size is considerable. Glad I bought it.”

  • “Had the pump for 2 weeks now, works great. I use it regularly and have seen results fast.


Classix Large Penis Enlargement Pump

Overview: Whether you’re just getting started with a penis pumper or you’re master pumper, the user-friendly design of this pump will help you get to that magnificently hard erection you’re dreaming of. Just stick that dick right into the plastic cylinder and squeeze; the EZ-grip handle helps activate the suction. 

A soft silicone sleep around the entrance gives you extra padding for your sensitive skin down there, and also creates an airtight seal. With measurements on the side, you’ll be able to see how much you’re growing while you go. This pump also comes with a 1.1" (2.8cm) silicone cock ring, which is convenient if it fits you well. Plus, you can also check out the XL Version of this pump if your particular pecker needs that.


  • Easy, sexy, fancy measuring ruler on the side to help you enjoy watching your johnson turn into a Johnson

  • Alternate pressure mechanism to literally pull the air out and blood in

  • Quick-release button safety feature



  • Requires two hands

  • If you use lube, you’ll need to get a water-based version, as a silicone-based lube could break down the silicone donut sleeve


Customer Experience:

  • “So this was my first pump, and I was a little nervous about the price being so low, but the quality of the pump is really really nice, and it does a great job, and the suction is incredible it holds nice and tight.

  • “Me and my husband has a collections of sex toys, and yet we have not yet try a PENIS PUMP!! This is my husband's first pump, and I'm not going to lie, it turned me on once I saw the results!!! Sex was amazing so let’s just say I’ve been using the pump on him before sex every since BTW, he enjoy letting me handle the pump on him :) I recommend this pump for anyone’s first time.”


4. Apollo Sta-Hard Pump Kit

Overview: This bumpin’ pump kit has all sorts of fun things to make your sex life a little spicier. It’s truly a great option for getting a little bit of everything at a reasonable price — the Apollo Kit includes a pump, sleeve, bullet vibrator, and a few sizes of cock rings. Because … accessories! 

The pump itself is clear because it’s always titillating to watch that cock grow, no? The pump’s firm, 7.5 inches (19cm) cylinder goes comfortably around your shaft, with a donut sleeve at the base (made of silicone). Once you’ve got it on, squeeze the ball valve to get that good, good suction going. When you’re happy with how big and hard you are, use the quick-release button. Then, if you’d like, slip on one of the two included cock rings (also made of silicone) around the base of your shaft. This kit includes both a medium (1.5"/3.5cm) and large (1.75"/4.5cm) cock ring, which you can also put over both the base of your penis and testicles. Bear in mind that penis pumping works best with a constriction ring that fits snug — just not choking snug. Some people are into that; your dick is not. The health of your blood vessels always needs to be first and foremost.

In addition to the pump and two cock rings, this kit comes with a classic bullet vibrator that you can use any way you want! Slip it between your body and a partner’s for extra stimulation during sexual intercourse, or hold it against the cylinder while you’re pumping for an extra little something-something (after all, pleasure is power). 

Finally, you’ve got a fun little stroker sleeve that you can use whenever you want — during masturbation, hand jobs, or when you just need a little afternoon pick-up-up. Never used a sleeve? You’ll love it — the inner texture of it is ribbed, giving you all kinds of scintillating sensations as it clings to your cock. Whether you or your partner is stroking your shaft with it, you’ll shiver with delight. 

Everything in the kit washes clean with soapy, warm water or a good sex toy cleanser. Lube used with the items in the kit should be water-based.


  • You get lots of fun things in one

    • 1 pump with EZ-Squeeze Bulb

    • 2  silicone cock rings

    • 1 TPR stroker sleeve

    • 1 multi-speed bullet vibe

  • Includes an emergency release valve

  • It’s budget-friendly



  • The cock rings don’t have an opening at the bottom, which can cause trapped semen or painful ejaculations. Make sure to get the right ring for your cock.

  • The mini vibrator requires 2 AAA batteries


Customer Experience:

  • “I've been using this pump now for about a month. 4 times a week, 20 minutes at a time, and I have to say that I'm impressed. It isn't awkward, and it doesn't cause any pain or irritation like some other pumps do. After just a month, I'm already noticing some gains in girth. I am very impressed with this product and would definitely recommend the kit to anyone who is just looking for recreational use or for someone looking for some gains in size!”


5.  Pumped Extreme Power Rechargeable Auto Pump

Overview: The sleek, chic design of this sextech electric pump will definitely turn you on, especially since its technology was designed to help you enhance your erection while feeling spectacular at the same time. If you’re looking for a penis pump you don’t have to control manually, this is a great option. Fully rechargeable, you’ll get about 110 minutes with a 120-minute charge. 

You’ve got your choice of three different speeds of suction, so you can rev things up as you go. Its soft masturbation sleeve also magnifies the view of your cock, for an extra boost of energy. And the extreme vacuum power of this pump is sure to impress; if you’ve been using penis pumps for a while and want something with a little extra fire, try this guy. It’s also remarkably quiet — it gets up to an impressive 4600 RPM but with a noise level of just 55 dB (shhhh, there’s nothing to see here). 

