Classix Power Pump

4.76 Based On 17 Reviews

Classix Power Pump

Based On 17 Reviews

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Classix Power Pump (Anonymous)

super fait tres bien la job merci...

Wowvery great (Anonymous)

It works well!

Great for women! (Julie)

These male enhancement pumps are great for women. This was my first one and experimenting is quite fun! Just remove the rubber donut at the bottom and hold around the lips. It takes 15 minutes to see some good inflation but 30 minutes is probably best. So.. pump a while, wait. pump, wait. oh and hold the release valve/opening closed for more suction. it's slow but I hear sex while inflated is quite good! xo

Product description

The Power Pump from the Classix Collection is a traditional enhancer pump with an extra user-friendly design that's ideal for beginners. The pump itself is classically designed, with a clear cylinder, soft rubber sleeve for comfort and air-tightness and a medical style pump bulb with safety release valve on the side of the cylinder. Once you're completely inside the 7 1/2 inch tube, just put a finger over the air valve, squeeze the bulb to start up the suction, and watch yourself grow. When you're done, just take your finger off the valve at the side, and the suction will release. Use a good water based lube if needed.

SKU: PD-1908-00 | UPC: 603912183962 | MPN: PD 1908-00 (9)

SKU: PD-1908-00 | UPC: 603912183962 | MPN: PD 1908-00 (9)

Ratings / Reviews

Enjoyed by Both (MrLurch)

This was our first time trying out a pump, and we used it both on me and on her.
Upside: I have never been so hard and large. We need to get a better cock ring to maintain the bigger erection for longer, but it was a lot of fun. She liked using it on herself, and said it made her more sensitive.
Downside: The bulb was a little harder to squeeze than I expected, and would have been happy if it had been made of a softer rubber. Also, as the pressure inside increased, the bulb took longer and longer to re-inflate.
Conclusion: Definitely a fun toy, but I think we will get a slightly higher tech/higher quality one next time. Very good buy to try out a pump for the first time.

Great product at a Great price! (Nikkie)

Loved this product! I bought it for my boyfriend because he really wanted one and it was one of my favorite purchases! It is easy to use, easy to clean and wow at the value price. Turned out to be a great confidence booster for him.

Miammm (Karto)

Je vois la queue de mon chum doubler de volume en un seul instant , c'est magique!

Happy husband (Anonymous)

Did as expected

awesome. (Shalo)

Easy to use. Works fantastic! My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun with it so far. It's like a hard-on in a container! =D

Nice (F)

It's fucking awesome as far as I'm concerned.

Works great! (Anonymous)

First time using a pump and this worked amazingly. my husband was very happy with the effectiveness. A couple pumps was all that was needed!

tuffstuff (phil)

Likef very much. More suction would be nice.

Great Buy. (Stan)

Does its job and its cheap.

Love it (Anonymous)

My boyfriend and I absolutely love this product. It's our first time using one and are enjoying the pleasure it brings. I would suggest this pump for any beginners!

crazyChick (Anonymous)

Ok it works and doesn't take more than a few pumps. It's super fun to watch the sucker grow! However, at times it makes weird sounds like a pack of seals having a debate tournament. I couldn't stop laughing!!

Both of us love it! (Anonymous)

We ordered this one because we read that this pump worked well for men and women. Turned out to be absolutely true! its a great toy and keep us throbbing and ultra sensitive ;)

Pump up the jam! (quin)

First time using a pump, thought it would be nice to try and we certainly enjoyed it! It worked easily and kept him hard and throbbing through the night! He has no problem getting hard or maintaining an erection, this intensified the experience more noticeably to him than to myself but it was still a great buy.

works as intended (Anonymous)

great price (why people would pay more than 15$ for a cylinder with a pump at the end is beyond me). Works very well, just a few pumps and I was at full mast. Ring is just wide & stretchy enough to slip in while soft. It's comfortable but air tight.

I'd imagine this would be food for marathon sex if you use a cock ring to keep the blood there, otherwise you'll deflate quickly.