This is a totally automatic pump that’s very user-friendly, with easy button controls. Its intuitive smart mode will make you grin, and it’s got that transparent chamber for your cock so you can watch as all the magic happens. Plus, the removable, soft sleeve feels delightful as you slide in, and it also gives you a great seal for best results. Once you turn it on (yes, it too gets turned on), you just use the button below to start the sucking action — it sucks, but in that good way. Once you’ve got your big, hard erection just the way you want it, press the button below. Want to hear something extra cool? This pump will keep track of your last level of suction and automatically repeat it — in other words, it gets to know your cock, making it easy for you to safely use it again and again. The button below the second one releases all that suction instantly, so you can get to playing.


  • Super-soft silicone sleeve cushions skin as it maintains a magically airtight seal. Hot!
  • Separate control box with 2 simple buttons.

  • Rechargable

  • Sleeve comes off for easy cleaning

  • Recharging cord included

  • Can be used with either water- or silicone-based lubricant



  • Doesn’t make you coffee in the morning, cook, or clean

  • Can NOT be used in water (no showering and pumping)


Customer Experience:

    • It was worth the price. Only used once but had .5 inch growth in length and good girth growth too. Of course it isn't permanent but I feel like with regular use it could become permanent.”


Hydromax7 Penis Pump In Blue

Overview: Many penis-owners swear by water pumps — they say water pumps apply pressure more evenly around the penis than their land-based counterparts. And if you’re going to go with a water pump, why not go with a Bathmate pump — literally the top-selling penis pump in the world? Even if you're a total novice to the world of pumping, the Hydromax7 pump is so easy to use that you’ll be enjoying yourself (and your big, hard cock) in no time.

The Bathmate Hydromax7 is the second generation of this much-lauded Bathmate pump, and it has no shortage of fans — men’s magazines, sexperts, and an insane number of penis-owners rave about its pleasurable, water-based magnificence. So if you’re ready to combine the power of the shower and that hardened member, this Bathmate pump may be the perfect option for you. Plus, since it’s a water penis pump, (depending on your partner’s gender), both of you can get wet while using it! 

What’s different about this generation, you ask? First off, it’s got a whopping 35% more power. Its redesigned bellows system has also been designed to increase the suction force of the water pump, getting you even more striking results, faster (and who doesn’t want that?) Also, the number 7 in the name refers to the size of the cock that this pump is best for. If you get to 5”-7" (that’s 13-18cm) when you’re erect, this is a great option for you. Not sure exactly how long your schlong is when it’s up to its full height? There are actually clear markings on the side of the box itself, so if you don't feel like busting out a ruler, just get hard and then see whether your erection falls between the two orange lines. If so, you're all set to get wet (and wild).

Once you’re in a bathtub or shower, fill the inner cylinder with water and put your un-erect-as-yet penis inside (it can be flaccid when it goes in there). You’ll see a slanted side on the sealing ring — put that against your scrotum to make yourself extra comfortable. 

Once the base of the water pump is evenly placed around the base of your penis and pressed against your body, push down on the cylinder to release any excess water. Know that you might have to do this part a few times to get to optimal suction (when no more water comes out). Then relax and let the suction do its thing! You can even get the optional shower strap accessory so that you can shampoo your hair or engage in other fun activities with your partner in the shower. 

Water pumps are gentle, but they work — the pressure draws blood into the penis and surrounding penis tissue, creating a gorgeous, firm erection that you get to use in whatever way you see fit. Using the pump is also, essentially, giving your cock a nice workout, which keeps it in shape (it’s a body part you want operating at peak capacity, amirite?). If your cock ever hurts or just feels uncomfortable, you can instantly take the pressure off with the quick release valve at the top. 


  • Harnesses the power of two hydrogens and one oxygen

  • A lot of penis-owners say the feeling the warm water around their member is enjoyable



  • You must be into watersports

  • On the higher end of the budget scale

  • Only compatible with water-based lube


Customer Experience:

  • “My bf absolutely loves this product. It increased his girth and length. Made him so hard. He said the water was very pleasurable, and the product was so easy to use. I loved it as well, if you get what I mean! Very enjoyable end use. Recommend this to anyone!


Optional accessory: Bathmate Shower Strap

While not “mandatory,” a lot of penis-owners like to actually, you know, get clean in the shower — and that’s hard to do if one or both of your hands are occupied pumping. 

This strap attaches easily to your Bathmate hydro pump such that it stabilizes it, leaving you free to wash yourself (or your playmate), play with your rubber ducky, or shower your partner with attention (see what we did there?). The Strap has a universal connector and adjustable sizing for your convenience.

Whether you simply want to pass the time or want to enhance your sexual performance, there's a vacuum penis pump that's right for you.


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